Blast from the Past: The Man Named Lena


Here’s an excerpt from a post a few years back about the education my daughters get when I take them to our local community college. And what a learning experience it is!

Sometimes they get an eyeful….

Recently, in the span of one hour, my girls watched me talk to a woman dressed like a guy—who felt that she really was a man in a woman’s body.

They saw me shake hands and greet Lena with a smile, a man dressed like a woman.

Next I spoke to the two mothers of a toddler. Read the whole article by clicking here.


  1. Are you suggesting that a person’s brain can’t be out of sync with his or her physical configuration?

    I mean, it’s just clothes.

  2. What an awesomest (is this a word?) idea!

    Wow, you just gave me a humongous, stupendous, jumbo, awe-inspiring idea.

    Instead of going to our local park and letting Joshua approach people and asking them if they would like to participate in a quick interview, we can get a sign and let people come to us! I think my husband wouldn’t oppose it.

  3. Even better, hopefully, he will repent and find Jesus!

  4. Yay Prop 8 being overturned!

    It’s really sad that in this day and age, the issue of basic civil rights are still being denied to people. Sigh..

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