August Evangelism Schedule: Gay Anti-Christian Intolerance


I hope this doesn’t happen to you when you join us this month (especially at the Chick Fil-A Preach-In on Friday. Details below.) But if it does, I hope you are as gracious as the man in the video when he was verbally assaulted at a Canadian Gay Pride event.


Friday, August 10, 2012: Chick-Fil-A Preach-In: 5pm for those in the Pacific Standard Time Zone. Find you local restaurant and gently give a tract or verbally share your faith.


  1. Wait, wait, wait…

    “If you aren’t willing to be tolerant of my intolerance, that means YOU are the bigot!”


    • Seriously, Nameless, Should anyone be tolerant of violence and rampant overt hatred?

      Wait, never mind. I already suspect what you will say.

      • Tell that to the gay Ugandans Steve, they don’t have pride parades, the religious preachers that would have been at their parades… are the ones who are throwing them in jail.

    • No, Steve. I’m going to have to call you on that one. You have one guy, in the middle of a crowd of protestors, who got yelled at for expressing what he already knew was going to be poorly received.

      I’ll see you your idiot putting himself into the line of fire, and I’ll raise you people getting physically beaten and killed for their sexual orientation.

      How many would you like? I’ll restrict myself to the ones currently in the news. Jeana Terry in Cape Girardeau, MO? “Joseph,” the young man in Missoula, Montana, celebrating his birthday? Brandon White in Atlanta? Zach King (then Zach Huston) in Chillicothe, Ohio? Scott Patronick in Phillipsburg, New Jersey? The so-far unnamed Kentucky 16-year-old beaten by a group of adults? (Google “Andi Hornback” to find that last one)

      You like to complain about oppression when people disagree with you. I’m talking actual violence, committed on people because of their sexual identity.

      Stop whining, Steve, and get some perspective.

      • No whining at all. Just reporting. I, for one, would probably never preach in the open air at a Pride event. I prefer to tall one to one and hand out tracts, where I am usually warmly received, ala the last West Hollywood event I attended.

        Remember, I’m just reporting.

      • Not… completely true, since you tag this article with the “PERSECUTED!” tag.

  2. Great video! What hypocrisy; never seen a greater case of the “pot calling the kettle black!” The preacher held his ground in the midst of a Sodom and Gomorrah type atmosphere! Good for him!

    It’s always wise to keep in mind the words of William Carry;
    “There are grave difficulties on every hand, and more are looming ahead – Therefore, we must go forward.” See you all on the streets in August!

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