Atheist Tuesday: Still More Sound and Fury (Pt. 3 of 4)


Some atheists are complaining that the types of comments I’ve been presenting in this series are not representative of atheism as a whole, that these YouTube commentators reacting to my videos are selected to make non-believers look bad.

Maybe. Maybe not. Part 4 well give a clearer picture of my rationale for posting these….

In the meantime, here are the last of my specifically selective comments taken from videos that dealt with atheists, punctuation errors and misspellings left intact. (Read part 1 here. Read part 2 here.)

These are in response to my video
“Why Christians Don’t Argue with Atheists”:

Cootabux: That atheist handed your expletive to you!! Submit to the cosmic tyrant …or else!! This preacher is ill! If I look at a lady with lust, I’m guilty of thought crime?? I wouldn’t shake the preacher’s hand either!! No telling where it’s been!

Shundra: Lmao the Atheist doesn’t want to talk? You stick to your expletive. “regardless of what they say”. The atheist adress all your point using logic and reason, you, you just stick to your stupid book, don’t even try to argue with him you are just preaching. Argue with them don’t preach your stupidity.

aliienslayer1: stupid

Runescaper904614: if i’d b that atheist guy i’d beat the expletive out of him…

mebrusa: You come off as a blabbering idiot.

1BustedMyth: Oh please someone shoot that moron!, my Ears are bleeding. I hope that on your deathbed you have just a moment to realise you were wrong and have wasted your entire life, thinking you were about to get another one! After life: FAIL

And finally, these are in response to my video
“The Atheist and the I.Q. Test”:

krisv001: Nice ! Always good to see someone witness !

Hey! Wait a minute! That can’t be an atheist; it’s too nice! How’d I let that comment through?

(Click here for the conclusion of the series.)


  1. As pointed out often enough. Atheism isn’t some hive mind where everything thinks the same.

    You’ve made no effort to show that each commenter is an Atheist.

    If we point out mean Christian comments (for example Jinx McHue just emailed me, unsolicited, today to call me an idiot) you just respond “They aren’t True Christians™!”

    The Internet makes people into douche-bags as discussed before.

    You just enjoy any disagreement because disagreement on the internets is Persecution, and “Persecution means you’re Right”

    “Cool Persecution Bro!”

  2. Steve, why not just, you know, tell us today? Why draw this out with another host of quotes and little substance to go with it?

    Do you need a week break for each Atheist Tuesday? Don’t feel obligated to post ANYTHING.

    • You have to understand that I don’t just do this for atheists. This gives me an opportunity to give exposure to some of my videos that newcomers to this blog have not seen. There are other reasons, but you will have to wait for those. 🙂

  3. To pile on with Bathtub (…wait, I’m not sure that came out right… oh, well…), I will all but guarantee that not all of your commenters are atheists. You’re skimming the scum from the Youtube barrel, and that tends to skew lower on the politeness meter.

    If you take the random comments spewed on ANY video, you’ll get bored teenagers and fratboys, and all the idiots that litter any community. You get ignorant insults, coughed up by somebody turned into a British soccer-hooligan by the masking anonymity of the Internet.

    But BT is right – if you feel empowered by your self-declared martyrdom, you go for it. Which leads to a question, though: why do you get such a charge out of trying to claim that the majority religion in America (admittedly, your particularly verbose fringe of it, but still…) is “persecuted,” when all evidence shows you at the top of the heap?

  4. “This gives me an opportunity to give exposure to some of my videos that newcomers to this blog have not seen.”

    And this is the best way to showcase them? You don’t think anyone would watch them without the accompanying insults?

  5. “Insults? I’m just publishing those directed at me!”

    That’s what we’re talking about, yes. You wanted to generate some interest for your videos, and “Hey, I’ll just post them with a bunch of youtube insults!” was your best idea?

    I really hope you’re not going the ‘I must be doing something right because look at the reaction’ route, because, as has been pointed out numerous times, this is par for the course with youtube.

  6. I have to agree with the others though Steve, if you don’t have anything to do for Atheist Tuesdays based a lack of meaningful points to bring up, you don’t have to, maybe spice it up a bit and switch out your update schedule based on interesting points you want to make. Perhaps Krishna Fridays? Those Krishnas are up to something, I can feel it. Perhaps Jewish Thursdays? Why not point out how silly it is that Jewish people have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior? Posting comments of Internet trolls for weeks seems like a waste when there could be good debate going on on the subject of religion. All it does is encourage more internet trolls to keep trolling. I’d hate to see the site get stale, its the highlight of my day I swear. Someday we might just get you to read a legit textbook on the science of evolution, Steve. In return I might just read the Bible of your choice, cover to cover.

    • Happy Thanksgiving to all my atheists friends (and, truly, I consider you friends, though we disagree on, well, everything). Aren’t you thankful that this series is almost over?

      By the way, for atheists, and I mean this seriously, who/what do you thank for the abundant blessings God has bestowed on you?

  7. My own hard work?

    By that logic, though, shouldn’t I blame Him for the abundant difficulties and trials God has ALSO bestowed on me?

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