Antagonizing the Atheists!


One of my strategies in getting the Gospel out to all creation is posting evangelistic videos to YouTube. Millions of people go to this website to view all sorts of videos, most with unredeeming messages. The current rage is “The Blasphemy Challenge” which encourages people to make videos of themselves blaspheming the Holy Spirit by denying His existence.
null I posted a “Guerrilla Action” video in response to this challenge called “Blasphemy Challenge 666” to attract the attention of the so-called atheists (you can see it and the original “Blasphemy Challenge” by clicking here). Needless to say, the atheists didn’t like my “sneaky” approach in presenting the Gospel; nevertheless, the Word that never returns void hit their consciences. At the YouTube site, I have received 108 comments so far (you can see all the comments there by clicking on the video screen outside of the arrow on the video, but be warned, some are quite obscene).

Here are some of their (edited) comments for your perusal:

From alanshvetz:
“I looked up but didn’t see God. Is he/she in the stratosphere? Mesosphere? Exosphere? Do I need to look at a certain spot? Maybe I need to wait a few months until the Earth is on the other side of the Sun. Yeah. Maybe he’s just behind the Sun.”

From therealrandcamp:
“You say you don’t believe in Atheists — who have provided you with hundreds of testimonies declaring their affiliation — yet you do believe in Jesus, who has never spoken to you in the real world. Stop it man, you’re killin’ me.”

From connerjd:
“This guy listens to Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. I would rather go to hell than be with this man’s _____ God. This guy is an arrogant jackass that I would like to kick the ____ out off.”

From DeConverted:
“Tell your imaginary friend to turn the heat up real high for me. I want to be tortured really good. Seriously Steve, aren’t you a bit too old to believe in fairy tales?”

From hallelujaallahuakbar:
Woohoo! Going to hell! I’ll send you a postcard!

(To see all the evangelism videos, click here!)


  1. :’-(…..God’s calling them and crying out to them, yet they still scorn Him.

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