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A few weeks back a couple visited a church for the third time and were so impressed, they sent out a news alert to all their friends. The church was Hope Chapel—my church. And the couple are two employees from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s ministry, Living Waters. Dale does all the cool graphics for the T.V. show, The Way of the Master, and Anna (Banana) is the former webmaster for the ministry and now puts out the ministry newsletter. They appreciated the emphasis our church has on evangelism—as do I. Here’s their review as posted on their website, (a great place to get, well, evangelism stuff!)
null “I know… I know… it seems almost impossible. But as amazing as it sounds, it appears to be true. For the last three Sundays we’ve been visiting Hope Chapel Christian Church ( in Hermosa Beach, CA — and from what we can see so far, we really have found a church focused on bringing the lost to Christ — BIBLICALLY.

“We found the church through a connection with one of their associate pastors, Steve Sanchez.

“Several times in the past few years Steve has brought evangelism teams from his church out to participate in open-air preaching with Ray and the gang from the ministry. However, somehow the first time I met Steve on one of these outings I had gotten the impression that his church was in San Diego. Then about 3 weeks ago, while Dale and I were chatting with Ray, we found out Steve’s church was really in Hermosa Beach… so we decided to visit.

“When you walk into the lobby of the church, right above the coffee and donut area is the evangelism bulletin board.
“(When was the last time you were in a church with an evangelism bulletin board? Or if they actually had one was it located anywhere that people would see it?) This board announces upcoming evangelism events, what happened at previous events, and so forth… it’s very exciting stuff if you’re interested in bringing the lost to Christ.”
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  1. Thanks Anna, your message was very encouraging! And when Zac says we have a wonderful church. We should all shout for joy!

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