Ambassadors’ Academy #16: Trash Talkin’


Ambassadors’ Academy #16 just finished up and there will be a few stories to write including what happened with the Hari Krishnas. Also, a few new techniques were developed, including The Tract Gauntlet and PhotoBomb Evangelism. I forgot to mention this: Someone challenged me to preach inside Wendy’s Restaurant. Think I did it?

Instead of visiting Hollywood Blvd. like we normally do at these Academies, we went to the 3rd St. Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier where we enjoyed great success.

The team I was responsible for even passed the Final Exam: preaching atop trash cans on Main St. in Huntington Beach! Will they do this back at home? Maybe not, but at least they know they can.

Want to join our Everyday Club? This is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment to share your faith everyday. Click here for details.


  1. I was really tempted to do a photo bomb, but I didn’t have the nerve! lol

  2. I don’t know (preaching in Wendy’s) DID YOU ?

  3. Someone challenged me to preach inside Wendy’s Restaurant. Think I did it?


  4. What is a photo bomb? And Tract Gauntlet? COme on…share! You’ve picqued my curiosity!

  5. Thanks Steve for being an amazing team leader, you must have rubbed off on us, because on the way home, we were in the last two seats of the plane and so we decided to hand out MDB’s as “bathroom passes” to the parade of people heading to the potty. LOL. Everyone took them. lol

  6. Well photobombing is sneakily sticking yourself into someone else’s photograph. There is a whole website dedicated to it.

    Tract Gauntlet is presumably setting up a row of people so that you can give multiple tracts to the same person as they pass by.

  7. Katie, please Google “Photobomb” to learn what a photobomb is.

    Ah, research.

    Edit: Steve edited the link given.

  8. I LOVE the bathroom pass idea ! But I’m still waiting for the Wendy’s OA video – since I have a 2nd gen. copy of Val preaching inside the DMV, now I want to see this !!!

  9. The “Tract Gauntlet” was so much fun!!!

  10. @ Steve R: I have some footage of Steve preaching in Wendy’s, but only a tiny portion. My husband had the camera and didn’t think to start recording until Steve was almost done.

  11. Hey Steve, it was awesome having you as our partner-team’s leader. Reflecting on the weekend, I asked Shanna “man, Steve’s crazy, huh?” She didn’t miss a beat; “he’s the most insane person I’ve ever met.” Thanks for all you taught us, sir.

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