Blast from the Past: Academy Awards ’09—The Stand-up Preacher


In honor of the Oscars being televised to billions around the world, I thought it was the right time to re-post this video from three years ago when we used to go to the Academy Awards regularly. Security is so tight these days that you can’t get closer than a few thousand yards from the event; that’s why we stopped going. Still, we went yesterday to Hollywood Blvd, the day before the big event, and preached. (Stay tuned for that exciting story later in the week.)

Just down the street from The Academy Awards, and almost in front of the Scientology building on Hollywood Blvd., I preached to a disappointed crowd that gathered to watch the stars arrive on the red carpet. Unfortunately, the stars had already gone into the show at this time. I chose to use liberal amounts of humor to engage them and to distance myself from the “Christian haters” positioned just down the street on Sunset Blvd. Read about the very first time we attended this event in 2007 by clicking here.


  1. awwwwww, the preaching of of the Gospel message is like the sound of the rushing of a mighty wind, ocean waves, the thunder of a stormy day.

  2. Thanks, for the message, keep it up. btw…did you come close to saying the s***e word. lol good job on cuttin it off.
    Keep up the preaching.

  3. Ralph: Not sure what you mean by the s***e word. ???

  4. Steve,
    Way to go,and way to be faithful. You showed grace and humility in your preaching. I hope to have that same kind of boldness and confidence some day. God Bless you and your ministry.I will pray for your ministry.

  5. Dean,

    Thank you for your prayers. I can’t wait to see you preaching on YouTube!

  6. That was great, Steve! And it was also refreshing to hear you preach without screach. (Not that there is no room for that.) The mike and speaker worked well in that situation and I’m sure your hearers (listeners?) appreciated it too. LOL line: “L.A. stands for Lust and Adultery.” Good stuff!

  7. Pastor Steve,

    I just know there were several in that crowd who, despite looking bored, etc. were listening to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Never give up! You are a shining light to those of us who follow your blog. Also, blessings to your wife and kids who give up time with you so you can preach.

    your sis,
    joy ps: my husband, Paul likes to watch too, and laughs and cheers you on!
    He preached in Boston common and Ohare airport back in the 70’s and they passed out tracts even before the hare krishnas-he likes to say the hare krishnas learned from his group! haha

  8. That’s one of the best open airs I’ve heard in a long time, Pastor Steve. Humble, respectful, funny, serious, heartfelt, and you laid out the full gospel message with a challenge for people to repent and trust in Jesus. I bet many of those in the crowd laid awake that night thinking about what you said and maybe even did business with God. 🙂
    God bless you.

  9. Steve:
    God bless you for going places others won’t! See you Thurs!

  10. can you explain what you mean by ‘liberal amounts of humor’, please?


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