Atheists Have Ray Comfort for Dinner


I love to occasionally check in and read Ray Comfort’s blog, Comfort Food. One story was particularly intriguing, maybe you’ve already read it: Ray and his manager had dinner with forty atheists—and the outcome was quite surprising. He wrote a great account of what happened here.
null As amazing as that was, I read another version of events written by one of the atheists who attended the dinner:

“We were worried that it may be an ambush, that they were just looking to preach to us, that sort of thing. But I never got that vibe from our emails. Fortunately, the entire evening turned out to be an excellent discussion. They honestly wanted to learn more about us, and we honestly wanted to find out more about them. Everyone kept pretty calm and it was a nice rational discussion. Ray filmed a chunk of the conversations, so we divided up our group of about 40 people into a filmable table and a non-filmable table, for those who prefered to remain anonymous. Ray even bought dinner for everyone, and had gifts for myself and about a dozen books for everyone to check out. Very generous of him!”
Read the rest of the story with photos of the dinner by clicking here.

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