What’s Your E-vangie Tale #36: The Horse Race


Something amazing is happening as this January class finishes up its fourth week of training in “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear.”

Three of the students are very motivated to win the hand carved 10 Commandments plaque that I have offered to the all-time highest scorer. To win the plaque, they must write, at minimum, a three sentence “E-vangie Tale” of their experiences as they share their faith. They get an extra “Bonus Point” for every one they type out. As of this re-posting, there are over 350 tales in the comments section. I never had a class like this.

The three front-runners are Eva, Pierre, and 12-year-old Cherish, fresh off her first place win in my Kids’ Evangelism class.

The previous record holder, Richard Hidalgo, has held his #1 position since August, 2007. He is in dire straits, though. Pierre Cordero has promised to smash the record with a score so high that no one will ever beat it. We’ll see in two more weeks…. Stay tuned for the exciting finish.


Even if you are not  in my class I welcome you to share your own evangelistic adventure in the comments section.

My teaching notes are now available online by clicking here. I can also mail you a hard copy for FREE, compliments of Hope Chapel. Send me an email at if you’d like them.

***And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.***
—Matthew 24:14


  1. . I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. A family of four came up to me and asked for a tract. I gave them all tract and they thanked me

  2. I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. While I was giving a tract to a family an older man came behind me and asked for a tract. I gave it to him

  3. I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. A lady with a nice hair cut and a nice dress came up to me and she smiled. I saw her earlier but did not give her a tract. This time I did and she thanked me.

  4. . I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. On our way home I gave a tract to an Spanish man on the metro. He thanked me then got off the train.

  5. . I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. On our way home I gave a homeless guy a tract who was on the metro and he thanked me. I told him God bless you.

  6. . I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. On our way home on the metro I gave a tract to a young girl who was standing next to me. She thanked me and said they give them out at her school.

  7. . I was out with the evangelist team at the Chinese Ney Year parade downtown. On our way home I gave a tract to a guy standing outside a gas station. He was Mexican and he thanked me for giving him one.

  8. Came home last night late from Evangelize training/class’s last meeting, was going park and go in the house to rest. On my way in the alley, saw 2 young men, sitting outside the stairs. The Lord puts on my heat, grab 2 Spanish tracts and give it to them. After parking my car, walked over with my purse and the 2 tracts. Asking them if they read Spanish or English. They said both. I gave each a Spanish tract, they thanked me and I went back to bring EVERYTHING I received from the last meeting home.

  9. I went to Gardena Market to get brown onion to do a simply spaghetti meatball pasta, saw this elderly couple shop there, went over offer to give the husband a tract. The minute I show him the tract, he started to react said, “This is fake!” I told him is a gospel tract, as if he has trouble hearing. I said it again even louder “IS A GOSPEL TRACT” he still refused to take it, as if the gospel is dirty or something. I therefore place the tract right in their cart told them read it and find out and left them standing there. I can hear him said “Hey, where are you going? Come back here!” I pretend I didn’t hear him, turn my head around to see what happen, little did I know, they are curious enough by picking up the million-dollar tract and start reading it, guess they want to find out why I insisted on give them the tract to read.

  10. Today, Saturday February 27, 2010, a group of us went to Sunnyside to have our weekly ministry there in the facility. After the service is done, we go to each patient to talk to him or her and see if they need any prayer. , Our leader Tom Nance had to leave to work at noon, so before we could finish the room visit, I followed Tom to his car to restock my million-dollar tract. I told the guys not to go too far ahead that I can’t find them. Got my tract, went back to find the guys. They were in a room with 3 ladies. I found them talking to an elderly lady that is in wheel chair named Helen. She told my friend, Ferdinand she misses her family and she also have trouble swallowing food properly and wanted pray since we asked. Ferdinand was trying to talk to her and see if she knows the Lord or not. As the result of our finding, Helen does not know Jesus Christ. Since I am the only woman there, one guy Jeff said to Ferdinand “May be is better to have Eva pray for Helen.” Ferdinand agreed. Since I arrive late, he had to give me a quick summary of what they were talking about. Upon listening to them, the Lord prompted me to ask Helen if she know what is it mean to have personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. So I begin by asking Helen “Do you know you are a sinner?” without even thinking, she nod her head. I than proceed said “Do you knowledge your need for Jesus to save you?” she again nod her head. I than asked her “Do you know what it mean to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” she said no.
    So I told her the need for her to not just see herself as a sinner, but also repent of her sin, put her trust in Jesus Christ. By trust in Jesus Christ, will allow her to go to a place called Heaven. If she only see herself as a sinner, didn’t repent and didn’t put her trust in Jesus Christ, there is also a place called Hell, which is not design for any human. She was listening to me, but still can’t make up her mind if she want to accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior, due to her background as a heavy Catholic, even after Ferdinand give her the testimony that he too came from the Catholic background. All she said was “This is important and good, how come no one ever told me this before?” we said we don’t know, but it is up to her to make a decision who to follow and will follow up on the conversation with her in 2 weeks. We know she understand EVERYTHING what we’ve talked about, at the same time, she seemed to draft to other subject and wanted us to stay and chat with her. So we told her we will talk to her again in 2 weeks when we have the ministry there. Finally she let us go, kept thanked us.

  11. Today Tuesday, March 02, 2010 after my food and nutrition class at El Camino College, I walk towards special resource center and given out tracts at the same time. Offer a tract to some student, one of them is my classmate, she recognized me and refused to take million-dollar tract. I asked her if she read the back of the message, she said she did, I asked her what she think of it, she doesn’t want to be embarrass in front of her friends by engage in a conversation. So I let her go. Offer to her friend stood near by, he also refused to receive one, him too said he receive them before and did read the back of it. So, therefore, we got into a conversation, he admit that he is a believer after I ask about his belief. He doesn’t want to admit that he need to repent of his sin, turn from it and praying to Jesus, read the bible daily and fellowship with other true brothers and sisters. I told him is by the blood of Jesus that he can be save and only thru Jesus. B/c he is the only one that can allow anyone to go to Heaven, otherwise the consequences are straight to Hell. For some strange reason, he didn’t want to get in further the conversation as if it embarrassed him or something. So I thank him for his time and kept going.

  12. Today Tuesday, March 02, 2010 after my food and nutrition at El Camino College, saw 2 worker, approached them. Give both a tract, one took it w/o making fun of me, the other one kept on holding back said that he got them already, I asked him if he read the back of the message, he said he didn’t. I asked if he has any Christian background, he said, “no way would I have any Christian background!” I see that people either in his family or his friend injured him. He use the excuse of the phone call to shy away from a conversation, before I took off to SRC, I told him to make sure read the message.

  13. On Tuesday night at about 5pm on 3/2/10, a lady from university of phoenix calls me to solicit class. I told her I didn’t check any box while doing my online research for any school, but for grant. She insisted that I called. So I let her ask me question at the end, she asked, “If they’re anything I can help you with?” I said yes, I have a question I like to ask you I asked, “If you were to die today, would you be going to Heaven or Hell?” as if she couldn’t understand my question, I repeat myself again. That question shocked her by saying to me “I beg you pardon? I don’t have the liberty to answer that question. I said, “well, is matter of your soul, you asked me a question and now is my term to ask you the question. Pls answer the question, she insisted can’t answer that question and said, “I’ll updated your file” whatever she mean? And hung up the phone.

  14. 3/3/10 in the morning went to 99 cents store to get look for peanut butter for outreach on Thursday. Found out they out of the peanut butter, but somehow, something draws me to the last isle and look for it anyway. In the mist of looking for my merchandise, give a tract to a tall gentleman and his wife. The first thing out of the tall guy’s mouth was, is this a gospel tract? I said “yes” the wife didn’t delay in asking me “Are you a Christian?” I said with proud heart “Yes, I am!” She begins to tell me she “felt” something when I gave her husband a tract and start talking to me. She said her husband is a minister and give me a whole history of their family. She wanted to invite me to her bible study and we exchange phone number. She also said her husband just finish the gospel music on the 10 commandments and want to give me a copy of it. She wanted me to call her tonight to talk to her briefly.

  15. I figured at 99 cents, might as well get something for the sandwich, just in case if I can stay after school tomorrow briefly for the outreach. Give more tract to people in that isle, found out one guy is a Christian after asking me if I am a Christian or not.

  16. About to check out my “honey ham” at 99 cents store and I was behind seemed like a family, talking to the lady a little and later offer them a tract, they flatly rejected it with their face turn white found out that I am a Christian and give people tract so that he/she can knowledge their sin, repent and put their trust in Jesus. I told them with a cashier and some customer behind me that Jesus is ONLY way can get you to Heaven, if you choose not to put your trust in Jesus Christ; the end result is straight to Hell. The cashier, Claudia, checking my item out, to my surprise, thought she will reject the tract after heard EVERYTHING I told the family, gladly took it and was going to read it, told Claudia to read it on her break so that she won’t get in trouble with her boss. She thought about it, decide I am right, nod her head in agreement, fold the Spanish tract up carefully and put it in her back pocket and thanked me for given her a Spanish tract.

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