Your Thoughts: What’s Wrong W/the Priest?


Does this entertaining 3 minute video from Father Matthew answer the atheists from “The Blasphemy Challenge”? Or is something just a little off? What are your thoughts? My thoughts on Thursday.


  1. “It’s because God’s wrath is real, that His mercy is relevant.” John Piper

    I read one comment on youtube agreeing with Father Matthews saying that his video was logical and Biblical. Really.

    So how come he didn’t cite one verse, what’s Biblical about not backing up your claims with scripture?

  2. Steve —

    Part of what he said makes sense. I think we need to avoid forcing Christianity on people, but we still need to evangelize the lost. What the priest failed to point out is people are lost without Christ and that everyone is guilty of committing sin.

    He is on the God is love plan and let’s all be friends.

  3. I personally think that guy is an imposter. He doesn’t sound like a priest. (at least one that has a basic knowledge of scripture even the 101)

    He is an an imposter I tell you!!!


  4. Here’s a question that I’ll post later: What’s wrong with “forcing” Christ on someone and how would you define it?

  5. We are to go and present the Gospel in a respectful & loving way. Reason with them. GOD will work in their “con-science”
    GOD has predestined his before the beggininig of time.

    No one should be forcefull in advanceing the kingdom, but no one should be force to accept it.
    In other words, We should speak the message boldly and with confidence. But GOD will do according to his will. We should expose but not impose the Gospel onto anybody…If we do, They will redicule and repell it.

  6. What a load of garbage. It is not loving to tell people lies that comfort them in dangerous delusions like atheism. If it were merely a matter of dealing with humankind only, then proclaiming that Hell is real and there are people who go there would be rightly deemed as very annoying.

    But the issue is that we take every breath that we have from a Holy God, and He will require an account of how we have used each one of them. Not warning people about the consequences of misusing the breaths that God gives us is the most hateful non-action ever!! I pray that we will not be guilty of this.

  7. Joshua is on the right track. I will post this as a “Your thoughts. My Thoughts” next week!!!

    The answer is quite surprising…

  8. Well, Father Matthew sounded rather liberal, I must say. But his heart is in the right place, even if his theology is off. I remember the negative reaction many Christians of the 70’s and 80’s had over outlandish movies depicting Christ incorrectly. (Why is it so many movies insist on pairing up Jesus and Mary Magdelene?) Jesus is my Lord and it grates against my nerves when people claim He’s someone that He’s not. However, it’s best to let Scripture address this issue. Philippians 1:18 tells us “Whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed”. Perhaps people like Father Matthew will actually get others interested in God, will draw them in because of his low-key demeanor. And later these people might learn the truth once their hearts are open to the things of the Lord. I accepted Christ when I was going to a very liberal church. I didn’t have all my theology straight when I came to the Lord. I just heard that Jesus loves me and accepts me in spite of my MYRIAD of sins. I knew that Hell was a very real place and I didn’t want to go there. That’s all I needed to know. I started reading the Bible and found out the whole truth later.

  9. Well,
    We are supposed to speak the truth in love, we do it because we do love the “blasphemy challenge” guys…If we didn’t, we wouldn’t bother telling them the truth would we?

    Unrepentant sinners don’t like the truth so they automatically don’t like what we have to say. The more truthful we are, the less they like it…

    If we just do what the priest said and love and get along…we’d all be great friends…until the point at which these guys went to hell and then said “hey! wait a minute! You knew this would happen and you didn’t tell me? What! didnt you love me enough?”


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