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Last week I posed this challenge and Jessica guessed it right! (You can read the whole story below.)

I followed this car into my gym’s parking lot. The two bumper messages struck me as quite odd.
Here’s a close-up view:
Hmmmm… Have you figured it out?

null Tell me why you think this is odd and you will win the privilege of answering the question correctly!

Jessica wrote: “It’s contradicting to have a Christianity symbol and also a sticker that is pro-gay. Hmmm…odd indeed! Which one is it buddy? You can’t have one foot in this world and one foot out. God wants ALL of you!”

Here’s the whole story: I followed this car into 24 Hour Fitness and thought the two juxtaposed bumper messages were contradictory. Why? The “Always Forward Never Straight” message is a gay message; and of course, the cross in the Ichthus is the Christian symbol from early Christian and eccesiastical art, an emblematic fish, or the Greek word for fish, which combined the initials of the Greek words into: Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Savior.

The person parked their car and I parked mine. I was quite curious to find out what this person thinks. How should I approach the subject? Would this person be offended?

A rather large woman in her twenties got out of the car; I waited for her to walk by. “Excuse me?” I said.

“Yes?” she replied.

“I have a question for you. I noticed the sticker on the back of your car and I was wondering what it means?”

“Oh…” Chris smiled. “It means that I’m a lesbian.”

“I have another question. You also have a Christian symbol…”

“My parents are Christians. I have my own beliefs, my own spirituality.”

I then asked her the million-dollar question. “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” Of course, she answered that she would go to Heaven. I then took her through the Ten Commandments, warned her of Judgment Day, and the penalty of Hell. I never once mentioned her choice of lifestyle; homosexuality never entered into the conversation, therefore she listened attentively and was not offended when I talked about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness He offers, if she would only repent and trust in Him as her Savior.

She did say this though: “I don’t think it’s fair that God would make you one way and tell you to live another.”

Before we left to start our respective workouts, we shook hands and said goodbye. Maybe someday, she would remember the Christian who was actually nice to her—but told her the truth.

-Steve Sanchez

(Coming soon: A YouTube video of another encounter I had with a lesbian named Jasmine at the Redondo Beach Pier)


  1. It’s contridicting to have a Christianity symbol and also a sticker that is pro-gay. Hmmm….odd indeed! Which one is it buddy? You can’t have one foot in this world and one foot out. God wants ALL of you!

  2. You got it Jessica! Read the full story on Monday!

  3. so what did you say to her when she said that at the end?? Or what would you say to someone who says that? Can’t wait to watch the video!! Good job for approaching her Steve, and also for being sensitive.

  4. Steve I support your right to preach your beliefs, but using the scare tactics of heaven and hell shows a hostile side to what should be friendly advice. Do you think it’s right to threaten someone’s life, of course not. so why threaten their after life.

  5. I also find it ironic that peoples’ comments on your website must undergo moderation while you condemn those who wish to moderate what you say.
    hypocrisy at it’s best!

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