Why “GO” and preach the Gospel?

Because “Go” is 25% of the letters in the words “GOod news.”

Because “Go” is 33% of the letters in the word “GOspel.”go

Because “Go” is 66% of the letters in the word “GOd.”

Here’s an even more compelling figure:

Because “Go” is only 2% of the letters in the excuse “GOlly jeepers! I could never share my faith; evangelism isn’t my gifting; it’s definitely not for me. Get somebody else to do it!”

Coincidentally, Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ said about 2% of Christians actually share their faith.

So, GO!!!

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    When I was a young boy, I asked my grandmother why she went to China to be a missionary. Hers was a 6-word answer: Because God told me to go.

    She and my grandfather were missionaries in China from the late 1800’s until 1917 when the Japanese came to their area of operation and harassed them to the point of being life-threatening. But, it was clear to my grandmother, as an unmarried young lady who barely spoke English, having been exiled to the U.S. from a Mennonite community in Russia, that she was to GO! . . . And she DID! She met the man who was to be her husband at a mission-sending and language-training facility in Southern China, was sent to Northern China, and bore my mother who was the first non-Chinese born in Shantung Province. All this from being obedient to God’s direction . . . and GOING!

    So, Steve, I can relate! A similar thing happened to me in 1988 that led me to Nicaragua . . . and I’m still GOING there!

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