Who Will Be #10,000?


The ten thousandth visitor will be here shortly. Who will it be?

Now, I’m sure some blogs get 10,000 visitors an hour–not mine! It’s taken nearly a year to get here. Maybe if I resorted to gossip, or cute animal pictures I’d get more visitors… but God gave me the desire to start a blog about evangelism. Can you believe it? Evangelism. Why? Because nearly 150,000 people die a day, the vast majority going to Hell. I’m glad you’re here.

So… who will be number 10,000? Let me know by leaving a comment. Hit “Refresh” when you visit, then look at the counter to see if you are the one. I’ll even send you a million dollars if you win…


  1. Darn! I’m 9998. I tried to refresh the thing, but it won’t let me cheat!

  2. Let’s see what happens!

  3. I ve nothing to lose.Lets go!

  4. I ve nothing to lose.Lets go!No duplication here,I am unique Kate McG

  5. Unfortunately, as you can read by the counter, that goal was reached a few weeks back… and I don’t know who it was! You are all winners in my book, though!

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