Whistler’s Mother’s Great, Great, Great Grandson

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According to the web site, Mr. Whistler’s Art, “this portrait was reputedly executed on the back of an old canvas, and was begun when a model fell ill and could not pose. Whistler’s mother initially stood for the painting, but had to sit because of her frailty. This is the first painting by Whistler to be called an “arrangement” of colours, a daring statement considering this was a portrait of his own mother. However, Whistler also succeeded in conveying something of her strong Protestant character in the sombre pose, expression and colouring.” This 1871 portrait has been called a Victorian Mona Lisa.

The Whistler below is a whole ‘nother matter. I have no idea what got into this guy, but this Venice Beach pseudo-icon sure wasn’t whistling Dixie. This is one of my more stranger interviews. Enjoy.

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  1. You are right, this was weird.
    First, I tried to guess what the guy was whistling.
    But towards the end of the video it became, so silly, I couldn’t stop laughing:-)

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