What’s YOUR E-vangie Tale?


Okay. You’ve been reading about my evangelistic encounters, stories revolving around the use of Million-dollar bill Gospel tracts, and my latest venture into open-air preaching! Now I want to hear about your adventures.

What happened when you invaded pagan territory with the Gospel of Christ? Did people laugh you to scorn? Throw rocks at your person? Run away screaming? Call Security? Smack you about the head and shoulders? OR… Did they patiently listen, receive your gracious words kindly, and thank you?

Post your own E-vangie Tales in the comments section and I might post them here on the blog in the future!

This will be a weekly Friday feature!


  1. Today, we went to our local DMV office in Torrance, CA. I was there to have my daughter take her driving test. Since I was with my family I did not pass out any tracts (third rail syndrome). However, I recall being encouraged by Ray Comfort to seek out places to open-air preach. To that end I met brother Jimmy Scott who runs a big-rig driving school and is there most days beginning at 8AM. I told him about my plan to open air preach. He encouraged me to do so, saying I would not be soliciting. So we’re thinking of making up an information DMV gospel tract to hand-out to folks and then follow-up with an open-air…stay tuned.

  2. Dear Pastor Steve,

    Two Jehovah Witnesses came to my door and Poppy was talking to them. My mommy told me to get a Million-dollar bill, so I did. Poppy spotted me with it and told the lady that I had something for her. So I shyly went up to her and gave her the Million-dollar bill. She gladly accepted it and said “thank you!”

    Thank you for encouraging me to evangelize!

  3. Dear Pastor Steve,

    Today we went to hand out Million-dollar bills at the park during the time when all the public-schoolers were getting out (Jordan Highschool). We were standing on the sidewalk handing them out when I saw a car with a boy and an adult, obviously waiting to pick someone up. I noticed the boy looking at us wondering what we were doing. Soon he got out of his car, walked over to me and asked “can I have one of those?” So I gave him one. We handed out a whole stack of Million-dollar bills today! I noticed that I wasn’t as nervous today as I had been at the beginning of your class.

    Thank you for teaching us!

  4. It was a couple of weeks ago, on a Friday morning prior to getting to my office, I was out at a park minding my own business and having my 30 minutes quiet time with GOD, As I am finishing my time and with only five minutes to get to the office to start the day, I get hit with a “thought” As I am coming back quietly back to my car, I hear this voice “Go to that man seating over there and talk to him” I waited for a few seconds to make sure it wasn’t just thinking sencelessly on my own…and waited some more…after the nagging persistance in my head and as I am walking back i finally said: “OH NO WAY!, I ONLY HAVE 5 MINUTES TO GET TO THE OFFICE”…I felt that the Lord was trying to teach me courage….You see, I am not afraid of rejecting…I am in sales, That;s how I earn my living, getting rejected more often than not, However when it comes to passing tracks, I am a hit and miss sometime, I am Hot and sometime I am just…well you know,…. Chiken. I just don’t know, I guess my prior experiences in the way I used to perseve the “Jesus Freaks” prior to becoming a born again myself…It was kinna of a turn off. I alway thought they were kinna “Kookoo”. Any ways, I drove back to the office, and i thought about it through out the day questioning myself. Why was I so fearful…Guess what, The though and guilt bugged me the whole WEEKEND! I ketp thinking and feeling like I let god down and I felt like a coward and trust me, I ain’t no coward! Anyways I knew I was going back to that same park on Monday, cauze I had to do my journal and quiet time with GOD right?….You know is one thing to go out with groups and pass out the OMDB, but is another when you are alone and not prepare or in the mindset. By the end of the weekend I have told my self, that the first thing I would do that morning was to approach that man, Which I ignore every time I got to the park, wearing the same burgandy color jacket and quietly reading the newspapers, minding his own business, which it was just fine with me….Sorry I got to got, BUT Stay tune for chapter 2 next it gets better…Wait to see what GOD does next. God Bless for Now. YBIC (your Brother in Christ)

  5. Those are great stories you guys! Keep it up! Good job!

    By the way, Celina and Makayla are sisters and they are only 10 and 11-years-old!

  6. I had already passed out million-dollar bills several times before, but this was the first one as “official homework” for the class. I ordered my food from the unassuming lady behind the counter and she gave me the total. Withou missing a beat, or changing my expression for that matter, I asked if she had change for this and I proceded to pay with $1,000,000. Her face did change, however, from a casual smile to concerned frown, “I’m sorry, I don’t have enough for this”, she said. I looked at her in disbelief and realized she was being serious. The “real” cash immediately followed as I smiled and told her it was a fake and that I wanted her to keep it. Her face lit up, her co-worker’s face lit up, other customer’s faces lit up. Before I realized what was happening, I handed out more, at the customer’s request. By the time I left, the entire establishment (customers and workers alike) was all abuzz about these cool millions.

  7. Through a divine coincidences, at EBC12, I sat down to eat with a friend. A group of people were having a party. I grabbed a bunch of millions and started passing them around.

    “What’s this?”
    “We don’t want your Jesus Junk!”
    “Take it back!”

    I was given back the million dollar bills, I turned around and said, “God Bless you.” I didn’t mean them any harm. Went back to eat.

    A little while later, two guys come over to our table. They said they were sorry. I asked one of them what he does.

    “Oh, I’m a worship pastor.”

    Yeah, interesting world we live in.

    We got to give them the Biblical Gospel and I even got to give him two tracts!


    P/S: Keep it up Steve! Venice Beach needs the Light of Christ!

  8. It was a beautiful day at Venice Beach. My plan was to pass out gospel tracts in the same successful mode that I had done the afternoon before at Hermosa Beach limiting my speech to “Did you get one of these?” and moving on. I had even put my copy of “The Way of the Master” in my backpack for when things got slow. God’s plan was a little different. As Craig and I walked down the boardwalk talking and passing out tracts two young men from Azusa Pacific approached us and as we gave them tracts they asked us if we were with the guys giving the message back down the strand. They said that they were scaring people away from God and that we shouldn’t be evangelizing that way. I was content to let Craig do the talking. God was not. I wound up in the conversation with one of the young men who was going into the ministry for youth missions. He was concerned that they had friends with them who were non-Christians and wanted their friends to come to Christ in their own time. He wanted to show them that his life was better because he was a Christian and hoped that they would come to Christ because of the example that he set. He said that method of evangelism was wrong and that Jesus never went out to the people, the people always came to Jesus. I told him that the reason that the people came to Jesus was that Jesus was always out among the people, in the temple, on the streets, on the hillside. I asked him what he planned for his youth missions to do. He couldn’t expect them to go into the mission field and never leave the church. Then I asked him to look up and down the strand at all of the people and tell me which one of those people he wanted to see go to hell because not one of them would seek him out in his office for salvation, that we had to bring the gospel to them. Then the rest of God’s plan fell into place. I remembered that I had my copy of “The Way of the Master” in my backpack. I pulled it out and said “here, I want you to have this, read it so you’ll understand why we’re out here”. As we parted as Christian brothers with hugs all around and I was mentally kicking myself for giving away my copy of “The Way of the Master” I knew it was the right thing to do. That’s why God put it in my heart to pack it in the first place. It made no sense to me when I packed it first place, I wasn’t going to have time to read it and I didn’t need to be carrying the extra weight. I pray that the young man has read the book and that someday soon he and I will be passing out gospel tracts together and evangelizing like Jesus did.

  9. Upon arriving at the Huntington Beach Pier, I asked two guys who were sitting on the strand where the “large gorilla” was as I was supposed to meet some people there. They were puzzled and questioned if I was at the right place in Huntington Beach. I moved on. Then I saw a gorilla head being rolled on a cart by Ray Comfort and I knew I was in the right spot.

    After the gorilla was set up, I asked a friend of mine to go with me back to the two guys. I told them I wasn’t crazy and that I had found the gorilla. They asked where and I explained. The light had then come on for them, and they said, “Oh, that God guy; he’s always here”. So I said, well, did you get one of these (the MDB)? They said no, and that they didn’t want one (my first turn down). I persisted by saying, but did you ever read it? They said no. I asked if I could read it to them and they said yes. So I stood, turning and reading the whole bill why they answered “yes” to most of the questions as I read. When I was finished I again asked if they wanted the MDB and they declined it. I thanked them and said God Bless you as I left. I need to come up with a better ending.

  10. Hey Steve,
    Well just wanted to say, with your encouragement, I have successfuly broken through the barrier to simply hand out million dollar bills and am very comfortable doing that now. However, what I experienced when taking the class the first time was that it was a challenge to meet my one bill a day quota because my circle of influence was all christian. I have days were I take my daughter to a christian school, go to a christian job and come home to a christian household, never even coming in contact with someone who may be lost. So now, on days like those I plan to visit houses in my neighborhood as I take a walk and share that way.
    Meanwhile, I made my first outting with the team this weekend and had the pleasure to hear Ray open-air preach. What an example and gift he is to all of us. I spoke with one individual and made some mistakes as you suggested. However, I am able to see how by stepping out to do the work of an evangelist, I will learn and grow more confident in sharing the gospel. I look forward to what God’s will is in all of this and bless you for your faithfulness.
    Shari P.

  11. During the “Hour of Power” (H.O.P.) I met a gentleman who was sitting with his friend drinking Coronas at one of the outside patio bars in Hermosa Beach. He objected as to the way I was evangelizing his unsaved friend seated next to him. He said that he was born-again and attended Jerry Farwell’s school of theology and that he was working on getting his friend saved. I whispered that he did not know the hour of his friends death. He then told me that I was soliciting Jesus and that I needed to stop. I left them with the Million Dollar Tract (MDT).

  12. Looks like L.P., Bob, and Richard are having the same trouble with our Christian brothers. Hmmm, true or false conversions?

  13. Steve, I run into believers all the time who are upset by the method. I always answer with the following questions. Why does it upset you? If it upsets you then do not use it. Then I ask them the killer question. How many people have you shared Christ with or when was the last time you shared Christ? Usually they are stopped because they have not shared Christ recently if at all.

    Then I encourage them to find a method that they feel comfortable with and start sharing. The point is to share Christ.

    I do not know what the problem is. You can use the million dollar tracts in a very low key approach.

  14. On Saturday I went with the Team to Huntington Beach to see Ray Comfort do his thing. My intial plan was to watch, fulfill one of my class requirements and pass out a few Million Dollar bills. I walked on the pier, just mosying along passing out bills to people who I crossed paths with. There was one ederly couple walking. The wife was on the right using a cane and holding onto her husband for support with her left arm. I went up and gave the husband a couple of Million Dollar bills. The wife asked, “Am I going to vote for you?” I chuckled and said, “No, this isn’t anything political.” She then asked, “Is it religious?”. I said, “It’s a Gospel Tract”. She then, in a quiet but yet very stern voice said to her husband, “Give it back!” You could tell he was hesitant, for what I assume was not wanting to offend me. She then told him again more sternly but still in a quiet voice, “Give it back!” So I took them back and said “Have a nice day!”

    While I was walking away, even though I got rejected, I got a chuckle out of the whole exchange and shared it with a couple others that were with me. However, 3 days later (today), as I was in the shower, I remembered the exchange, and then felt sad for the couple and started to pray for them. Then as I was in prayer before reading, I remembered Matthew 9 and Pastor Zac’s recent teaching on evangelism and how we need to be obedient and go, even if we don’t feel like it, then when we obey, the compassion will come. I realized I went, tried to share, I saw the condition of the couple (at least from their reactions and albeit a couple of days later) and then had compassion on them. I was amazed, in a good way, how this has played out. I am seeing by trying to step out just by handing out the bills how God is giving me a compassion that I never had before for the lost. Now, I admit, I am still a long ways off of where I should probably be, but I praise God for showing me and giving me the compassion I now have for this couple who I assume is lost.

    Praise be to God!

  15. Have gone canvassing a few times with my church, and the worst I’ve gotten is “We’re Lutheran” from a gruff gentleman who reminded me of Garrison Keillor. (I’m in MN, yes) As others note, sometimes the worst opposition is from fellow believers. Most people are very friendly, especially when I bring my daughters along.

  16. I learned another way to pass out the tracts, especially in places frequented by tourists, etc. When you see people taking pictures of other people in their party, go up and ask them if they would like you to take a picture for them. Then when you are done, you can hand them a million dollar bill. (start with the natural, move to the spiritual) It is almost an instant open door, as you have just done them a favor by letting everyone in their party be part of the picture, then they feel almost obligated to at the very least take the bill, if not listen to you ask them the million dollar question. Try it!

  17. To finish my prior experience, (and I ;ll make it short) read my previous artice:
    As I have been reading in some of these tails, Is that, I beleive in heart that GOD is working in us as much as he is in those not yet born again and willing to humble themselves and hear the message with their hearts.
    In my previous experience, GOD told me to go, I went, and I was dissapointed with teh results of the exchange. I questioned GOD and asked why did he sent me to go that person and why such a resistance…and this is the answer I got from my lord: “Why are you questioning me? Is NOT he (the guy I talked to) who I am working on. It is YOU! (meaning me) who needs to learn to be obidient. I am teaching you obidience and faith…
    So there you have folks!!! For thos of you who get discourged and wonder…Take heart and be courages for GOD is working through you.

    GOD Bless

  18. Hi Steve. I’m such a coward at this, but I feel very convicted about the necessity of it and I’m pressing through – praying daily that God’s strength and love with give me the courage greater than the fear.

    Last weekI gathered all my courage as I left my piano lesson and handed a bill to my piano teacher – a wonderful, “good” man named Stephen. He was excited about the bill, and I encouraged him to read it when he had time.
    I came back this Wednesday and asked him if he had read it. He said he hadn’t but he had been showing it to everyone and they had gotten a real kick out of it. So, gulping, I proceeded to tell him what it was for, and that our pastors at Hope are emphasizing the importance of having a heart for the lost. I told him I was uncomfortable doing it, hoping it would get easier, but that I cared a great deal about him and about his future.

    He assured me he was a catholic and attended church every Sunday, which I had not known. I talk about Jesus all the time there, and most of the music I pick to work on is worship which we play together.

    Anyway, I powered through the message of the “I’m a good person” by human standards syndrome and demonstrated the three commandments we start with. He listened, confessed and agreed that we all fall short. I told him that Jesus was the only way to heaven because no one can keep the law perfectly. By this time my heart was pounding – I’m such a wimp!! All the time I was thinking, “Why didn’t I wait until Steve taught about the friends and relatives evangelism. But it seemed to go okay. He listened and didn’t cancel my lessons – I believe he will consider what I said and I will continue to pray for him.

    Thank you for your commitment to this and to us. I came thinking I would just learn some good tools for when the opportunity presented itself to witness, but I left the first lesson convicted deep in my heart that I must do this also. May God continue to bless you, dear Pastor.

  19. Gave a million to a coworker yesterday!

  20. Handing out my first Million-dollar bill was the hardest! It was about 9:30pm on the Friday following your first class and I hadn’t even given out one. We stopped at CVS Pharmacy on our way home from Church and I ran in to find something to buy. As I was standing in line my heart began pounding so hard that my breathing became slightly labored, I was sure someone would hear my heart beating or notice my nervousness. The man waiting in line in front of me turned around and looked at me, I thought I was going to loose it, as I was sure he knew I was nervous. Then it was my turn, I paid for my AAA batteries, as the cashier gave me my receipt she turned around and walked away. Yikes, I wasn’t ready with my tract, now she was standing about 10-feet away with her back turned to me when I finally choked out these words “Did you get one of these?” She turned and gave me an annoyed look, but I just stood there with my outstretched arm. She hesitated but then walked over and asked what it was. I told her “a Gospel tract” then she took it and said “thank you.” I did it! I felt so much better! So on my way out I handed one to the security guard and a customer who was standing there talking to him about “cults”. I thought the message on my Million-dollar bill was just what they needed to finish their conversation!

  21. Meeting for P.I.E. was a great outing for my family! My husband, daughters, and I enjoyed meeting Ray Comfort and watching him in action! I was encouraged by his boldness; he persevered even as a very hard-hearted young man decided to take the “good person” test. I was reminded that we must not forget where we came from and that no one who has breath in them is hopeless! We must pray for them and persevere! Though we handed out quite a few Million-dollar bills, lots of people refused them. I did not let this discourage me but was encouraged to be persistent and committed to reach those who need Christ

  22. In addition to handing out Million-dollar bills on a daily basis while we’re out and about, my daughters and I have committed to, once a week, hand them out to school kids at the end of the school day here in our own community of North Long Beach. Today was our second time handing them out around Jordan High School; most of the kids are very receptive and enthusiastically thank us. As we passed the Long Beach Police Officers who were posted outside the school today I handed them each a Million-dollar bill. One of the officers asked what it was and I told him that it was a Gospel tract, he said “cool”. I then told him “thank you for serving our community!” he then replied “thank you for coming out and assisting!” What a blessing to have the police thanking us!

  23. um… buoni, realmente buoni luogo e molto utile;)

  24. I was recently at the Mall of America in Minneapolis with an old friend. I had decided to wear a new t-shirt with the question “Can a painting paint itself?” on the front and “A painting is absolute proof there is a painter. Creation is absolute proof there is a Creator.” on the back, along with the web address Even though I wasn’t able to share Christ with anyone other than our waitress (who saw my friend and I praying before our meal!), I still believe that my t-shirt could have got someone/some people thinking about the Lord. Perhaps my t-shirt might be the only thing that reminded them to think about God all day.

    While at the mall, due to limited time, I was able to place some tracts about evolution vs. creation and the Koran vs. the Bible in the Barnes and Noble bathroom. I figured the people there would be readers and perhaps they would read them or take them home out of curiosity at least.

    Also, since a lot of people across America are attracted to the Mall of America, I thought it was a great chance to place tracts in the main bathroom for people of many different backgrounds. So I placed ones aimed at Native Americans, Jews, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, as well as ones that were colorful and attactive to any child or adult. I know this is not the same as one on one witnessing–which I often do at a mall when I leave a tract with a person I’ve bought something from–but at such a large place with such a varied clientele and with a limited amount of time I felt that this was a good way to reach more people.

    I have found that merely wearing a t-shirt with a “Christian message” on the front and back is a great conversation starter when I walk the mall at home for exercise. The same crowd of people show up on most days, and I have even had a woman who had merely seen my smile at her on my rounds and say “Good morning” as I passed come up to me on several occasions to start talking about the challenges in her life. Usually she speaks so fast that I cannot get a word in edgewise, but I know that she is seeing my t-shirt up close and that my interest in her concerns is also a way to show her the love of Jesus. When I wear such t-shirts it is a good reminder to me to act toward others the way the Lord would so that I do not dishonor His name with my behavior or my speech.

    Great to hear from all those who share my desire to share Jesus with as many people as possible before it’s too late.


  25. Great job, Sarah! Keep it up!

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