What’s Your E-vangie Tale? Fall 2011


With four more classes left to go, who will finish well?

About 25 hearty and fearless men and women showed up for the 10 week evangelism training course that I teach called “Sharing Your Faith…Made Easy!” For accountability purposes, I took this video. As you can see, all raised their hands when asked if they will finish the class. Sadly, evangelism classes  have a 50% drop out rate. (Find out why by clicking here.) It’s my hope and prayer that this will not be the case with this august class.

Here’s where you  post your E-vangie Tale, a three sentence paragraph that tells what you experienced while sharing your faith.

Example: “I gave a Gospel tract to a scary atheist. He growled at me and told me there was no God. I shook my head, rolled my eyes, thanked God for showing me the truth, then walked away.”

You get one point for every E-vangie Tale you write, unlimited. Persevere to the end!

Here’s a reminder of how the point system works:


Earn a diploma by attending all 10 classes.

(Miss a class? Make it up in a future semester.)

 Win prizes by earning points:



1st evangelism outing w/team                      05 points

2nd evangelism outing w/team                     10 points

3rd evangelism outing w/team                      20 points

4th evangelism outing w/team                      40 points

5th evangelism outing w/team                   100 points


Daily tracts handed out                                 50 points

Listen to 3 online teachings                         15 points

Verbal Evangelism homework                    40 points

Watch 3 online videos                                  15 points

“Spiritual Plan” Sheet                                   05 points

Bible study homework                                  09 points

Total possible points                             309 Points


 1 point each time you write a one paragraph E-vangie Tale and post it in the “comments” section of “What’s Your E-vangie Tale? Fall 2011” at
There is no limit to these posts.

1 point for each weekly bible study

18 points for reading “God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life” by Ray Comfort

Grades and Prizes:

79 and below    (Win nothing)

80-89      C       (Win nothing)

90-99      B    (Win 10 Commandments Poster)

100+       A    (Win 10 Commandments poster, “Rich Man and Lazarus” 2 CD set by Ray Comfort, “Militant Evangelism” CD by Ray Comfort, “The Greatest Gamble” DVD)

Top of the Class:

 A Veg-O-Matic OR all of the above PLUS “The School of Biblical Evangelism Book (101 Lessons)” and a Sample Pack of Tracts, “What Hollywood Believes” Book, “The Greatest Gamble” DVD, “How to Win Your Children to Christ” CD (First time students only.)

1,000 POINTS!

 Earn 1,000 points and get All of the above PLUS a hand-carved 10 Commandments Plaque (First time students only.)


  1. At the Redondo Beach Pier, I approached a group of young men on bicycles. I gave one a Gospel tract (a $Million$ dollar bill) and he replied “Hey man, I’m an athiest.” I told him “Keep it as a souvenir!” and I walked away.

  2. At USC today, we handed out 180Movie videos. I got to talk to one little gal who was there working for Planned Parenthood. I told her how I had once been like her, believing in “Choice” but then learned the truth, and she told me she was thinking about going to church. I invited her to Hope Chapel.

  3. Yesterday at USC, I talked with a young gal from Turkey. Someone else had handed her one of the 180Movie DVD’s, but she was crying. So I spoke with her briefly and she was sad because so many of her friends were in the region where they had just had the big earthquake.

  4. At USC on Tuesday, I spoke with a young woman from Armenia. She wanted to know what the 180 video was about. I told her it was about the Holocaust mostly. She instantly started crying and told me about how the first “Holocaust” in the 20th Century had been in her country. This is powerful stuff!

  5. I handed a $trillion$ dollar bill to a guy I pass almost every day on my walk. He fishes at the Manhattan Beach Pier and he’s there most days of the week. I don’t know his name yet, but I handed him the Gospel tract and told him that the $Trillion$ question was on the back. I told him that if he has any questions about it at all to talk to me.

  6. I was explaining Gospel Tracts to a friend and after looking at it, he tried to give it back. I said, “Keep it, or give it to someone else.” He smiled and nodded in agreement, taking back the trillion dollar bill.

  7. I was taking the bus to school and suddenly realized I had missed my stop. I had to walk back across the way toward my bus stop to wait for my transfer to come. I passed a gentleman while crossing the street and casually extended a trillion dollar bill toward him. He took it, and with a quick examination replied, “Thanks.” It was encouraging to remember that most people, even if they don’t agree with what the tract says, will not yell/get defensive at you.

  8. I was walking to my class at El Camino and passed a boy walking the opposite direction. I handed him a tract and plainly stated, “Here you go. This is for you. It is a gospel tract.” If he said anything I didn’t hear it because I walked away right after.

  9. I noticed a young man walking toward me. I thought to myself, “God is bringing this one to me! Thank you, Lord!” I gave him a trillion dollar bill, notified him of the message on the back, and said, “Have a nice day.” He smiled, received the tract, thanked me, and walked away.

  10. As we were walking back to the car from the Redondo Beach Pier on Friday, I witnessed Eric give a little girl a giant 100 and a trillion and continue to walk. I thought, “Here is my chance to ask the million dollar question.” I proceeded with the WDJD method and walked away shortly after.

  11. As Brian was leading a group of teens through the WDJD method, I noticed another woman walking down the sidewalk. I extended a trillion toward her. She took it, smiled, and continued walking.

  12. At USC last week I ran into one fellow who absolutely would not take a copy of the 180 Movie unless he knew what it was about. I told him it was mostly about the Holocaust (true). That did not satisfy him. So, I said well, it talks about how the NAZI’s got all those folks to kill 11M people, just how is it that you can get people to murder one another I asked him? So he said to me “Then it’s about decision making?” I said “YES!” And he took a copy of the movie and walked away.

  13. Passed 2 paramedics resting in their ambulance on my way to pass out tracts at the park. They were on my mind so I saved 2 tracts to talk to them if they were still there on my way home. They were still there, so I shared the trillion dollar bill with them and shared the gospel.

  14. … he has never told a lie (he just did), has never stolen, has never used the Lords name in vain and has never looked on a woman to lust (not even the 72 virgins he’s hoping for!) You guessed it: he’s a Muslim. My 10 min. conversation with him was interesting and he promised to keep it going next Thursday at El Camino. Pray he comes to the Savior!

  15. I do it! The supermarket, Del Taco, the gas station or anywhere money is exchanged, is a perfect time to ask at the end of your transaction with the clerk if they have change for one of these. (a Trillion) They gladly accept it without realizing what it is and they never give it back! Bingo!

  16. The Veteran’s Day Parade in Long Beach this past Saturday was a blast! I handed out around 400 of the large $100 bills, kids literally mob you for those! Then I also handed out about 500 $Trillion$ bills. I only ran into one person the whole time who seemed even remotely offended when I suggested we should send some of them to Washington DC to fix up our country.

  17. I went to Trader Joe’s on Monday and passed out a trillion dollar bill tract to a 20-something-year-old male. We were in the parking lot. He accepted it cordially and without question.

  18. I’ve been having a lot of opportunities to hand out tracts at school. Gave one out to a man. He politely thanked me and walked away. As he was leaving I shouted toward him, “There is a gospel message on the back!”

  19. I also gave some trillion dollar bills to my Christian friends at school and gave them “homework.” I asked them to help me do God’s work and some were excited but some… not so much. I assured them it was an easy job, handing out tracts. I really hope they get it done. 🙂

  20. Ive been so busy but had to squeeze in the time to post this…last week I “accidentally” without realizing it was able to evangelize to a security guard (the one day I switched purses and didnt have my tracts with me!!!) BUT miraculously I had a hope chapel pen and Invited him to church, He showed up and loved it!! YEY!! It was so encouraging.

  21. Handed a trillion $bill to a clerk today and immediately asked him the “if he were to die tonight” question, and he looked like I had just put his finger in a light socket! A real shocker!

  22. It’s so enlightening how God just places opportunities there for you sometimes. My best friend was sharing a facebook dilemma with me and how so and so’s status just reminded her of why she hates “church” people, saying “sorry michelle but i just hate them”. DING!!!!! Goes my head!! And i told her about what i just learned in my “evangelism” class yesterday and even shared the 10 reasons not to…. article. She requested I email it to her because its “sooooo right!!!” 😀 She’s still bothered but looking at a little bit of truth, and therefore looking to Jesus while doing it now 😉 UNKNOWINGLY!! Yes…my god is a ninja didn’t even see that coming!! 🙂

  23. I went to Redondo Beach Pier with Eric and Michael. Passed out many trillion dollar bills, spoke to 2 teenage girls about the gospel, and watched Eric converse with an atheist. The teenagers showed willing hearts, while the atheist could not come to the point of a repentant heart.

  24. November 16, 2011

    I went to Redondo Beach Pier with Soona on Thursday and gave out gospel tracts. I gave out a tract to a young man who was sitting on a bench and looking at the ocean quietly. After I said “have a nice day”, i walked away to continue my distribution. Suddenly, I had this urge to go back to talk to the man. So, i turned around and came back and asked him the question, “If you were to die today would you go to heaven or hell?” From there i was able to share the whole gospel to him. After that, he prayed and asked GOD for forgiveness. By the way, his name is Raul. We talked some more and encouraged him to read his Bible and to attend a christian Church. But what really hit me was that he was only at the pier to remember his Mom whose remains was in the ocean and also he on disability and is going through dialysis 3 times a week. GOD is great for bringing him there so he could hear the gospel. After we said goodbye, i felt so grateful to the LORD for stopping me so i could share the gospel to him. Praise GOD!!!!!!!!

  25. Mixed it up with a JW this morning and asked him the Trillion $ ? – then went through the next series of questions. They always want to change the topic so it makes it hard to stay on point. I’ll be a little more assertive next time! At least he kept the “bill.”

  26. On Monday I went to Artesia Donut shop to pick up donuts for my discipleship Triad. As soon as the owner saw me, she said, “Where have you been, i haven’t seen you for a long time?. I was shocked because i rarely go there and sounded like as if she was really missing me. So, after i told her my order, i went back to my car, came back with my 100 dollar tract and gave it to her. As soon as she got it, she started reading the message at the back. Then, her husband who was sweeping the floor said, how come she is the only who has 100. So, i went back to the car and grabbed my last 100 dollar tract and gave it to him. when i left them, they were both busy reading the gospel message. Wow!!!! Praise GOD!!!!!!

  27. Went into Sprouts Market last night at closing, and the product manager came up and thanked me for the bill, and said it was very important. I thought, ” Oh my, I must have given him a real bill.” I told him I had some other info I would get to him in several days. A seed has been planted, and I’m going to water it, and help it grow!

  28. Talked with a number of people at El Camino Thurs. including “the spokesman” for the occupy El Camino movement on campus. It’s a great opportunity to witness as many will spend a few minutes to hear the “good news!”

  29. 11/18 – Friday evening — walked Redondo Beach pier with Eric, Michael, Doug, and Brian. Shared the gospel with a middle aged fisherman who only admitted to lying and nothing else. Still, I went through the Judgment and Destiny with him and he thanked me.

  30. Saturday morning — intended to walk to the park, but changed my direction to the Torrance Trader Joe’s. As I walked past the shops along the way, I passed out a dozen or so gospel tracts. Many thanked me, but I had one refusal.

  31. Tipped a trillion dollar bill amongst other “worldly bills” today …. the server might just get RICH!!! 😉 get it? hahaha! I pray that he spends it wisely. And if it all goes to one place..thing…etc. that it be payable to: GOD c/o JESUS! under note or memo: I O U duh?!

  32. Saturday, November 19th, I set out on an evangelism adventure with Pastor Ed Lee and the Hope Chapel team to Huntington Beach to see Ray Comfort. I was feeling a bit “uncomfortable” about the prospect of sharing my faith, lacking the necessary confidence. But I went anyway. And God blessed me! I shared my faith with a man, cradling a baby in his arms. He was very kind. He told me, “You are doing a good job!” I felt very encouraged. If he was a mirror for me, I think I was that baby in the Father’s arms being cradled and loved. It really felt good, as someone who is “brand new” , like that little baby, at sharing her faith, to be encouraged and supported like that. Thank You, Holy Father, for loving me!

  33. At the Galleria Mall, a woman was handing out fake 100 dollar bills trying to advertise a “get money for your old gold jewelery” program. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to pass out a tract and I said, “Here’s one for you,” and traded a million for her 100. She thanked me and said, “This is so cool!” I walked away smiling and encouraged.

  34. I was waiting at the Artesia and Redondo Beach Blvd bus stop after school the other day, and met a man named Joh (unsure of spelling). I gave him a million dollar bill but didn’t explain it. I watched him out of the corner of my eye while waiting for the bus and after my conscience got to me, I looked back over at him and explained it to him.

  35. At Huntington Pier on Saturday, a young gal spoke with me and she was upset her boyfriend and his friends were shouting at Ray Comfort and being disrespectful. I told her we expected that kind of thing, and that we use the law to silence the mouth of the proud, but we give grace to the humble. She started to cry, I told her that her heart was already humble so I quietly explained the Gospel message to her.

  36. At Huntington Pier on Saturday, I spoke with a pedicab driver, he said he sees Ray Comfort preaching every single Saturday. I asked him about it, if he knew what it was all about. He said that he did, but he wasn’t so sure about it. I spoke with him off and on during the 2 hours we were there.

  37. On Saturday, at the pier I also spoke with a couple who live in a tent. The guy looked about 30ish, his gf was a bit younger. She was playing away on her guitar, I got a picture of her. I spoke with him at length about the Gospel, and asked how they came to live in a tent nearby. He told me he was ex-Army Airborne. He had been in and out of jail in the years since the Army. I felt great compassion for both of them, they could easily have been part of the OWS folks, but instead, they chose to live apart from that nonsense, living out a simpler existence at the pier (everyday!) and in a tent.

  38. Hollywood Christmas Parade – talked with a fellow named “Chief.” He says he was saved over 10 years ago and chooses to live on the street. He was a nice enough fellow, seemed sober, wanted to discuss once saved, always saved. I didn’t get drawn into a debate, rather told him, as my old Pastor used to say “Why don’t we major on the majors?” The doctrine of once saved always saved is divisive, and not necessary for salvation I told him. I’ll relate more of what he said in a bit, it was a good discussion.

  39. Continuing my discussion with a fellow named “Chief” – He told me he was given an analogy of how Jesus works in our lives for salvation. He said the world and sin, are like a swimming pool, and Jesus reached down and rescued us from drowning. I told him my point of view was “Close” but a bit different. I said, and I told him to hang on to this, “Well, guess what? You _are_ the swimming pool! And Jesus didn’t rescue you from your own pool, rather He jumped into it with you!”

  40. I spoke with three fellows outside a bar on Hollywood Blvd. before the Christmas Parade. One of them told me his wife was a Jewish Rabbi. “That’s cool I told him, I’m Jewish too!” I went on and explained to him how Paul tells us in the book of Romans that we are “Grafted in” to Abraham’s line. We talked about the whole drinking and such (we were just outside a bar after all) and I shared with them my incredible gift from the Lord of 29 years sobriety! I gave them each a $Trillion$ and asked them to read it (when sober!).

  41. Chips to Seeds
    I was in a Trader’s Joes a couple of days ago, when over heard a converstion between a husband and wife that were standing in front of all the chips. The husband asked his wife, which brand had the least salt. I promptly went over and grabbed a package of Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips, and stated to the man that these chips have the least salt of all the chips. Then I noticed the bag had been opened, the handed him the bag and stated for him to sample some. Then he offered me one, and I refused. He than stated that I was trying to set him up. I then stated I would vouch for him. He really liked the chips, and put several bags in his cart. Knowing that I now had credibility w/ him, I gave him $Trillion$, & ask him to read the back for the most important ? that could ever be asked a human being!

  42. The other day, I went to the McDonald’s near my house with two friends. As I was eating my hamburger, I began to think of the video we watched of one of Steve’s students open air preaching in an In n’ Out Burger. So, after I was finished, I warned my friends what I was about to do, and stood on the bench and shouted, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!” I then began to feel very awkward as people were starring up at me. Because of this, I said goodbye to my friends, and walked home. It’s as easy as that, folks! I didn’t get beaten up, nobody said a word to me. I’ve never felt better about evangelizing before.

  43. After sitting on the bus next to a disabled man for about 10 minutes, I began a conversation with him. He was extremely nice and polite, so I figured I’d give him the Christmas tract I had in my back pocket. I said, “Here you go, Happy Holiday’s my friend.” He took it and put it in his bag.

  44. I tried to give a Trillion to a armored car guard caming out of a bank thinking he would surely take it, but he acted as if it would bring him sudden death if it he even touched it, The female teller inside the bank was the exact opposite as she took three bills. one for herself, and the others for her co-workers. She genuinely thanked me when I told her the importance of the message on the back side.

  45. Can Good Intentions Be Enough?
    I came out of Costco several days ago, and spotted a lady in her mid-thirties paused by her shopping cart. I handed her a track while saying “Happy Holidays.” I then stated that it was track that deals with the most important issue of life. She took it, and looked at the cover and then stated that she spoke spanish, but did not read it very well (Opps, I thought I had the English ones). But then said she would try her best to understand what was being presented in the track, and then warmly thanked me.

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