What’s Your E-vangie Tale? # 38: Three Spurgeons?


Our leadership team prayed that God would raise up three Charles Spurgeons from our new six week evangelism class. Well, we started with six and three are still around after the second week, fulfilling the tradition that 50% of “Sharing Your Faith without Fear” attendees drop out before the end of the class. So, let’s see who will continue to the end. Hey, no pressure, folks!

Or maybe those three Spurgeons might come out of our One-Day Evangelism training that graduated eleven students this past Saturday. Miracles do happen, y’know….

Here’s a great quote from the Prince of Preachers himself:

“I know of nothing which I would choose to have as the subject of my ambition for life than to be kept faithful to my God till death, still to be a soul winner, still to be a true herald of the cross, and testify the name of Jesus to the last hour.”

If you really like Spurgeon then go to The Spurgeon Archive.


  1. /17 – Fred and I went out to dinner. A man was sitting at the table next to us… alone. When we stood up to leave I handed him a Million-dollar bill saying, “Did you get one of these?” He looked as though he was thinking about handing it back, but he didn’t.

    5/21 – My daughter’s blood pressure spiked during the day and she drove herself to the hospital. When her daughter’s Daddy showed up to get food for my granddaughter, I gave him a Ten Commandments Coin saying, “I want you to have this”. Later my daughter told me that he was concerned that the coin mentions Adultery (and they have a child together out of wedlock). She assured him that I wasn’t judging him.

    5/22 – I went to a local drive-through and ordered a breakfast burrito. When I paid for it, I greeted the cashier with a, “Good morning”. When I was handed the food, I gave her a Million-dollar bill. She said, “Thank you”.

    5/23 – Fred and I went to get a Bagel. We sat down the Bagel

    5/24 – Stopped by a liquor store and bought Salad Dressing. Saying, “This is for you”, I gave a Million-dollar bill to the cashier. He replied saying, “Thank you”.

    5/25 – Went to the Cafeteria at work (Boeing). I gave a Million-dollar bill to the cashier… she said, “Thank you”. A lady nearby said, “A Million Dollars… we’ve gotta get to know you!”

  2. 5/26 – Asked the, “Million Dollar Question” today (twice)… both were Technicians in my Lab at work. The first was Gary, who answered: “I don’t know… that depends”. He went on to say that he IS a Christian, and that he knows that if he puts his trust in Jesus, then by God’s grace he will be saved”. I told him that I know where he’s going : ) The second man was Kevin. He said he also wasn’t sure, but he too professes to be a Christian. He wasn’t all that talkative, but I chalked that up to both his being shy, and being at work (where it is FORBIDDEN to talk about “religion”). Despite those rules, I have a stack of Million Dollar Bills on my desk and several Coffee tracts. I do see the numbers dwindling a little bit, so hopefully the cleaning staff is on their way to being saved!

  3. After class tonight we went to pick up some milk. I handed the cashier a Million Dollar Bill (after paying for the milk, of course). He looked at it for a second, then said, “Thank you”. The man directly behind us noticed the Million Dollar bill, so I handed him one too. Surprisingly he also said, “thanks”. So far, no one has refused to take a tract that I’ve handed out, and I pray that these little seeds take root.

  4. 5/30 – we went to Ralph’s and I gave a Million Dollar Bill to the man in line behind me. He said, “Thank you”, then as they finished bagging my groceries he said, “Thank you” again!

  5. I handed out a tract to a guy who rolled up and walked away then came back a minute later. He proceeded to tell me that what I was doing was illegal. That lookalike American money is illegal even if there is no such thing as a million dollar bill according to his father who is in the CIA. I said well have you ever heard the million dollar question thats on the back? He said would you want to go to jail for that. I said sure because then everyone would hear about the million dollar question on the back. I proceed to tell him the whole message and he said I will think about it. I told him to pray and read the bible. He said I have. I said cry out to know God.

  6. 5/23 correction: Fred and I went to get a Bagel. We sat down and Beverly from Hope was there, talking to a stranger. When their conversation ended, I gave her a Million Dollar Bill, and she thanked me.

  7. After working a horribly long 10+ hour day (after working 12 yesterday), I left work and drove to Jack In The Box. After I paid for the food, I gave the man a tip + a Million Dollar Bill. He handed me a bag and I started to drive off, but I heard him say, “Ma’am”. I was fearful that he was going to give back the Million Dollar Bill, but instead he informed me that I forgot 1/2 of the order!

  8. 6/6 We went to pick up my prescription at Walgreen’s. After I paid the pharmacy clerk I asked her< "Did you get one of these?" She looked at it for a moment, but I can't recall if she said anything. Then we went to see if they had sugar-free ice cream.

  9. I was on my porch reading when I saw a couple who lives down the end of my street. The husband was yelling at his wife (this happens a lot). They stopped to yell so I got up and walked to the end of the street in front of their home. When they approached, I gave him one of my custom tracts. He wasn’t impressed but he stopped yelling at his wife.

  10. 6/16 I was at work, but at a store where you can buy stamps and such. I talked to the cashier about this and that, then paid for the purchase. Then I have her a Million Dollar Bill. She thought it was neat, and thanked me.

    Later that day, while in a training class at work I gave out 2 different Million Dollar bills, explaining that I know it’s not really allowed at work, but that they might save souls. Both of the ladies said that they wouldn’t “tell on me” : )

  11. 6/19 (YES, the class is over, but I’m still writing): I bought a breakfast burrito off the truck that visits my place of work on Saturdays (during the week we have a Cafeteria). I paid for my food and said, “this is for you”. The woman looked surprised for a moment, then smiled.

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