What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #32


Jude exhorts, “…snatch others from the fire and save them…” (Jude 23)

What are you doing to snatch others from the fire? Here is the place to write about your evangelistic encounters!

Our new evangelism class, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear” just started with 32 students. Who will remain at the end of the six weeks?

As an extra added bonus, we have our church’s deaf ministry participating! When I asked them why they were taking the class they said, “Because you asked us to.” Now that’s a good sign!

See the creative way another deaf person was able to share the Gospel by clicking here.

If you’d like a free curriculum of this 6 week course, with over a 100 pages of material including teaching notes and student work, drop me an email or leave me a comment. All you pay is the postage.


  1. Went to Whole Foods and remembered that lots of people would stop at a free sample. Put a million dollar bill next to the paper cups.

    Went to the produce section and saw the same lady I saw earlier. Went back to the free sample drink station to get the bill for her. But, someone else got the bill already!

  2. How do I get a copy of the free 6 week course? How much would it be for postage approx?

  3. Will you folks STOP laying on the guilt trips and SHUT UP about evangelism!!! I am not, repeat NOT! an evangelist. I haven’t got the gift. I’m a Bible teacher.

    Yes, that was me until this year.

    I have started a blog

    chronicling my slow (yes, be patient with me folks – I’m still wary about these over-zealous evangelist types) emergence from cowardly chicken to bold lion.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Hello, I’d be interested in your six week course as well… more than happy to pay postage… just let me know.

    God Bless.

  5. had the wrong e-mail address on the other post.. my bad. correct is tom.burgee[at]

  6. on sunday,may 17th,i stood out front of my house.I gave a tract to a lady who had just moved to the area.She is confused about her faith but looking for a church to go to.I invited her to go to hope chapel with me.Praise god.

  7. I passed out two tracks today to a couple kids in my class that I got put into a group with. The first said “oh thats cool”, the second said that these were passed out at his church too. I asked him what church he went to and he said Hope Chapel!

  8. I was at Galeria Mall and thought… what a perfect place to pass out tracks. As the first couple people walked by I chickened out and then I made myself just do it thinking, “With God on my side who can be against me?” I passed it out to the next person and he took it interested.

  9. On Thursday after the class, we went to the store. i was sitting in the car waiting for my husband finish his last inute shopping. i thought to myself,”Diana wht is the heck are you doing here sitting in the car? didnt yo just learn from Steve? “do something do something!!!” i got out of the car brought 2 tracts. i pased out in about 30 seconds!! i thought to myself “Boy, is that EASY!!!”
    On the military parade day, I went there with a group of 5 (i think). I passed out the tract like Steve said “mano y mano”. There was an old Veteran cursing at me. I am deaf and I could lipread his every single word!! “Why the (beep) do you bring the (beep) relilgion to this (beep) parade. I want to have fun and you are trying to (beep) destroy our day!!! hey hey!!! you (beep) woman….” i walked off with a smile and signed “thank you” to that upsetting man. He was dumbfound!
    You know after passing out i have felt great and then later little bit nauesous feeling becuz I must have been letting my mental guard down little bit… Thinking, wow am i forcing people to receive this tracts? then my other thoughts ” hey! what are you going to say when you stand in front of God and explain your action?” so i kept on until the parade was almost over. (smile i am still learning and am still staying on the course!!)

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