What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #28


Paul wrote, “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the Gospel, that I may share in its blessings.” (1 Corinthians 9:22-23) What are you willing to do?

A new evangelism class started 8/14/08 with 20 people. What will they do? Who will finish well? (See who won the top of the class and a Veg-O-Matic last class by clicking here.)


  1. This is from Denise Rothstein:

    Today I handed a million dollar bill to a man looking for empty cans and bottles in the trash bins outside our apartment building.

    I originally had no intent of giving him the tract but just commented on how you can get good money by turning in alot of cans and bottles, which he just responded to with a nod.

    Then I thought, “This is the first day of the rest of my evangelizing life.”
    Having started Steve’s class last night and encouraged to pass out a million dollar tract a day, I knew this was a great opportunity.

    I asked him if he had “gotten one of these?” to which he responded that he’d seen them around. He took it from me. I asked him, ” Do you know Jesus loves you?” he nodded his head as he put empty cans and bottle from the trash in a big trash bag. I then said, “THE RICHES JESUS PROMISES IN HEAVEN FAR EXCEED ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY WE CAN FIND ON EARTH. GOD BLESS YOU!” …. and I walked away.

  2. Today I handed out another bill gospel out at the bank! Lol. I went up to the gentleman leaving and asked “did you get this?” he said no and took it. Yay to the hand level action on my part and praise god he took it!

    Where do we keep track of these in the sharing book?

  3. Today, I handed a gospel track to an army vet friend of mine. He smiled and said, “thanks to you, I will never be broke.”

  4. Yesterday I handed out million-$ bill with fake confident smile to Star Bucks employee at chasher. Surprisingly, she was happy to receive it.
    So, today, with my little bigger confidence and smile, I handed them out to venders at Farmers Market in Torrance. Surprisingly, They liked it.
    Praise God, He is Gooooood to a feared woman like me.

  5. Today I handed a million dollar bill to a man looking for empty cans and bottles in the trash bins outside our apartment building.

    I originally had no intent of giving him the tract but just commented on how you can get good money by turning in alot of cans and bottles, which he just responded to with a nod.

    Then I thought, “This is the first day of the rest of my evangelizing life.”
    Having started Steve’s class last night and encouraged to pass out a million dollar tract a day, I knew this was a great opportunity.

    I asked him if he had “gotten one of these?” to which he responded that he’d seen them around. He took it from me. I asked him, ” Do you know Jesus loves you?” he nodded his head as he put empty cans and bottle from the trash in a big trash bag. I then said, “THE RICHES JESUS PROMISES IN HEAVEN FAR EXCEED ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY WE CAN FIND ON EARTH. GOD BLESS YOU!” …. and I walked away.

  6. Dear Pastor Steve,
    This is an evangie tale and I did not know where to put it on your site. I hope this is the correct place. Tonight I began your evangelism class and as I was leaving Hope I decided to stop in the 7-11 for a drink – aka “no one was at the gas station”. I was standing next to the man purchasing at the counter (I had walked in with my CC and a gospel bill only) and went up to the guy next to me and said “did you get one of these?” he said “no thanks!” I said ok and left it at that remembering that you said he is not turning away Jesus himself, but the tract.

    The counter attendant commented about it being a lot of money, and the guy said “well I would take it if it was real, I wish it was!” while walking out the door. Instead I said to the attendant, what a shame that the guy was missing out and would he like to take it instead as a gift from me, and he took it from me! I began talking to him about God and my current situation and the classes I am taking and he said I do not seem shy to him at all and that I should get myself on a microphone. LOL. I told him to have a wonderful night and possible salvation!

    Thanks for letting me share mine.

  7. Was asked to deliver a message for youth group at the local Korean churche in Anaheim on Sunday because their youth pastor left the church about two weeks ago and there was no one who could deliver the message for the time being.

    Wasn’t sure what message I had to deliver but felt that I should deliver this WDJD. Went to Redondo beach on Saturday (the day before) and watched our brothers’ open air preaching very carefully.

    On Sunday, starting with intellegence test (passed out million dollars when they answered the questestion), asked if they are 100% sure that they can go to heaven. Only 2 out of 14 said yes. Went over 10 commandments and every one of them confessed that they broke the commandments and they were sinners. Told them that tomorrow is not guranteed and today is the day of salvation. Then gave them time to repent their sins to God and started to hear them weeping. In closing, prayed God for thanksgiving for this opportunity and privilige.

    After the service, one of youth came to me and said that we really wanted to hear something like this as we were so dry and you just poured out water on us.

  8. After taking the first of six evangelism classes, I wasted no time in handing a million dollar tract to the gal behind the counter at the local Circle K near LAX. Told her it was a Christmas bonus and she laughed. I watched her as she read it while starting up my car when leaving.

    The next day went with a group to the Redondo Beach Pier and handed out a few million dollar bills and took several photos. That is all for now.

  9. Today I handed out 5 million dollar bills to a group of ladies I meet with every Tuesday night. All of them are Christians. Two of the women in the group had seen the tract and one of them had the bunch on her.

    The women I gave the tracts to had never heard of or seen one.
    I thought of Steve’s question – “When was the last time a Christian has witnessed to you,” to which most of the class couldn’t remember.

    If I can even help re-ingnite a Christian’s love for God and for the lost by handing out this tract to as many people as possible a day, glory to Him!

  10. Yesterday, I handed out 3 million dollar tracts, all to shoppers at Salvation Army. The lady waiting behind me in the checkout line told me that she is new to L.A. and she doesn’t have any friends. I said, “Well, here you go. Read the tract and answer the million dollar question behind it and when you’re done, look up the Hope Chapel website.

    Then come on over to one of our services this weekend and I guarantee you that you’ll meet alot of really friendly, honest people.

    Then I said, “God bless you. I hope to see you at Hope soon!”

  11. Today, I gave a million dollar tract to the guy who sold me and Andy some shoes at “Payless,” shoe store. Anyway, I asked him if he had gotten one yet and he said that his wife has one and he wanted one of his own.

    I then asked him if he would die today did he think he would go to heaven or hell. He said he didn’t know. He was closing up the store so I suggested he take the quiz and answer the million dollar question when he had free time.

    Andy found out that a friend of theirs from another South Bay church gave them the tract and we struck up a conversation, inviting him and his wife to Hope.

  12. Since Rebekah is pregnant(29th week), we have decided to take a walk for herself and the baby in Wilson Park and handed out million dollar tracts. Yesterday, we got home around 10pm but decided to go to the park to hand out the tract. We ended up driving there and handing out all the tracts except for one. In a sudden, we recalled the memory from last class that Pastor Steve left a tract on the ground to see if anyone would pick it up. So we decided to leave this tract on the ground by the entrance of the public restroom. It was around 11pm and there were not many people in the park. Then we walked around and came back to see if it would be still there. Guess what?? It was disappeared.

  13. This is the first of 4 that have happened in the last week. 2 of which have been on my job interviews! Interview #1 was that I was at a job interview for research assistant, and mentioned that I was a Christian and in passing started talking about the sins relating it to something else I was being asked.
    I dont remember what they were asking me!?

    But I listened and so then I said to the 2 interviewers. “Do you think you would go to heaven or hell if you died today?” At the interview! I spoke to them about being a Christian, and the 10 commandments and asking them if they ever lied, or stole? I went into the whole shibang with them, which is a huge step for me as a new Christian! I did not get the job (surprise), but I did get the message out! 🙂

  14. I was on a job interview for a supervisor position, and began talking about church and asked if the President went. She said yes. We then began talking about the 10 commandments – on the job interview!

    I did not get the job but I did get an opportunity to open someone’s eyes. 🙂

  15. So my friend Miles came to visit me from NYC. He was in the area recording a album for Warner Bros with Tom Morello of RATM.

    He is in a popular band called Outernational and is an avowed atheist and scientific thinker. I thought, how nice it would be if someone like Miles who is dynamic and charismatic came to Christ and was able to use his talents for preaching!

    So when he came over I promptly gave him a dollar bill and asked him to take a look at it later when he had time, he was on borrowed time because I was about to kick him out so I would not be tempted by him. I felt good about giving him the tract and even better about not submitting to sexual urges!
    Praise God!

  16. This one is funny. I was eating Thai food in Manhattan Beach with my ex boyfriend. I had brought the tract in just in case I saw someone in there and could give it out.

    As we were walking out I put the bill/tract on the table of the couple behind us and told them this might help them for food and then some! LOL. I did not look back as I handed it out, so on that one, I missed the expression. 😛

  17. There was a guy waiting at the bus stop with some friends, I am not sure if he spoke English. I saw his friends didn’t. I watched and waited as the attendant who was cleaning up at the gas station walked away. ( I had to get gas but the stop was nearby)

    So I left my tank gassing and walked over to the bus stop and asked if he got one of these? He said No, and so I said then this is for you and he took it and I walked away.

    This is the not the usual way I do it, but this was an interesting and very sad night already and the handing out the tract of salvation was the most potent thing I did the entire night.

  18. Today I gave a million dollar tract to Karen, a friend and owner of the coffee shop, “Our Daily Grind” in El Segundo. She didn’t care for the coffee trivia tract saying it was too wordy for her.

    She did take the million dollar tract (maybe she liked it better because it looks like money). I asked her if she would die today if she thought she would go to heaven or hell. She said she would go to heaven.

    I told her to answer the million dollar question on the back of the tract, said goodbye and walked out the door.

  19. Went to hospital for orientation in Fountain Velly this evening and learned about labor and delivery. During the orientation, we were very nervous and wondered if we would be able to go through all this well. But one thing that we were not very nervous about was to hand out tracts to people afterwards.

  20. On Sunday, I gave a million dollar tract to 2 employees of a Ralph’s in Palm Springs. When I was at the checkout, another employee said she would like a tract also.

    I shared with the three employees that they could answer the million dollar question on the back.

    They thanked me.

  21. On Monday, I gave out 4 million dollar tracts to a family from Hawthorne vacationing in Palm Springs at our resort.

    I shared part of the gosped message, wishing I had the confidence to share more.

    They said they were looking forward to taking the test on the back of the tract.

  22. Although I have only missed two days so far of handing the $1,000,000 bill, Nothing noteworthy enough to print has happened. But, I thought it fit to sya that one person tried to give the bill back after a 15 minute discussion, prompted by the bill. He was seated at a table next to me in a coffee shop. We had gone through the million dollar question and the commandments as part of the discussion. As I got up to leave, feeling as though God had used me to plant seeds in this agnostic’s mind, he pushed the bill accross the table toward me and said “Here ya go.” I ignored the gesture, shook his hand, and said, “God bless you!” I then turned to say good bye to someone else, and when I looked back, he had picked up the bill and was re-reading it. I have every reason to believe that that version of the limp arm tactic worked to the point of him taking it with him. AR

  23. Yesterday, I gave a million dollar tract to a man at the checkout line of Ralphs market. I actually gave it to him right afer he made a money transaction with the cashier.

    He thought I was giving him real money and asked “What’s this for?”
    I said that it was a Christian tract. I suggested he answer the million dollar question on the back of it.

    I then said “God bless you. Have a great day,” and walked out of the market.

  24. I have been handing the million dollar tracts out every time i go through the drive tru at a fast food joint lately. Im working long hours recently so ive been eating out more than I should, but at least they are recieving the good news. I gave a lady a tract just last night, asked her if she needed a raise, she laughed and I gave her the million dollar bill. She said thanks and I got my food and drove off.

  25. Yesterday at work I used the WDJD method on about 15 different students at different times of the day. I’m working 13 hour days and there are a lot of students to talk with. Sometimes there might be just two students that I use the WDJD method with or there might be as many as eight students, none the less I use this method every time I share the gospel. After I finished sharing with a group yesterday one of the students said that I should be careful incase someone gets offended and turnes me in. I’ll take my chances, I mean Jesus died for us, how bad would it be if I was asked to stop by my boss. Untill I am asked to stop I will use the WDJD method as long as somebody is willing to listen.

  26. Yesterday, at the Hermaosa Fair I handed a million dollar tract to a teenage boy and his younger brother. I shared the whole gospel message from the method we are being taught in Steve’s class.

    It cut to the heart of this teenager. It’s amazing how the law does that! He said that he would pray to God that night to be made right with Him!

  27. Yesterday at the Hermosa Fair, I shared half of the gosped message with a couple, one American woman and one British man. As soon as I started taking about what would happen if they did not repent from their sins here on earth the woman started to said that I’m judgemental, didn’t want to argue with me, and that they don’t want to talk with me anymore.

    At least it stirred something up in her heart, and probably in his.

  28. Went to Andersen’s Restaurant in Buellton. After the meal, went to the cashier to pay the bill. After signed the receipt, handed out million dollars to two waitresses. Another waiter was watching us and asked if he could get this tract as well. It looks like this tract is new to this area.

  29. Yesterday at the Hermosa Fair I witnessed to a man who was on the band who was about to start performing. I asked him if he had a minute for me to ask him the million dollar question. He said “sure.” I asked him whether he thought he would go to heaven or hell. He said probably heaven. I asked if he thought he was a good person. He said,”yes, I’d say I’m a pretty good person.” I then asked him the lie, steal, blasphemy, adultery ?s. He was immediately defensive when I said, ” You said you were a good person, but you just admitted …”

    He then said “I’m a Catholic. You people are so judgemental. Hey, I’ve got to do my soudcheck.”

    I then said, “Make sure you’re right with God before it’s too late.”

  30. Yesterday at the Hermosa Fair, I shared the whole gospel message to a man who was very receptive. The woman he was with said she would be in the restroom and didn’t return until I was done telling him the gospel message.

    He said he would give my words some serious thought and would look up the Hope Chapel church hours.

  31. Yesterday at the Hermosa Fair I shared part of the gospel message with a Catholic man while his wife was conveniently helping the kids pick out the free toys at the booth.

    She was acting like she wasn’t listening as I asked the man if he thought he would go to heaven or hell, if he thought he was a good person, etc.

    The man interupted me as I was going throught the commandments and said, “Hey, we’re Catholic. Right now it’s all about the children. We have them in good Catholic shcools. I’d rather not talk about religion or politics today. We’re here on a family outing to have fun.

    He seemed like he was about to walk away with his family, so I started talking about morality and how this liberal world makes it difficult to raise children. Well, from there he and his wife and I started a conversation about laws and standards.

    I thought about what Paul said after the family walked away, “I become all things to all men that I may win them.”

    Big lesson.

  32. Yesterday at the Hermosa Fair I shared the gospel message with a very defiant older Catholic man. He kept saying that if he wasn’t deliberatly doing bad things but was trying to always do good things, he knew he would go to heaven.

    Andy and I tried sharing with him that his good works will not get him into heaven, that “all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.”

    He still wouldn’t take it, no matter what we said, but he did hear most of the cut-to-the heart gospel message.

  33. It was Sunday and a friend and I were driving down ocean blvd in long beach from just having lunch. We pulled up to the intersection of ocean and los alamitos st when about 8 or so of those real fast motocycles ( you know the ones you lean over the gas tank type bikes ) pulled up next to us. The light changed to green and the bikes and the cars proceeded to drive down the street when all of a sudden one of the motorcyles in the pack hit the center divider ( more like a curb in the middle of the road ) and the driver was thrown into an electrical pylon and his female passenger was tossed into on comming traffic on the other side of the street.

    I pulled over to help as did a few other cars. Most people went to see how she was doing, so I went over to the male driver to keep him from moving and to give him whatever comfort I could till the fire department arrived. The other bikers seemed to be in a bit of shock so I went and got a few tracts from my car. I let those standing around the scene know that we dont know how long each of us have on this earth and that I sympathized with them and their injured friends since I also drive one of those real fast bikes. I asked them to take these tracts and when they got to the hospital to please take serious what they said on them and that I would be praying for them and their injured friends. One the guys said he was really glad I stopped to help and to talk with them about the Lord. I left and was really encouraged that he was willing to take just a few seconds to listen to a real quick message on where his friends would have gone if they had died right there in the street on Ocean blvd. It looked like both are going to live and this may have been a wake up call ( I pray it was ).

  34. On Saturday, at the Hermosa Fair, I shared the gospel message with two teenage boys who originally wanted just to take the intelligence test.
    I eased into sharing the gospel message. They both seemed convicted about their sin.

    When they realized that after they said they were good and then admited that they were lying, theiving, blashemous adulterers at heart, they both just nodded their heads in agreement that they deserve punishment for their sins.

    I suggested they make right with God before they sleep tonight.

  35. On Saturday, I shared the gospel message with 2 teenage girls and a teenage boy who originally wanted to take the intelligence test.

    They heard the whole thing, and were nodding their head in agreement with me regarding sin and judgement to come.

    They said they would give what I said some thought and would read the back of the million dollar tract again.

  36. I shared the gospel message with a man and woman who said she didn’t believe in God. Her son then immediately asked, ” Why not, Mommy,”
    to which she responded, “I tell you later.”

    Anyway, the whole family actually hear about half of the message, but at least they heard God’s Word.

  37. I started sharing the gospel message on Saturday at the Hermosa Fair with a woman who said, ” I want to prove I’m a good person.”

    As soon as I said that she said she was good but just admitted to being a sinner, she said, “Oh, you’re part of a church or something. Forget it.”

    At least she heard it.

  38. I shared my faith with 6 students at the school where I teach at last night. Used the WDJD method with all of them at different times. Gave each one a million dollar bill. One student said he got one a while back while working in alaska, I thought great. One of the other students I talked with was really listening while I was sharing the gospal with him, and said that his wife was a christian and that he and his wife would like to come to this saturdays open air preaching at huntington beach( hope to see them there).

  39. Around 10pm last night, we went to Ralphs with million dollar tracts and saw a lady with two sons inside. When we handed out tracts, the lady said this was her second time to receive this tract in herlife. I told her “you are lucky. but now you’d better read the gospel message on the back.” And showed where the message was written on. She was surprised that there was a gosepel message on the back. When she with her sons stopped and started reading the message, we walked away.

  40. Yesterday, I handed a million dollar tract to a friendly guy who works at the Postal Center in the shopping center near our place. I asked him if he was brought up in a Christian home. He told me his story, that he and his family did attend a church for a long time until the church was bought out by a major developer.

    As I was about to share what a church really is, and move on to the gospel message, a customer walked in. I encouraged him to answer the million dollar question on the back of the track and look up Hope’s church services.

  41. Today, I asked a woman standing outside of “Bank of America” if she had gotten a million dollar track yet. She said that she hadn’t. I then explained that it had the million dollar question on the back of it and asked her if she had a moment for me to ask her the million dollar question.

    I asked if she thought she would go to heaven or hell. She said that she’d been pretty good lately. That gave me a wide open door to ask her the rest of the “commandment” questions.

    She had to go after I started sharing with her the atoning forgiveness of Christ and salvation from sin and hell if she repented from her sins.

  42. Thought I was comfortable sharing the faith using WDJD by now. However, when pastor Steve asked me to do the open air preaching at the street light in Huntington Beach, became super nervous and couldn’t remember anything at that moment. But as pastor Steve said to go and make a mistake, I just went up there and made a mistake for 25 seconds.

    Pastor Steve always say to us “thank you” when we showed up for outreach but I really want to say “thank you pastor Steve for your guidance and support”. God bless you and your family abundantly.

  43. Yesterday as I was leaving the supermarket, one of the employees ran out to give me a sock that my son, Adam, pulled off of his foot.

    I had not witnessed to anyone that day so as she was running out saying, “Excuse me, is this your son’s sock?” I felt like asking her, “Excuse me, do you know Jesus?”

    I gave her a million dollar tract and suggested she answer the million dollar question on the back of the tract. She said she would.

  44. Yesterday I gave the million dollar tract to a woman and her son, who are both Jehovah’s witnesses. They didn’t have time to go over the questions with me but they said they would read the back of the tracts.

  45. Today I asked a worker from Petsmart if she had gotten the million dollar tract yet.

    She said that she had gotten one. She attends Lutzinger High School and said that people are often there giving out tracts.

    I encouraged her to read the million dollar question

  46. Yesterday, I had a chance to talk to my younger brother who is in Korea. He’s been going to chuch for a while and I thought he is a born again Christian and going to heaven. However, after asking some question, realized that he believed that he would go to heaven because he is not a bad person. I was very shocked and I suddenly preached the gospel using WDJD method in Korean.

    I’m still shocked for this fact and will preach the gospel to my family members a.s.a.p. Am glad that this class taught me how to tell the gospel in the RIGHT away.

    Thank you Paster Steve for your work.

    FYI, went to Christian Fair this morning..

  47. Tonight I handed out a million dollar bill to my aunt who was excited. We’ll see what she says.

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