What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #27


For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.” Acts 13:47
A new evangelism class has started with 41 students! Will they finish well? I hope so. To get extra credit for their grades they have to write their very own E-vangie Tales here. You can, too.
UPDATE! About 30 students are left. Who will stay the course and finish well?


  1. I was eating breakfast when there was a knock on the door.Behold.. A Jehovah witness!!!!Here was my chance..I opened the door and he started giving me his spill and was showing me his material..I politley thanked him and told him I wasn’t interested and as he was leaving I said “I have something for you” I aimed for the briefcase and it missed and floated on the ground.He picked it up and said delightfully..”A Million dollar Bill” and he put it in his briefcase. I quickly shut the door.. I thought this isn’t so bad..Maybe next time I will be able to witness with my voice …Baby Steps…

  2. Hi,
    As a student at El Camino College, I get a lot of chances to share my faith. Here are two conversations that I’ve had that have taught me the most.

    The first one is the very first time that I ever tried to use the WDJD method. I really messed it up, but as Pastor Steve said, “Go and make mistakes.” Rather than going through the Ten Commandments one by one, I thought it might be less offensive just to ask the person, “Have you ever sinned?” She said that she had, like everyone. I responded, “Don’t you realize that if God gives you what you deserve you will go to hell?” Obviously, this ended up being very offensive to her. But at least I did learn from it.

    The second one was about a month later, and by this time I had learned a lot more about how to share my faith. I was giving out million-dollar-bills, and someone asked me what the message was. I asked him the million dollar question, and he said that he’d go to heaven. So I went through a few of the Ten Commandments, and he had broken all of them. He admitted that he would be guilty, but he didn’t believe that hell was real, “because evolution exists.” I was a little bit confused, but by this time I knew better than to be sidetracked by arguing about evolution. He continued, “When you die you just go straight into the ground.” I used a tip that I believe I got from watching Ray Comfort; I asked, “Then where did Hitler go?” Eventually I was able to convince that, because God is a just Judge, all sin will be punished, and therefore hell does exist. Finally, I got to the root of his problem; he told me that he would rather go to hell than to heaven, the ultimate sign of rebellion against God. He tried to shock me, saying that he had Satan in his blood. I told him, “Jesus can change you.” After that, he walked away. Overall, I was satisfied with how I had done. I realized that I had learned a lot since my first time, but I still have a lot to learn.

  3. Last Thursday, at my Driver’s Ed. class I had a couple opportunities to witness. I was the latest person to arrive so I had to open the locked door for the next person. It would only open from the inside. As I was waiting, two janitors were walking out with a couple trash bags. I opened the door for them and tried to get two tracts out of my pocket. Too late! They slipped past before I could release the tracts from the depths of my pocket. As I debated whether to go after them, it occurred to me that they would probably be coming back. Also, I would lock myself out if I went after them. When they came back I had two Million Dollar Bills in one hand as I opened the door with the other. I was not going to let them slip past this time. I stumbled the first few seconds: “Uh… You look like… uh… would you… uh…” I collected my thoughts and said, “You deserve a raise,” as I handed the second janitor a tract. She looked at it and smiled. Meanwhile the first janitor had gotten past and was talking to the second in Spanish. As I handed her a Million Dollar Bill, I asked her, “Te gusta un millon dolares,” (that is, roughly, “Would you like a million dollars?”). She looked surprised that I was talking to her in Spanish and smiled as she took the tract. It was then time to go to class. After class as I was walking away with my classmates, I pulled out a Hundred Dollar Bill tract from my Driver’s Ed bag and handed it to the person next to me: “Would you like some big money.” Excited, she displayed it to the others. A few people exclaimed, “Oh, I want one.” I pulled the remaining six Hundreds out and handed those out. As I did so I realized that there were seven people swarming me and six tracts. I feared someone would be offended that I would not be able to give him a Hundred. One guy refused a Hundred saying, “I would take it if was real.” I quickly pulled a more authentic-looking Million Dollar Bill out of my pocket and handed it to him saying, “Would this do?” He looked at it, smiled, and replied, “Yeah, thanks.” I was completely caught off guard that night. I fumbled through handing out my first two tracts of the night and did not take enough tracts for all my classmates. “Why does God choose to use me?,” I have found myself thinking recently. Isn’t there someone more qualified, more experienced, more knowledgeable, and less hesitant than I? The only Biblical explanation I find is that God’s glory is magnified when he can use me and my imperfections to accomplish his perfect plan of salvation.

  4. I joined the group at the Bloody Thursday Labor picnic. In about 1/2 hour we saturated the place with Quiz tracks and $100 and Million Dollar bills. I actually shared the WDJD method with one large, tatooed man and a 9 year old kid. As a group a kids were mobbing me & Matt, screaming for Million Dollar Bills a security guy told me I had to stop and that I wasn’t welcomed there. Cool, I thought. Jesus wasn’t welcomed in his home town either, they tried to run him off a cliff. Not quite as dramatic, but persecution nevertheless.

    Hanging with Righteous Richard at Ports of Call was very educational, he’s much more bold than I am at present. I’m learning & growing.

  5. Sunday morning, I gave a Million Dollar Bill to an acquaintance at church and went through info on the back. This guy soon realized he wasn’t good and even though this was at church he also concluded that he needed to repent and get right with Jesus. We both prayed on the spot.

  6. I joined the Sharing your faith class with Pastor Steve last week and until yesterday, hadn’t given out any tracts as he had admonished us to do. Why am I ashamed? What is so difficult? These questions plagued me as I avoided day after day giving any tracts out. I did give one to a friend and two to co-workers, does that count?
    Yesterday my wife and I were in Orange County and decided to gas up due to the lower fuel prices. As I exited the PACKED Arco to gas up the car my wife handed my a tract and suggested I give it to someone. As I walked up to the payment machine I saw a gentleman fueling up a large American made pickup. This was my chance.
    I turned around and said “Hey, must be a fortune to fill up that thing!” He replied, “Naw I just put $40 in at a time”. I reached in my pocket and pulled out ‘the tract’. “Here” I said, “the next tank is on me!” He took the million dollar bill and smiled. he asked me where I got it and I just ran to my car and started gassing up. As he pulled away he said “thanks!”
    I DID IT! Why was I so nervous? Well, that is why I am taking Steve’s class and a lesson from my wife who has handed out several tracts to strangers. We must obey the New Testament if we claim to be Christians and learning to share the Gospel without fear is the first step. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me through their stories. I may have only handed out one tract, but I am on my way to leading others to Christ. Now that is exciting!!!!!!

  7. Wednesday night after attending my Dad’s evangelism class we pulled into an Arco. It was about 10:00 at night. And people get kind of grouchy when you’ve been working all day, and you just wanna fill up your stinkin’ tank and it’s so darn expensive! I tried Plan A: A nice lookin’ lady who looked like she needed to hear the sweet little message written on the back of the small but effective Million Dollar Bill. I headed toward her. ”Here,” I said.”No thank you,” she replied.

    O.K., time to try Plan B: There was another lady on the other side of the Arco. ”Here; this is for you,” I said. ”No, thank you,” she replied.

    There was yet another girl getting out of her car; I wanted to give her one of the millions. I walked over to her and offered her the million, she took it! Hallelujah!

    I walked back to the car where my sister and Dad were waiting. Finally satisfied with myself, we drove away.

  8. On Thursdays we go to the Farmer’s Market to get our food for the week. This particular Thursday a lady came up to our Kiddie Cart and asked, ”Is there a Farmer’s Market around here?”

    ”Yes,” said my Dad, ”on the other side of Veteran’s Park.”

    ”Thank you,” she said. Here was my chance. She looked at me; she asked for it. I brought out my million and tauntingly waved it at her. She shook her head. I tried again, and again, and again. Finally the light turned… my last chance…. I waved it one last time… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just kept shaking her head.

  9. I had just finished reading The Way of the Master when a telemarketer called. He told me his deal, and I said I’d think about it and if I could ask him a few questions. So I gave him the good person test, told him about Jesus and what he did for us. I thanked him for his time and for not hanging up on me and said good bye. This was my second time witnessing to someone, and my first with a stranger. I was shaking as I hung up. It was great. I prayed that God help the man grow in faith and draw close to Him.

  10. On Friday July 4th, my family and I went to Wilson Park to hang out for the afternoon and listen to the music at the gazebo. On our way over I gave a Million Dollar Bill to a lady in the parking lot. That was my one tract for the day. I had fulfilled my quota and was planning to relax for the rest of the day. A couple hours later, I was bored so I picked up the book my dad had been reading–The Way of The Master. I started at chapter one called “Dereliction of Duty.” In it there’s an analogy about a firefighter who, instead of rescuing people from a building, sits in the firetruck listening to music. My conscience started getting agitated so I decided to walk around the park handing out several more tracts. Later, we went to a park that overlooks the South Bay. Rocketship park is on the Palos Verdes hill but its still in Torrance. Anyway, a crowd of about a hundred people gathered to see the fireworks. I passed out all the tracts I had with me and some that I had borrowed from my dad and brother. Fifteen minutes later it got dark, fireworks started, and I could truly relax

  11. Hi,
    This was a while ago but It stuck with me. It inspired me to hand out more Million Dollar Bills. It was at Fiesta Hermosa. I was going to hand out a tract to a group of about five or six people and when I gave a tract to every person a girl in the group said, “Oh wow a million Dollars!!!” She read the back and as I was starting to leave to hand out another she said, “You are doing a good thing.” Then I walked away smiling. I was VERY happy. I was surprised that girl was not scared of what her friends thought of her saying that.

  12. Way 2 B D.D. ! Never give up! You’re doin’ GR8 ! 🙂

  13. I went with the evangelism team to the labor celebration of the anniversary of Bloody Thursday in San Pedro. I was able to hand out about a hundred of the Big Money tracts as well as a few million dollar bills. Then someone from our group informed me that security had asked to leave. We waited at the entrance to the park for the rest of our group and gave out a handful of tracts as we were waiting. Then we decided to go to Ports ‘O Call to continue sharing our faith. I loaded up my cargo pants with several hundred tracts, not including the ones in my hands. Practically everyone took them and I soon ran out. I had to ask some of the other people in our group for more. I was still running out, so, ignoring my fear, I decided to use do some one-to-one witnessing. I handed out two million dollars bills to one couple. They asked me what it was. I told them that it was a million-dollar bill and asked them the million dollar question. I asked them if they thought they were good people and then led them through the law, Judgement Day, the reality of Hell. This concerned them and they both seemed convicted, so I shared the gospel with them. I had my cell-phone on during that time so that if others in the group needed to contact me they could. I got two wrong numbers while I was witnessing to the couple but they were patient and I was able to get through the law and the gospel. I left by telling them to get right with God soon. I walked away, turned back, and it looked to me as if their heads were bowed. God’s word never returns void, not even when cell-phones interrupt.

  14. Today we went to the Redondo Beach Pier. We attracted crowds by giving away free prizes for answers to trivia questions; then Pastor Steve and Richard would offer $20 to anyone who could prove that they were a good person. In this way, many people heard the gospel. But for me, the most exciting part came as we were leaving. On the way back to the vans, I gave out a few more tracts. Someone yelled, “He’s giving away free money!!” I was mobbed by about 20 people, all greedily grabbing tracts out of my outstretched hands. I hope and pray that at least one of those people will actually read and understand the message.

  15. Living in Canada’s national capital city gives me the privilege to be an ambassador for the city to our tourists at the same time (and more importantly) being an ambassador for the Lord.

    The city is jammed with tourists and within a 3 hour period this afteroon after church, I trotted on downtown areas and was able to dispense of 226 MDB gospel tracts to visitors from the US and Europe.

    What a great and awesome God we serve! It’s the LEAST we could do in gratitude of the much greater thing He did for us in sending His Son to die for us in our place. There is no comparison, actually. Such immense GRACE!

    Good going everybody!

  16. I have a few evangelism stories to tell from the Redondo Beach pier. Christians, a skeptic, open-air preaching, a “faith”-full person, a group of teens.
    Part 1: Saturday, July 19.
    I went with the evangelism team and passed out hundreds of tracts. I walked up to a mixed group of about ten teenagers and handed them all MDBs (by that time I had run out of the hundred dollar bills). They all took them and one girl asked what they were for. I told her it had the million dollar question on the back: If you were to die today would you go to Heaven or Hell. One guy asked me where I thought I would go. I said Heaven. He then asked me why. I answered that I had repented of my sin and trusted in Jesus Christ as my Savior. He said it was the right answer. Both times I answered the girl offered me a high-five, which I accepted. I asked them if they had repented and trusted in Christ. They answered yes and we said goodbye. I was encouraged by that first conversation and my fear of conversations seemed to vanish. A couple hours later, I realized that I had missed an opportunity to tell them about Hell’s Best Kept Secret on the livingwaters website. At least the website it’s on the MDB, but still… it was a missed opportunity.

  17. I continued passing out tracts and trying to get into a conversation with someone wiling to talk. I found someone who was more than willing to talk. I gave him a tract and asked him the million-dollar question. While I tried to get through the law, he started telling me how corrupt other people were and how there is so much suffering. I listened and agreed with him about how corruption, lying and misusing authority, is wrong and continued going through the law, namely the 3rd, and 7th commandments. He said I was judging, and told me I shouldn’t because the Bible says not to judge. I responded that it was not I who was judging, but God.
    I then struggled through Judgment day, but he countered with how the Bible is of questionable accuracy and how we can’t know anything for sure. I told him that the Bible says it is appointed to man once to die and after this the Judgment. By that statement I did a few things. I exposed the inevitability of man’s death, and I let the Holy Spirit convict him of Judgment Day using the word of God, which never returns void according to Isaiah. He knew that everyone dies and the Holy Spirit convicted him of the reality of Judgment Day, so I brought up a point that addressed his conscience and that his intellect could not counter.
    I moved on to Hell. He didn’t believe in Hell. I asked him if Hitler should go to Hell. He said yes. I then reasoned with him about God’s holiness and justice. I tried to use the analogy of a courtroom, but got bogged down in whether God and a human was the judge in the analogy. He then took advantage of my hesitation to ask give this analogy: A murderer kills his victim. The victim has not repented and goes to Hell. The murderer repents and goes to heaven. Essentially, he asked, “How can God do this?” I answered with God’s holiness. The victim has presumably transgressed God’s law and God’s holiness requires him to punish that victim and that God can redeem anyone from a murderer to a “mere” liar. Two police passed us. When they were out of earshot, he resumed his tirade against corruption. This time he even beat around the Bush, the guy who committed the genocide 4,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq. I listened but answered that God will punish corruption wherever it’s found. I reminded him that he admitted to me that he was a liar, a thief, a blasphemer, a murderer-at-heart, and an adulterer-at-heart. He didn’t seem to mind but admitted to me, finally, that he would be going to Hell, IF it exists, and IF God judges him by the ten commandments on Judgment Day. I thanked him for talking with me and he did the same. He said that his brother is a Christian. I then shook his hand and told him “Unless you repent, you too will perish,” and repeated it to him. Finally: no tangents, and no justifying himself with skeptical questions. The law had stopped his mouth, and he left with a stone in his shoe, hallelujah!
    Note: The details of the discussion with this skeptic are accurate, but the order mentioned might not be accurate.

  18. Later, I listened to Pastor Steve and Richard preach a few open-air sermons. Then D.D. stepped onto the soapbox and asked a few questions from the intelligence test. Richard and Pastor Steve had been encouraging me to get on the soapbox. After D.D. did, I decided my fears were definitely irrational. I went through a few questions from other papers to attract a crowd. Once about twenty people had gathered, I challenged anyone to take the intelligence test. He got all of the questions I asked right, except one. I then asked him if he was a good person. With Pastor Steve beside me giving me advice for the two times I faltered, I was able to go through the law, Judgment Day, Hell, and the gospel with both him and the crowd. The only thing bad was that people started walking away when I mentioned Jesus. Other than that it was amazingly easy and fun. I had preached my first open-air sermon using the intelligence test and the WDJD method of witnessing. I’m sure many of fellow classmates could get on the soapbox like D.D. and I did. Was I afraid, nervous, and trying to avoid it? You betcha I was. Did I let that stop me? No. Did I have fun? Yes. Also, after the first minute, my fears had vanished.

  19. I drank some water and passed out more MDBs. Finally, a lady asked me what it was and I had a perfect situation to witness. I told her it was a phony million -dollar bill. I asked her the million-dollar question and went through the law, and Judgment Day. She claimed she would be innocent, so I tried to use the analogy of a courtroom. Most people usually follow along with the analogy of a courtroom with a just judge, but she was not like most people. She asked me whether it was God’s courtroom or man’s. I eventually had move away from the analogy to avoid an argument. I told her that she had admitted to me that she was a liar, blasphemer, etc. After about a minute she said that she would be guilty and go to hell except for her faith. She said that she had repented and trusted Jesus, but that it was “all faith,” and that we cannot know anything for sure. I responded that it is not all faith because it also matters what we have faith in. “It’s all faith,” she asserted. I tried to convince her that only faith in Jesus is a saving faith, not faith in our own faith. It’s not all faith because I sure Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus, and Atheists all have faith, but it is not a saving faith, “[F]or there is no other name, under heaven, given to men by which we must be saved,” (Acts 4:12b). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that far before she interrupted me with, “But it’s all faith.” I never found out what the object of her faith was, but it seemed like she had faith in the greatness of her faith instead of in the greatness of God’s mercy and grace. I also wanted to say that it’s not blind faith because there is evidence: the death and resurrection of Christ was a historical event that cannot reasonably be denied. Christianity is also not a blind faith, “For there are three that testify: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and the three are in agreement,” (1 John 5:7-8). Unfortunately, after I said there was evidence for the Christian faith, she again cut me off with, “It’s all faith.” We shook hands, she said that she was just trying to test me, and we left.
    I do not know whether she was a Christian or what she had faith in. I would appreciate any advice on what how to continue witnessing with someone who says, “It’s all faith,” doesn’t think we can know for sure anything that comes by faith, and doesn’t seem to care about the object of her faith.

  20. Towards the end of the outing, I decided walk up to about eight teenagers and witness to them. I handed them all MDBs and asked them the million-dollar question. A few made light of it. One guy said he would go to heaven and few others followed suit. I focused on him. This is the essence of what was said.
    Me: Are you a good person?
    Guy 1: Yes.
    Me: So do you think the Ten Commandments.
    Guy 1: You know, it’s great that you’re doing this especially at such a young age (he looked nineteen or early-twenties), but you know you should really look at other world religions.
    Guy 2: Yeah, you should really see what they say.
    Me: I have, but let’s get back to this: the ninth commandment: Have you ever told a lie?
    Guy 1: Yes.
    Me: What does that make you?
    Guy 1: A sinner.
    Me: If I lied to you what would you call me.
    Guy 1: A liar.
    Me: Have you ever stolen anything, even if its small?
    Guy 1: Yes.
    Me: What does that make you?
    Guy 1: A thief.
    Me: The third commandment: Have you ever misused God’s name.
    Guy 1: Oh, you mean like *bleep**bleep*.
    Girl: Or like stupid *bleep**bleep**bleep*.
    Me: That’s called blasphemy. It’s like you’re taking the name of the God who gave you life and this earth and using his name as a cuss word to express disgust. It’s very serious.
    Guy 1: Oh, okay.
    Me: Here’s the one that gets all of us guys. Jesus said that you’ve heard that you should not commit adultery, but I say to you whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Have you ever done that?
    Guy 1: Yeah.
    Me: So, by your own admission you are a liar, a blasphemer, and an adulterer-at-heart and you have to face God on Judgment Day. If, on Judgment Day, God judges you by the standard of the Ten Commandments would you be innocent or guilty.
    Guy 1: Yeah, but you know, you really should look at other world religions to see if they’re true. How do you that they aren’t true?
    Guy 2: Yeah, how do you that you’re way is the only correct way.
    Me: I have looked at other world religions and they all say that you can get to heaven by doing good works, but we’re all liars, thieves, blasphemers, and adulterers at heart. There is nothing good in us. So, on Judgment Day, will you be found to be innocent or guilty?
    Guy 1: Guilty
    Guy 3: Here’s what I don’t get. If there was someone who was perfectly moral: had never broken any of the Ten Commandments, but still did not accept Jesus, he would still go to Hell.
    Me: And they hadn’t broken any of the Ten Commandments.
    Guy 3: No, none.
    Me: Then he would go to heaven.
    (Note: All have sinned according to Romans 3:23 and if someone claims to be without sin he deceives himself, the truth is not in him and he makes God out to be a liar according to 1 John 1:8, 10. While the Bible says that no one shall be justified by observing the law, apart from Jesus Christ, there is no one righteous, not one.)
    Guy 4: So Hitler claimed to be a Christian. Would he be going to heaven?
    Me: No, he proved to be a hypocrite by murdering millions of Jews and others.
    Guy 2: Remember that time when we got saved, *laughs*.
    Guy 1: Oh yeah, the …
    They said something I didn’t catch and both burst into laughter.
    Me: The fifth commandment says, “do not murder.” But Jesus said that even if you someone you’re guilty of murder in your heart.
    Guy 3: Yeah, but, I don’t really think of it as murder.
    Me: So you see, God will even judge our thoughts. He will even judge us for every evil thought.
    Guy 3 left to join the conversation of the others.
    I addressed Guy 1.
    Me: So would you go to heaven or hell.
    Guy 1: Hell.
    Me: Does that concern you?
    Guy 1: No.
    Me: It should. The Bible calls it a lake of fire, a place of eternal torment, everlasting punishment where there worm does not die and there fire is not quenched.
    Guy 2 went a few feet away to talk with his buddies.
    Guy 1: I’ve heard that.
    Me: So does that concern you.
    Guy 1: Not really.
    I offered him my hand. Then I said, “Thank you for talking with me.” He took my hand said thank you. I held with a “firm” grip (I have a notoriously weak grip), and said, “Unless you repent, you too will perish. I don’t want you to perish and God does not want you to perish, but unless you repent, you too will perish.” I let go of his hand and walked away. He didn’t bring up any objections or get offended. The law had finally quieted him and humbled him. Hallelujah, for God gives grace to the humble. I walked towards the rest of the group, handed out some tracts, listened to the end of an open-air sermon, handed out some more tracts. We walked towards the parking lot, since it was almost time to go and handed out more tracts on the way. Then, I went to church and heard Pastor Jeff Lewis speak about glorifying God. One way is through serving him. He said that Friday night, he hadn’t felt like preaching but he did and enjoyed it. I hadn’t felt like open-air preaching that day and I didn’t really feel like sharing my faith one-to-one at times that day. At times I was afraid to hand out gospel tracts to certain people. But I did all this anyway, had fun, and was used by God to plant seeds. Before the class, I wasn’t even passing out tracts at all regularly.

  21. I was with my mom last friday and she was in a conversation with three teens and a grown man (also a christian). One of the teens asked something about the ten commandments, so she had me tell them the ten commandments. I also used the hand movements that I learned from the class and the teens were surprised that I new them.

  22. I went to the Redondo Pier for Hour of Power. As I was giving out million-dollar-bills, one person asked me what it was about. I asked her the million-dollar-question, and she said she would go to heaven because she was a good person. She refused to admit that telling “white” lies could make her a liar, but she did admit to breaking the Third Commandment. She finally realized that she was guilty and would go to Hell. I told her to repent and trust in Jesus, and she was so concerned that she asked me how to do this. So I told her to pray, confess her sin to God, and to believe that Jesus died for her sin and rose again. I was encouraged by her response, and I pray that she is now a Christian.

  23. I stuffed some million dollar bills (the new ones) in my back pocket as I headed out of the door of my house. I figured It would catch some people as I done it before.

    We drove to SAM’s club to buy groceries. When I was in the line to get some lunch for Anna and the boys, I secretly caused the millions to shuffle out a tad more out of my left back pocket. I was afraid, yes, but I was hoping to catch some “fish” – so I wanted them to be visible a bit.

    As I stood there thinking of handing out the tracts to everyone in line, but was afraid to, it seems God heard my thoughts, because when I went back to our seat with the food, a young woman came over and said “Excuse me, sir, you may want to hide that $100 bill more carefully, it’s hanging out and someone may steal it.”

    That was from God!! I couldn’t refuse or be scared now.

    So I pulled it out of my pocket and offered it to her, saying, “Oh thank you, hey, here you go, its really for you” But she just giggled and blushed and quickly went back to the line with her friend.

    I went over to get straws then, and took the whole stash of millions and gave one of them to her right when she was paying for her food and said “No, really, this is for you, have fun! it’s a Gospel Tract.”

    Then I turned around and gave one to everyone in line, and seated nearby.

    When that young woman and her friend went by us, she called out “Thank you!”

    God turned my fear to joy!


    May this encourage you,

    God Bless,

    p.s. I was always worried that the new millions weren’t going to look as good as the old ones – I don’t think I have to fear that now.

  24. I have been taking the Wednesday night evangelism class. Half way through Steve surprises the class with a trip to the Galleria to hand out million dollar bills. Now I’m one of those people who are terrified to hand out those bills. While I’m starting to get nervous, Pastor Steve’s is giving us instructions to avoid the security guards who are notorious for walking out previous evangelists. So later on in the night I’m still having trouble giving out my 15 million dollar bills!!!, but there are no security guards to be seen. Hallelujah. Pastor Steve invites a couple of us to enter the elevator to hear him do a 26 minute evangelist speech while we pass out the bills. But before we go in I try to give this one guy a million dollar bill. He just wouldn’t take it so I held it in front of him alittle longer. Finally he took it. I told him to read the back. However, he went into the other elevator, Shoot!!
    So fast forward to Pastor Steve’s sermon two weeks ago “Sinners in the hands of an angry God”. I went to the 10:45am service. At the end a large group of people start coming up. I notice this one guy. It can’t be. It is! It’s the guy from Wednesday night. The Lord brought him to Hope Chapel!. I was so excited. I started telling everyone what had happened. The Lord is good.

  25. Last Friday, I went to the Redondo Beach Pier. I talked with a muslim and his five children after giving them million-dollar bills. After he found out I was a Christian, he started quizzing me on who I thought Jesus was. I was able to go through the ninth, eighth, third, seventh, and sixth commandments. He claimed never to have lied (one of his sons said he had), blasphemed, lusted, or hated. He said he had probably stolen something like a paper clip, but did not admit that he was a thief. He was also trying to witness to me and asking how many times a day I prayed and telling me that Jesus could not die because the Quran says that God could not let that happen. I finally got to Judgment Day, which Muslims believe in. However, this man thought that everyone will read their own books containing a record of their own life in Arabic. I ended with a courtroom analogy. The just and holy Judge God cannot let lawbreakers go free. He will judge us for all our evil thoughts and secret sins. We cannot save ourselves with hundreds of prayers and many days of fasting, because its never enough. That is why Jesus had to take our punishment. I thanked him for talking with me and then left him with his “silent preachers.”

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