What’s Your E-vangie Tale #20 & Evangelizing W/Ray Comfort


Boldly and without hindrance [Paul] preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 28:31). If you are doing the same, submit your E-vangie Tales here!

On Friday we will evangelize for one hour at the Hermosa Pier starting at 4:30.
On Saturday we will head to Huntington Beach to evangelize with Ray Comfort. Click here for all the details.

Read about a past adventure with Ray here.


  1. These are from Carol Nicholson:

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 12:06 pm e
    Gave million dollar tracts in a furniture store to cashier, and the clerks. They were all elated, and thanked me. The size of their smiles decreases, as they started reading the back of it, and I warned about the need for repentance. I left praying it would make an influence in their lives.

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 12:06 pm e
    Gave million dollar tracts in a furniture store to cashier, and the clerks. They were all elated, and thanked me. The size of their smiles decreases, as they started reading the back of it, and I warned about the need for repentance. I left praying it would make an influence in their lives.

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 12:06 pm e
    Gave million dollar tracts in a furniture store to cashier, and the clerks. They were all elated, and thanked me. The size of their smiles decreases, as they started reading the back of it, and I warned about the need for repentance. I left praying it would make an influence in their lives.

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 12:10 pm e
    I gave million dollar tracts to cashier in a restaurant. Also gave to a couple seated next to me. They were excited. The woman immediately read the entire message out loud. I told her to be sure to take it seriously, and obey it. She said “Thank you”.

  2. Carol Nicholson Says:

    August 9th, 2007 at 5:15 pm e
    I had to go to DMV to renew my liscense. The place was full, and had long lines. I thought, I’ve been praying for boldness. This is a good time and place to practice some public speaking. I passed out million dollar tracts to each person there, then started talking loudly to everyone. I said that if everyone is honest with themselves, they will have to admit that they have not kept God’s commandments. I told them the information on the back of the bill is far more important than the face value of it. I said that Jesus will come back, and destroy all sinners who have not repented of their sins, and obey Him. I told them, no one is promised tomorrow, and if they die without having repented, they will wind up in hell. One lady in line was nodding her head in agreement. I told them the sooner they repent, and start doing the instructions on the back of the bill, the better off they wiil be. No one gave me any flack, so that was encouraging.

  3. Saturday; placed 147 packets on doors in Plymouth, MN with my daughters. Workdays; visitors to my cube see the million dollar tracts. A few even take them.

  4. Great job, Carol!

    Door to door scares me, Robert! For the Kingdom!!!

  5. 7/28 2:00 PM – My family and I go to the crosswalks over the main drag here that lead to and from the pier. As the people (literally hundreds) come in, we hand them to as many as we can. Most of the people are taking them, very few are not. I’m giving away about 20 a minute; about half are turning them over and reading them!

    7/28 2:05 PM – Both my daughters are handing out the Mill Bills in front of me now. I am right behind them and handing more out as well. It is a great feeling that my daughters are following in my footsteps in this way.

    7/28 2:10 PM – I try the $Million Question for the first time here to a young man as I hand him a Mill Bill. He is responsive at first, but he has a cell phone to his ear. When I am halfway through the WDJD method, he says he has to go, acting as though he has to attend the phone call. Cell phones, the bane of Evangelist!

    7/28 2:20 PM – While I was passing out more Mill Bills I greeted Ray Comfort and pointed to my daughter. My daughter at the time was using the WDJD method on a young lady and the lady turned to Ray and me and stated the words, “Very good!” Ray and I both grinned and Ray gave thumbs up to me; I was elated!

    7/28 2:25 PM – I pass out a Mill bill to a young man and then try to an older gentleman holding hands with what looked to be about an 8 year old girl, probably his daughter. The gentleman refused the Mill Bill as he seemed to tug his daughter away from me, though the daughter seemed interested in what I was handing out. I couldn’t help but think that the man was unaware that he was dragging his daughter off into unbelief and into the unfathomable horror. Hopefully the little girl will have another chance.

    7/28 2:30 – I am passing out Mill Bills when I realize that the people I am handing them to are a lot like I was and I feel a deep empathy for them. Though I was enjoying the experience, I realize that this is not about having a good time. People often mistake “reality” as what these people are going through, but I realize that it is we Christians that hold the true reality; as the WDJD method speaks so clearly about.

    7/28 2:40 PM – I give a young man a Mill Bill and begin the WDJD method with him. He is attentive and concern is in his face when I get to the part of the Ten Commandments. I realize that for the first time that I am getting through with someone with this method; it is an exhilarating feeling!

    7/28 2:45 PM – As I am talking to the young man, I put my hand out with Mill Bills in it and people are taking them. Another Christian (or at least I think he is one) joins in the conversation, this turns out to be a mistake as the other Christian goes off in a tangent from what I am talking to the young man about. Sometimes good intensions can be a hindrance to the Word and people don’t even know it.

    7/28 2:50 – People are still taking Mill Bills out of my hand as the other Christian leaves the conversation I am having with the young man. I go through the rest of the WDJD method with him but at the end he still does not come to faith in Jesus and repentance. Still, I could tell by the expression on his face a seed has been planted.

    7/28 3:20 – I handed a Mill Bill to one of the hardest prospects to evangelize to, an elderly white gentleman who looked like he had everything going for him. I began the WDJD method with him, but he was an evolutionist and wanted to discuss “Link,” the Ape dummy that Ray Comfort has along side of him when he preaches. He tried to get me off track and was successful at one point; but I persevered and went through the whole method with him. When he departed I could see in his face that God had used me to make an impact in him; we will see.

    7/28 3:45 – I am handing out the last of my Mill Bills at Huntington Beach under the pier, my daughter Celina is still persevering too. She hands 3 to 1 boy and 2 girls; and then begins to tell them about the Ten Commandments! She almost makes it all the way through with them, but they leave on her. Still, it’s a wonderful way to end the day.

    8/8 7:30 – Steve Sanchez takes the class to the South Bay Mall; surprise surprise! We begin handing Mill Bills out inside on the first floor, my family and I stay together. This turns out to be a good strategy as my daughters give to the young, my wife gives to ladies, and I give to men. The family that Evangelizes together stays together.

    8/8 8:30 – My family and I are passing out Mill Bills in the elevator with Steve Sanchez. As we pass the Mill Bills out, Steve shows us how to do the WDJD method in the time it takes to go up or down to the next floor. This is quite impressive and I am moved to do it myself, but did not get to this time.

    8/8 8:55 – My family and I pass out our last Mill Bills as we head to the 3rd floor to meet everyone else in the class. When we get there we notice that everyone has not arrived yet. My wife tells me that this is a good time to leave Mill Bills at the tables of people sitting there. We passed out quite a few in a short time, and I noticed quite a few people reading them.

  6. 8/11 1:30 PM – My family and I and 3 others have joined in a van and arrive in Huntington Beach near the Huntington Beach pier. We all pile out of the van upon arriving at a restaurant and a valet takes our van. The Beach is not as crowded as it was last week, about a 10th of what it was; that’s still a lot of people though. I hand out my first Mill Bill to a person from the 2 dozen or so crossing the crosswalk over the main drag to the pier.

    8/11 1:35 PM – The weather is not too hot but the sun is beating down. “I’m going to get a bit of a burn,” I thought to myself as I had forgotten sun screen. Ray Comfort was there, he was just setting up for his “Soap Box Preaching.” Actually, he has a tool box he stands on. I hand out a few more Mill Bills to passer by’s.

    8/11 1:40 – My wife and two girls are near by already handing out quite a few Mill Bills near the crosswalk. There are actually 2 crosswalks; my wife and Celina (my oldest) take one crosswalk, Makayla and I take the crosswalk closer to where Ray Comfort is setting up. We pass out a few dozen more Mill Bills before Ray is through setting up.

    8/11 1:45 – Steve Sanchez, our noble leader, joins us and gives us instructions on what we should and should not do when Ray Comfort speaks. He reminds me that if I have my book that Ray wrote that I should get them autographed by him. Another passer by comes by and I hand him a Mill Bill.

    8/11 1:50 – I call my wife over and she informs me that we have books by Ray in her back pack. I look into the back pack and pull out 2 copies of “The Way of the Master” written by Ray. About the same time, another passerby, and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 1:55 – I approach Ray Comfort and ask for his autograph in the 2 copies. I ask him to make one out to Celina and the other to my youngest, Makayla and he obliges. Another person passes by and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 2:00 – Steve Sanchez wants to take a picture of all of us with Ray, all that made the outing from his class. We take a little while to set up as Steve gets his picture. Some of us kneel in front of Ray, and he quips, “Hey, now I feel taller than someone!” We all get a chuckle out of this; Ray is only about 5’ 5”. After the pictures have been taken, another person passes by and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 2:05 – Ray starts his preaching while I pass out Mill Bills to people who keep on walking past. I and others in our group stop passing out Mill Bills to gather around Ray so as to make the crowd bigger. After people are attracted to the big gathering and Ray’s message, some of our group go out and away again and pass out more Mill Bills.

    8/11 2:2:15– Ray does a good job of attracting doubters and debating them. The fact that there is controversy seems to attract even more people. There are two gentlemen who really try to take on Ray, but though they may not change there minds, people around that are listening seem, at least by there expressions, to agree with Ray. Another person passes by and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 2:20 – Steve pulls me to the side and lets me know that as soon as Ray is finished debating a gentleman now in front of him, he wants me to go across the street and try “Soap Box Preaching (SBP)” myself! You know that feeling you get when you hear something that makes your whole spine tingle? Another person passes by and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 2:40 – Steve was concerned about being heard from across the street (he didn’t want to disrupt Ray) so he had me stay until he tried SBP one time to see if I could hear him. I saw him stand up on a crate by the stop light across the street and his mouth was moving, but I could not here a sound (unusual, I know). Another person passes by and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 2:45 – What seemed like an eternity had finally come. Steve and I, and a few others from our group, where handing out Mill Bills by the stop light. Steve informed me that I would receive 15 points for doing SBP 3 times.

    8/11 2:47 – I asked if I could get 5 points for each time I went up on the box and preached after the first 3 times, but he wouldn’t go for it (worth a try). Steve showed us how we could do a 20 second sermon before the light turned green and all the people left. Another person passes by and I pass out another Mill Bill.

    8/11 2:50 – I passed out one more Mill Bill when Steve turned to me and said, “Your turn.” It seemed a bit surreal as I climbed up the box. The light was red, but not for long; I was halfway through when the light turned green and all the people were going away. When I came down I was told not to wear my sunglasses, its better to let people see you soul through your eyes (good point).

    8/11 2:55 – The first time actually gave me more determination for the next try. I passed out more Mill Bills until I could get my next try at SBP. God has given me a loud voice and this was the perfect opportunity to let God use it.

    8/11 3:00 – The second time went smoother and people seemed to actually be paying attention. I went through the whole Ray Comfort WDJD method before the light turned green! People listening were either ignoring me or mocking me, but some did encourage me (God bless America!). When I came off the crate, I passed out some more Mill Bills.

    8/11 3:10 – I learned from my mistakes, like keeping my sunglasses on, get verses from the Bible right (amazing how you can get them wrong under a little stress), don’t lean on the stop light pole, etc. It’s like what Steve talks about, “Go out and make mistakes,” but go out! It was getting easier and easier now. In between coming off and going on I passed out more Mill Bills.

    8/11 3:20 – Steve had to go back across the street and said he would be back. I was on a roll and went up on the box a few more times while he was gone. When I came off, I passed out more Mill Bills.

    8/11 3:45 – Steve had come back as I was passing out more Mill Bills. I let him know that I needed to go back to where my family was and touch base. In total, I was up SBP 10 times. It was a good feeling letting myself being used by the Lord for His good purpose.

    8/11 3:50 – I gathered with my family and passed out a few more Mill Bills with them. I asked if they could see me from across the street; both my daughters said they could hear me as well as see me. We began to see others from our group gathering as it was almost time to go home.

    8/11 4:00 – Our driver, Craig, paid the valet a tip and intern returned our van just ahead of Steve’s group who was being driven by another Richard. It was a bit of a contest all the way to Hope Chapel to see who could get there first; without breaking any traffic rules of course. Both vans stopped for gas where I passed out one last Mill Bill. We took off just before Steve’s group and were first at Hope. On all counts we all did what 1 Corinthians states; nothing like running the race as to win, and winning it!

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