What’s Your E-vangie Tale? #7


What happened to you as you shared about the fact that God poured out all the wrath that we deserved on Jesus, when He hung Him on a cross to die for our sins?

And how much have you suffered for your evangelistic zeal?


  1. Last night I drove home from class. Chatted on the phone with my husband, who was at work. Nearly got home and thought about Steve’s comment to stop at 7-11 and give someone a million dollar bill. No convenience stores were around. I looked at other people in their cars with windows closed tight. Would someone roll down their window for a lady waving money around? Would someone even look my way? Then I remembered the gate guard I’d have to pass by to get to my home. Aha, a friendly face! I pulled up, got out of the car and said, “Hey Chris, has anyone ever given you a million dollars?” While he processed that thought, I handed it over and said, “I just had to share it with you.” He thanked me and started reading it as I got back in my car and drove home. I will see him again…

  2. Great job, Cyndee!

    That;s one point!

  3. Went to my first H.O.P. and handed out a hefty stack of bills. At first I never imagined we’d pass out so many! But it was easy. I’ve given them out previously here and there to grocery store cashiers and the like when dealing with paying for something, but this was really different! It’s good to see the team in action LIVE. Watching the videos I had some reservations as I wondered what happened off camera. But in “real life,” it’s the same thing. Very cool. I enjoyed being with the team.

  4. It’s Friday – the day after our first class. This is my opportunity to begin the process by handing out my first million gospel tract. My first thought is be in the word before going out the door. And the Inspirational notes for today’s reading is on character. In the Greek there were four cardinal virtues – four things you should never leave home without: discernment, courage, temperance and justice. The Application for the day: Which of these virtues do you most want to develop? Commit yourself during the next month to develop that virtue. Think about ways to develop virtue in your life.

    Hmm, which one would I choose? COURAGE screamed out at me through the text. Hmm, what ways to develop this virtue in my life? SHARING MY FAITH WITHOUT FEAR. Now how’s that for confirmation! And knowing character is what we truly are when no one’s around, compared with what we seem to be to others, I knew my opportunities to be faithful in handing out at least one gospel tract a day for the next week would require character and courage.

    So, I went out the door hoping to meet someone in the hall of the condo complex where I live. But there was no one there. No one got on the elevator with me as I went to the car. So I parked the car in the garage at the office building where I work. There were people at the far end from where I parked. I walked to the elevator to go to my floor and lo and behold a man with a bluetooth got on the elevator. Here was my chance if he’d just get off the phone! And lo and behold he did and I started conversation. And before he got off the elevator I gave him the million dollar bill, wished him a good day and heard him chuckle as he walked away.

    But, Monday’s another day, and who knows who will get on the elevator then.

  5. It’s Saturday and I’m wondering where I’m going to have the chance to give out today’s million dollar bill. I’ll be in the Women’s Believe event all day and not sure if I’ll have the chance to share with anyone there.

    Today’s reading talks about serving others. The key is the personal relationship with Christ. The focus must not be on serving others or on being served. The focus must be on Jesus, on becoming so absorbed in the relationship with Him that every other thing is a response to our relationship.

    Armed with that reminder and verses on Steadfastness, I walk out the door. And before I get to the last door leading to the elevator, I hear someone coming behind me. I hold the elevator and have my chance. I hand this young Mom a million dollar tract and as she exits the elevator I’m able to wish her a happy Easter.

    Another day, another dollar, another elevator! I think we might be starting a trend here.

  6. Happy Easter! On my way home from spending the day with my family (who are Christians) and wondering who I can give the MDB to. I only want to go home, but pull in to the CVS near my house. I need those small round furniture felt pads and figure they won’t have them, but there will be people there. Parking lot was virtually empty, which is so bizarre. Then I realized some of the stores were closed for Easter. I gave out a MDB to a customer inside CVS, found the felt pads and paid for them, giving a few MDBs to the cashier too, telling her to give them to the other cashiers. Found another taker outside the store too.

  7. Well, it’s been over a year that I have been on the J Team. And it’s been quite a run. I thank God for Hope Chapel. I give thanks to God for Pastor Steve, who made it a commitment to witness to one person everyday. I thank brother Silva for inviting Ray Comfort to the Sunday night service, where Pastor Steve found the biblical method of evangelism and began teaching it. And I thank God for my brothers and sisters that have given of themselves and have gone out to plant seeds. For my part, I’m so amazed that God would use me with all my weaknesses and imperfections to proclaim the good news. The J Team went to Redondo Beach Pier and there was no one that went away from the day without a testimony. Using the law, I was able to lead a women to make a profession for Christ. We gave her a Hope Chapel Bible (she didn’t have one) and encouraged her to come to our church. She was only the second person that I have had the honor of leading to Christ since the time I’ve been on the team!

  8. My latest (Saturday) was a nice cool (30 degrees here in MN) walk through some wonderful neighborhoods with my daughters distributing literature for my church. Suffering? Apart from a bit of windburn, not exactly…

  9. I am a little late in putting up this post, but as we all know this was a very busy weekend for the Worship team, with Easter & The Believe Event, and also The Strangers did a little concert as well. So I am going back to last Friday, the day after the first class. I do pick up & delivery in my van, so I get to meet total strangers every day on loading docks and in the warehouses. Shipping & receiving guys mostly. I used the Sanchez method of passing out the MDB’s – “Happy Easter, here is a fake million dollar bill for you”, and then after they smile and I return the smile, I get in my van & take off. I had to laugh at one of the deliveries; three businesses share the same warehouse, none of them have signs up saying who they are, of course I pick the wrong business to deliver to. That’s OK!! He sure had a big smile on his face as he directed me to the right door to drop off my box! Then I got to pass out more at the correct delivery! Hey, this is pretty easy… 🙂

  10. Today at lunch time, I went to cafe near work. Two co-workers are there waiting for their food. Place my order, pay, get change and tell the cashier, “You work so hard, I think you need a raise,” and give him the MDB. He laughs and says, “Wow, can I keep it?” Sure thing bro.

    I have a seat to wait for my sandwich, and two guys next to me are talking about a 1942 penny one is holding in his hand. They keep talking about it! So I took a 10CP over to each of them, saying, “I notice you’re talking about that penny. Check this one out!” They take it and are SOOO amazed. “What is it?” I tell them it’s the 10 commandments. They are cracking up, reading it and absolutely thrilled, thanking me 2 or 3 times.

    Meanwhile, one co-worker notices the commotion and comes over to me and asks what the guys are so excited about. I dug another one out of my purse for him with the comment, “I can’t read this but I know you can.” (He uses ultra small font on his computer and I use reading glasses!) He says it’s the 10 Commandments and asks where I got it. “A friend from church,” and that pretty much ended the topic … for now.

    Steve — except for the guy from work, the other 3 are Asian. 🙂

  11. After work I got on the elevator and when I got off, one of the office cleaning crew was emptying a large trash can. I went to her and said, “You are working so hard, I think you deserve a raise,” handing a MDB at the same time. She stopped, took it, started looking at it, smiled and thanked me very much. Have a great night!

  12. Went to a new place for lunch today, about a 3 block walk. On the way, handed out MDBs to two people, then the cashier at the restaurant, and a patron eating lunch. Today people asked, “Where did you get this?” They were very quizzical, wondering if it was legal it seems. Had my eye out for opportunities on the drive home but nothing came up.

  13. I think I’m working MDBs and 10CPs into my daily routine. Needed shampoo so went to a beauty supply store. Milled through the whole place, the older gentleman at the cashier stand finally wonders if he needs to help me find something. “Oh no, I’m good. I’ve decided I’ll take this.” “You get a 20% discount on anything you buy,” he says. Wow, he likes me. At the register the total ends with .17. “I’ve got the change,” which gives me time to fish out the 10CPs. I gave him one and he couldn’t read it so he asked what it was. When I told him, his eyes kinda lit up. “Are you Jewish?” he asks. “No,” I responded and gave him the “real change.” Retail transaction completed but I didn’t have everything else ready in my mind. I think I will need more supplies soon — and the spiritual transaction that goes with it.

  14. Yesterday I went to a different Radio Shack, still looking for that thing-a-ma-jig. An employee helped me find it, then rang up my purchase. I asked him, “Do you have change for a million?” and handed him the bill. He laughed loud and hard, and before I left had thanked me a couple of times. Then went over to the CVS to get a card and gave that cashier “a raise.” He also got a big kick out of it!

  15. At Target yesterday I got in line behind a patron who needed extra assistance. Price check, manager called over, etc. So I said to an older woman behind me, “I think we managed to find the slowest line.” “We sure did, she agreed.” “Well, here’s a million dollars to make it worth the wait,” and I gave her the MDB. As she looked at it, she started to chuckle then hand it back to me. When I told her she could keep it, she tucked it in her purse and said, “I’ll give it to my daughter.” I was next up in line and after I paid, I gave the MDB to the cashier and said, “Here’s a tip.” He grinned and the lady behind me said, “Well, at least you got him to smile.”

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