What’s Your E-vangie Tale #17 & this Weekend’s Evangelism Schedule


Have you been harassed, harangued, hit or hanged for evangelizing yet?
If not, write your tale here. If so, write it here, too.

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  1. At the end of my piano lessons i gave my piano teacher a million dollar bill.He said,”they put Grover Cleveland on the millin dollar bill.”I told him he could go on vacation now he laughed and said he was going to retire instead. He put it in his pocket and smiled said thank you and left.

  2. This is from Ed Lee:

    This is the bit you asked me to write you on our encounter with the “Lucy” character in the restaurant in Hollywood.

    As “Lucy” sat down next to me, I handed her a big money $100 bill tract. She smiled and said “thank you, thats the biggest tip I’ve ever gotten. Then I handed her a million dollar bill tract and asked her the million dollar question. Her answer was “heaven” and that she was a good person. After taking her through a few of the ten commandments, and giving her the results of her answers, the smile faded and was replaced with a look of condecending distain. She said she didnt believe good was going to judge us by the ten commandments, and in fact, she didnt believe in a day of judgement at all!! How convenient!! I pressed on “If” there was a day of judgement, and “If” God judged her life by the standard of the ten commandments, would she be innocent or guilty? She replied that she would not answer the question because she knew where her answer to the “If” questions would lead her, and she didnt want to go there.

    She proclaimed her views on God as the typical “new age” views of all roads lead to heaven, God’s love is in everyone, and that her pastor tries to “spice” things up by staying away from the “boring and tedious” Bible and espousing love and harmony and goodness in everyone.

    I listened politely to her views, then promptly returned to the word of God. I warned her that judgement and hell were in fact real, and declared in the Bible. I asked her if she was truly interested in the truth, and her reply was she wished someone had taught me not to bother strangers, and then got up an walked out!

  3. I gave two to my totally awesome parents and found out that my mom is a universalist (wow, didn’t know that!) and that my father refused to believe he was going to hell because he is a good person. I tried to explain that the Bible says there is no such thing as a “good person,” and that even a little lie or evil thought is offensive to God, but my Dad dismissed the seriousness of sin.

    My mom loves to debate so we went at it for a while, talking about the different religions and discussing about the impossibility of all roads leading to God when people worships other gods.

    The good news was that the talk upset my Dad, he was not indifferent and now my parents are without excuse. They’ll come around, I have faith.

  4. 7/20 5:05 PM – “Hour of Power” at the Del Amo Mall! My family, Steve Sanchez, and a few ladies were with us as we headed in, I stayed with Steve and the ladies went ahead. Steve stated he wanted to show me how to do the Million Dollar question and about the first lady he met he asked her. I stayed a little while and then started into the Mall. I should have gone ahead of the ladies because as I was going in after all the people I was meeting already had Mill Bills from the Ladies. Finally, I did encounter a person that had not been given a Mill Bill and gave one to her, off we go!

  5. 7/20 5:10 PM – Steve and I met up with another gentleman from our church by the name of Bernhard (the Ten Commandments into men’s harts? Sorry couldn’t help myself!). He talked mostly to Steve so I saw a greater opportunity to pass out Mill Bills. We were getting closer to the middle of the outside part of the Mall.

  6. 7/20 5:15 PM – Steve and I walked a little together and talked some more. As we were talking and passing out Mill Bills, he told me to watch out for “Bogies,” or Security and to meet at Chick Fillet,” a fast food place, @ 6:00. We got to the middle outside section on the second level and Steve began asking some teens the $Million question.

  7. 7/20 5:20 PM – As I was passing out Mill Bills I saw a “Bogie.” I warned Steve but I don’t know if he heard me. Steve kept on talking as though, and he had several listeners. Unfortunately, the “Bogie” was getting closer.

  8. 7/20 5:25 PM – Steve was in what looked like a good conversation with the “Bogie (boy, was I wrong),” and Bernhard was gone, I didn’t know where he had went to at the time. I was still passing out Mill Bills and was about halfway through the bundle I had started with. I looked around a curve in the upper floor and saw Bernard starting a conversation of his own with some teenagers.

  9. 7/20 5:30 PM – I was passing out more Mill Bills when I turned around to see if Steve was still around but he was gone. I thought to myself that he must have been talking to him about the $Million Question and they just went the other way. When I met up with Bernhard, he had a different story though; Steve had been escorted of the Mall premises! OOPS!

  10. 7/20 5:35 – Bernhard told me that Steve wanted everybody to meet in the Parking lot @ 6:00 at the van we came in. I told Bernhard that I would tell the others if I saw them, and then we began passing out some more Mills. Bernard came across some other teens and began to talk to them and asked them the $Million question. I’m getting closer to asking the $Million question, I know I will soon go out and make mistakes!

  11. 7/20 5:40 PM – Saw a “Bogie” coming close to Bernhard and I warned him while I past out a couple more Mill Bills. Then the “Bogie” did a peculiar thing, he stopped what he was doing and just watched Bernhard do God’s work! He was close enough to hear the conversation and see the Mill Bill on Bernhard, but he just stood, watched, and listened.

  12. 7/20 5:45 PM – I began to go my own way and went to the entrance of the movie theater there. As I approached, there was a long line of people waiting for the movie. I thought “what an opportunity!” and began passing out all the rest of my Mill Bills, boom, boom, boom, and boom! They were all gone in a matter of minutes to about a 50 people. Since I was all out, I met my family and the rest of the ladies at Chick Fillet, ate, and went to the van with them where Steve told us the story of what happened. I’ll let Steve tell the story, and it is a good one!

  13. 7/21 8:20 AM – Passed out a Mill Bill to the lady proprietor at the neighborhood donut shop. She is a Korean lady from Korea and she likes her money handed to her (it is customary to hand money in there hand and it is impolite to put it on the counter for lone to reach for). She seemed surprised and thankful when she saw it.

  14. 7/22 2:30 PM – The family and I went to Baskin Robin for an ice cream, we had some coupons. As I was leaving I decided to hand out a couple of Mill Bills to the 2 ladies that worked there, they got a thrill over them and said thank you. While I was leaving, there was an elderly lady sitting alone, so I laid a Mill Bill on her table in front of her. It was a little funny, she just stared at it. I went back to the truck where my faily was waiting and we went home.

  15. 7/23 10:30 AM(ish) – Passed out another Mill Bill to a customer here at work. He really got a kick out of it and wanted more. I gave him 2 or 3 more and stated they were from my church, I also told him to read the back People at my work are pretty receptive, though I don’t know how saved.

  16. 7/24 1:30 PM – Passed out 3 more Mill Bills to another customer. He seemed a little greedy, but the word does not come back void. He began to read them after I told him about the question in the back, we will see.

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