What’s Your E-vangie Tale #12


Everyone has broken God’s 10 Commandments. Everyone will be guilty on Judgment Day. All will end up in Hell to pay for their sins of lying, thieving, blasphemy etc.
null Shouldn’t someone tell them how to be saved through Jesus Christ by repenting and trusting in Him? If you did tell someone, comment here!


  1. This is another one from our our Cyndee, who recently graduated from our evangelism class. She was the top of the class!

    “Before class I went to a gift shop to get something for Mother’s Day. The clerks were very helpful and I gave them each a million dollar bill. But it didn’t even faze them. Could they have already received them from others from our church? They were very indifferent and uninterested.”

  2. Can I ask a hypothetical question here (which may not be so hypothetical)?

    Do you think that it is possible that people might be getting turned off by a bunch of people handing out the same tract over and over again?

    Let’s just say what you suppose is true… that many people have come (or at other places) and these people have been handed tracts before and/or have had Christians give them the same 10 commandments gospel presentation…

    Does this turn people off from responding to the gospel? or make their hearts harder towards the Lord, when maybe they perceive that they are just a ‘number’ in an assembly line of evangelism?

    I’m just theorizing here (there is def. more swimming in my mind in this area…)…

    Obviously some people are just not going to respond (good or bad), but I’m concerned about the “single approach” to evangelism…

    more later…

  3. Of course that is possible… but I’d rather err on the side of preaching too much Gospel than to stay where we are currently–as a weak, ineffective, disobedient (when it comes to sharing our faith), Western church.

    And if it’s only one method, great! It will help counteract all that “Jesus Loves You!” message that the church has propagated the last 30 years.

    Thanks, Doug!

  4. Howdy, all you e-v talers…Brother Val and Brother Craig and Brother Bob and Brother Gabriel and some of us went to do battle at the 3rd Street Promenade on Sat. May 12, 2007. It was a tough (and I want to say arrogant) bunch. I rate it about a 7-8. So, we came up with a strategy whereby we would give a gospel presentation to folks waiting to cross the street. You may have heard of the one floor elevator sermon, patented and put-forth by our own Pastor Steve. Our approach was similar in that we had a captive audience for all of about 30 seconds. That’s how long it took before the light turned green. It was real cool…The crowd of folks varied each time from about 30 to as many as a 100, every minute or so. We would preach the 9th & 8th Commandments and Jesus crucified, repentance and trust in Jesus. It was kind of tricky as to know when to begin preaching because of the numbers of people waiting to cross would vary in size and the light would changed when we weren’t ready to finish preaching. Anyway we did our best to put forth the message. You all should have been there to see it. We preached to the folks waiting to cross and then we preached to the folks crossing from the other side…Real cool. One of the brothers got a little too loud in his preaching and a Santa Monica Officer warned him to lower his voice or a citation would follow. So, we took up another location and there the Officers said not to worry how loud we got so we went for it. So, we witness to many folks and encouraged others by our preaching and passed out many tracts thanks to Brother Bob’s and Brother Craig’s steady hands. As we were getting ready to leave we met up with a television crew from LiveLA. They were seeking to interview folks, so we signed the release form and were interviewed. It’s a Latino station (I think its channel 37) they interview us and we were able to turn questions concerning fashion and slang words into words carrying biblical warnings…Real cool. They said it would be broadcast this Thursday. We all enjoyed the fellowship to and from the event and the real words encouragement from Brother Gabriel. So we chalk up the experience to do something…and making mistakes. What do you think??

  5. The show will be on sometime 4:00 and 5:30 pm today [thursday] on “LA TV, ch 37” We were boisterous for Jesus. That day was awsome Steve! We shouted the gospel over a mass of humanity, and the crowd kept changing with every stop light. Funny thing is, the cop that was going to give loud mouth Righteous Richard a ticket said the reason was because we were too loud, but there was a guy playing the fiddle through an amplifier accross the street louder than us. And other singing performers as well with amplification; but us… just raising our voice over a crowd and we get threatened with a fine.

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