1. It’s Saturday night. I’m standing on an open air stool on a mega church youth campus. There are hundreds of kids walking around and skateboarding. This is a skate park that can be set up or taken down. This is the night when every kid from every bad neighborhood comes. Bathrooms get tagged by graffiti. Gangs meet. More than likely illegal substances are bought and sold. The kids come, skate (or destroy private property), drink free cola or eat hot dogs and leave. No gospel from the church, no inviting the kids to Wednesday nights, and no sign-ins. Two security guards (one of whom is 60 years old), watch the huge campus. I went there for four weeks, I stopped going after the fourth week out of respect for my parents who didn’t want me to go there anymore.

    I start going through the good person test with four teenagers, punks is what they’d be called. Tattoos and earrings galore. After I go through three of the Ten Commandments. One of them moons me and runs away. I almost laugh, stunned at how ridiculous what had just happened.

    Christian, aren’t those the kind of experiences you want to take with you to Heaven?

    So, next time you’re preaching the gospel, watch out for moon and runs.

    They might be called sheep gone astray, but I call them chickens.

    Logan Paschke

  2. I’m not sure, if this story has already been posted here, if it has, take this down, thanks…


  3. Doesn’t Psalm 121 say that “the moon” will not harm you by night? ;>)

    Good story, Logan; that’s a keeper.

  4. Solid meetings all day at work today. No time to walk outside for a breather. Thinking about the MDB a day challenge, I decided to get groceries tonight instead of tomorrow (Saturday, the normal grocery day). Got what I needed and in the check out line when I realized, uh oh, this is the end of the road. The checker is the last person I’ll see today before getting home. A few minutes later, I heard someone get in line behind me with bit of a whistle. Turned to see two young guys, with just two items. “Thanks, Lord,” is what I thought, but said to them,”Is that all you’ve got? You can get in front of me — as long as you take a million dollar bill. Here’s one for each of you.” I can see they think I’m weird, but take the bill anyway and get in front of me in line. “Be sure to read it,” were my last words.

    After unloading my groceries on the conveyor belt and moving up to the cashier, he says, “That’s a lot of drama.” Apparently it was directed to another casher who didn’t respond, so I said, “What’s the drama?” He described the evening’s baseball play-by-play and then I agreed with him as he finished ringing up my groceries and I gave him a MDB.

    “Here, this is for you.” He paused, unsure of what it was. “Don’t spend it all in one place,” I added, as well as saying “It’s a million dollar bill, and here’s one for [the bagger] too.”

    “Oh, that’s the million dollar bill,” says the bagger, knowingly. “What’s that?” asks the cashier. By now, all my groceries are bagged, I’ve paid, gotten my receipt, the next customer is already handing over his customer card and I’m at the end of register with my cart of groceries.

    The cashier looked at me as I answered, “It’s the million dollar question. If you were to die today, would you go to heaven or hell?” He paused, and said, “Everybody wants to know that.”

    “Read the back,” I called as I pushed my cart away.

    Outside there was a little table set up wtih a guy and his guitar. Normally I *never* give these people anything, but stopped to talk to the man handing him the MDB. He knew about it, and we chatted for about 5 min. I asked him the MD question, and other questions. Gave him some real money and spoke a little more, admonishing him to read the back.

  5. Went to Bristol Farms for some special cheese, and asked the “cheese lady” for help. She gave me a sample of some white cheddar and we talked cheese for a few minutes. Ready to take my cheese and leave, I thanked her with a million dollar bill. She had gloves on and didn’t want to touch it for hygenic reasons, so she pulled open the front pocket on her apron indicating for me to slide it in. I told her to read it when she got a break and she agreed to.

  6. Just before we started an OA meeting last year, I stopped two young guys by using the optical illution tract from Livingwaters. When I came to “judgement”, I asked if they ever had given any thought to the afterlife, and if they ever had thought about hell..

    One of them said quickly: “We’ve just been talking about that for the past hour!”

    Both of them were muslims, they heard the full gospel and took some tracts.

    God is surely good!

  7. Had to travel for business today so the airline ticket agent was the first receipient of a million dollar bill. The clerk who took my suitcase to the TSA area was the second (along w/a cash tip). When I arrived at my destination, I went to the Grayline counter to buy my bus ticket to the hotel. The clerk, who I’ve seen there for *years,* was on duty so I said to her, “You’ve worked here for a million years, haven’t you?” “Yes I have,” was the curt reply. “Well then, here’s a million dollar bill for you.” She burst out laughing, as did the guy working next to her. They were still laughing when I went to catch the bus.

  8. Yesterday, million dollar bills went to the latte maker at the coffee stand, a bus driver and the hotel front desk clerk. Everyone had the same reaction. They looked at the bill in amazement. Some were genuinely thankful, everyone brightened up.

  9. The deaf man at the mall handed me some stickers he was selling,
    requesting $1.50 to $2.00; I handed him a million dollar bill and he
    looked at it and walked away; I put on the table $ 1.50 for the
    stickers as I like to use them for cards; he came back, looked at
    the $ 1.50 and motioned to me it was not enough; he was angry;
    so I gave him back one set of stickers, and he motioned that I
    owed him another dollar; I complied; he motioned with hand signals
    “thank-you” and walked away; did the million dollar bill anger him?

  10. My husband and I were visiting San Clemente, and went to the newest
    local diner, Adele’s; and we met Adele; she was table hopping, socializing with patrons; we started talking, my faithful husband, Terry ran to the car
    to get out million dollar bills. She was intigued by the bills; put several in
    her waitress pad, and as she said she was a believer, I instructed her
    on asking the million dollar question; as we were talking she said she
    was getting “Holy Spirit goose bumps”…….

  11. My husband and I went to pick up our 15 year old daughter at
    Starbuck’s after school; she and her “cool” friends looked at us
    like were were aliens (parents); as she was sauntering over to the car, to be even more cool, I had an idea; I stuck my hand out the window
    of the car and asked if anyone wanted a million dollar bill; a tall lanky
    blonde kid with braces was brave and came over to get his bill;
    the kids started running over to the car after that to get a million
    dollar bills; this is the next generation; could this be a new ministry?

  12. Today I came home and hit up the same “stations” as on my way out of town — but in reverse order. The hotel front desk clerk was the first. The bus driver who took me to the airport was the second. I had noticed that he had 2 singles hanging from a rubber band wrapped around the windshield visor. So when I gave him the million I told him to hang it on the visor. The airline gate agent was the third one. I only have 5 million dollar bills left! Time to refill.

  13. Was able to break away from work for a quick lunch. Went to El Pollo Loco and gave the cashier a million dollar bill. She liked it, but the gentleman at the beauty supply store next door refused to take it, although he had previously accepted the 10 commandments penny! A few more people I passed on the street on the way back to work each took a bill.

  14. Was braiding my daughter’s hair tonight, as she was chatting on the
    phone with a boy; I told her to ask him if he went to church; he went a long time ago to a church in Hollywood; said he was a “super Christian”.
    I said, well, ask him the million dollar question, “If you die today, would
    you go to heaven or hell?” His response, “hell”. I told her to ask him if that
    concerned him; my daughter became flustered, and told him that she did
    not usually talk like that; he informed her it was “cool”. Yes, it concerned
    him, he said. I told her to tell him the Good News that Jesus died for his
    sins so he could go to heaven; I told her to tell him it was between him and
    god and to think about what I said; her hair was braided and I left the room……… you never know

  15. Hi everybody. This is Marshall. Since taking Steve’s evangelism class, I been able to find more and more opportunities to share my faith. For example, in one of my class that I attend at El Camino College, I was given the assignment to keep a journal thing that includes who I am and my thoughts on different subjects-real complex. So I started it by introducing myself then going straight to my faith. This is meant for the teacher to read and I am thinking that when I turn it in I will slip a track in there with it. Hopefully he won’t feel convicted until after he gives me a grade.

  16. This is Marshall. And this is sort of a continuum of my last comment, but I separated it to get more points, and win that veg-amatic thing. I have plans to make some bomb smoothies. Maybe sell them and give out tracks. Anyway, while waiting for one of my class at El Camino College, I looked over and there was a girl waiting for her class also. I handed out a track, and since she was suck waiting for her class I found the perfect opportunity to take her though the million dollar question. It went well and we were able to continue to wait at ease even though I accused her (well, she did it herself, but it sounds better for the story) of being a lairing, thieving, adulterer at heart. Amazing.

  17. Tonight Mike Karle and myself went down to Hermosa Pier to hand out tracks. After a while of handing some out and going through the process of talking with people, we made a turn and found some guys at a small market. Went on to hand out some tracks to them. One was a taxi driver with a spare minute, which we took the opportunity to talk to him about Christ while the other guy (I forget his name) is a regular attendee of the later Sunday morning service at Hope Chapel. Once he recognized what we were doing, he rewarded our efforts by giving us some water, which was much needed. God does provide.

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