What is Your E-vangie Tale? #16


A new evangelism class has started with 70 people attending. As part of the homework, my students are to write about their own evangelistic adventures. Click on “comments to read them or write them.


  1. 7/12 7:30AM – First, I want to say I want to do this as an example for my family, then my friends; I also think it’s a great way to break the ice with my co-workers to say that I am doing this for my girls! Well, the first go around went well; I passed out 8 Mill in just 2 minutes to co-workers. One wanted 3 and the other 5 to pass around to customers. The first co-worker stated that he had received these before from a friend and the same with the second, but from her daughters. Off to a good start!

  2. 7/12 7:50 – Just passed out another Mil to my Muslim co-worker. He asked where I got it from and I stated from my church and that it is a track. He is keeping it, maybe he’ll read it later, who knows; I’ll pray.

    Kim (a co-worker who I earlier gave 5 Mil) just asked me to give Arshad, the Muslim, a Mil and I told her I just did. Arshad, to my surprise was very thankful that he already had received one; cool! My other co-worker who I gave 3 Mil to, Flash (yep, that’s his name) piped in and stated that Arshad received “words of encouragement,” pertaining to the Mil Bill.

  3. 7/12 9:35 – Just gave away 2 more to 2 customers. Flash, co-worker was trying to give away 1 of the 3 I gave him, but I beat him to it. The customer is definitely a nonbeliever (and course) though he seemed interested, I’ll ask him if he read it later. The other customer is one I’m more familiar with, Kenny, and he also seemed interested, I’ll ask him later if he had read it also. Kenny ask if we could see what a real Mil Bill looked like, so I looked it up on the net, the one we found has a statue of Liberty on it; cool!

  4. 7/12 10:00 – Flash must have eaten some sugar this morning, he really wanted to pass the Mil Bills around, so he took a stack and I stayed with him to see where he was going. The only problem with Flash being so aggressive is that I will have nobody to pass them out to after this week and I’m not quite ready to ask the Mil question yet. He went across the hall to the neighboring offices and wanted to give Mil Bills to all he saw! Instead I had him say I had the bills so I could pass them to everyone, I could use the training since I am just starting too. I think in the future though, I will get flash to pass out some too (2 are better than one); I’ll talk to him about the Mil Question later.

  5. Looks like Richard is off to a good start with 5 Bonus points!

  6. I am pretty much sticking to the agenda at the moment and am passing out 1 per day. I really need a little more courage (or conviction), but I passed one out yesterday 7/12 to a lady at a fast food place and she smiled and said thank you. I also passed one out again today at another fast food place and the lady said “Wow” and thanks. So for now it’s slow going, but hopefully I’ll get a little more momentum going.

  7. i was sitting in french class thinking how easy it would be to give the million dollar bills away, and so…i did. i gave three away to the 3 girls sitting around me. they were just like ” oh cool”, but it felt good to hand them out. i have about 35 more people in my class…so ill just get better at it.

  8. 7/13 7:30 AM – Passed out a Mil Bill to a man on a wheel chair on the way in to a donut shop and he was thankful. When I came out he asked me what it was, I replied that it was a track, and that it had something that had gotten me out of a lot of hard situations (OOPS!). I thought about what I said afterwards and realized that we are learning a different method and how often one goes back to lessons one has been accustomed to.

  9. 7/13 11:30 AM – Passed out 3 Mil Bills to some skate boarders outside the Long Beach Convention Center where I and my wife were attending a CHEA (Christian Home Schooling Association) convention. There were a lot of kids but I only had 3 bills with me at the time. The kids thought they were pretty cool, and I think that since not everyone received one that they were more interested in sharing what the bill stated than if they all received one, who knows?

  10. 7/14 12:30 PM – While I was at the CHEA Convention I handed out a Mil Bill to a janitor there, he seemed to appreciate it; he walked away smiling. I thought about the people attending the convention and about passing some bills, but everyone there were believers or were supposed to be. Then again, not everyone knows about this method.

  11. 7/14/07 It was my first outing with the group to Huntington Beach and it was quite interesting. I had my children with me and I knew this would be an experience for them. We handed out many bills that day and most everyone took one from me. My children seemed to have no fear at all and were approaching everyone around them. I wished I could have stayed longer to hear Ray get into it, but we had to get back. On our way back I stopped at Taco Bell and handed out a few more to young teens who looked at them and at me as though I was strange, even so, they took them. So overall it was a good day and will be coming out again.

  12. Here’s another one from Richard Hidalgo:

    7/12 11:30 AM – I wanted to put this log in, though it comes late. I passed out a Mill Bill to one of my bosses at work even though I know he is a believer. After I handed him the bill, I explained what it was all about. I started out by stating it is a track and that on the back there is a question. I thought to myself that this would be a good opportunity to practice the Million Dollar question that is on the back of the bill. After I went through what was on the bill, I also explained the analogy of the 2 men on a plane each given a parachute (it helps to have a wife that has taken the course before! My boss stated his appreciation of the method which re-enforced my appreciation for it too.

  13. 7/16 6:00 PM – It was getting near the end of the day and I had not passed out a Mill Bill yet. I was stepping out of the house every so often because there is always someone passing by from the park a block away. A couple of hours went by, then finally 3 boys were passing by, 2 of the boys carrying a plastic playhouse. As they passed by I aimed a Mill Bill at the youngest one who was not able to help carry the playhouse. The boy was only about 2 1/2 feet tall, so I must have looked like a giant; at least that what his eyes told. He did grab the Mill Bill as I handed him it and a big smile popped on his face. All 3 boys said “thank you” and smiled as they went on there way.

  14. 7/17 11:00 AM – Just gave a Mill Bill to a customer. Unfortunately, I was on the phone with another customer and he was on the way out so it was kind of awkward handing one at the same time I’m doing something else. In any case, it is better to do something than nothing, plus he comes by often so I can speak to him about it later.

  15. I was sitting in my music appreciation. I decided this would be a good time
    to hand out a million dollar bill. I gave it to a lady sitting across from me.
    She smiled and asked what it was. I told her it was a gospel tract and she said thank you and put it in her binder.

  16. after my french class got out, 2 of my friends walked with me to the parking lot. i told them i was taking a class at church and said that i had something for them. i handed them the million dollars and they appreciated the currency looking gift. : )

  17. i went to the o.c. fair last night with some friends and a man was giving away new testament bibles. i told him that i had something for him and i gave him the gospel tract. he laughed and said ” well golly. thats neat!” he loved the million dollars and it was fun to put a smile on his face.

  18. 7/18 10:30 AM – I was just about to hand a Mill Bill to a customer from across the hall when she stated that Kim, my coworker, just gave one to her. Well I am going to take credit for this anyway because it was just a second before I was handing her one, and besides, I was the one who gave Kim the extra Mill Bills (I’m sure the gracious, considerate, gentile, kind hearted teacher of ours will still give me the point; won’t you?) Anyway, there is a good story here; as she was holding the bill she asked, “Can I spend this in heaven?” I said you can’t spend money [from earth] in heaven, but what it says in the back will get you into Heaven! She then started to read the message (cool!).

  19. 7/19 6:00 AM – Morning after class and I did not remember to do what our illustrious teacher of our evangelist class wanted us to do until the second person I saw. I handed the receptionist a Mill Bill. He responded “All right! Now I can retire!” I couldn’t help but think “yep, that is the way to retire when you do retire from this earth.”

  20. 7/20 10:15 AM – Coming from a meeting I came across the electrician fixing a bulb with a coworker in the staircase. I have known him for some time (can’t remember his name though) so I handed him a Mill Bill. He thanked me and smiled and I said have a good day. I did not have a chance to talk because I was on an assignment, but I know I will see him again and have a chance to ask him if he read the back.

  21. I gave a bill to a homeless man and felt very compelled to pray with him so we prayed for strengthand courage for him. Also gave one to a young man with tattoo and a guitar and he said that he was just talking with someone yesterday so maybe he is being called. He asked if they play music at Hope Chapel I said yes they are always looking for musically inclined people, do they have a piano yes.. they do. I felt anyway to bring someone to church once there God can lead him where he needs to go. Talked to a friend of mine as well one day who I feel thinks she is very crhistian but still has no desire to change her life so I went for the first time thru the whole track to help her understand many are chosen few are called. There are many christians who still want to lead there own lives and dont understand about sin in there lives.
    I write articles on Big under Candoattitude if anyone is interested in viewing. I am in hopes it lifts and encourages people to keep up with the word of Christ.

  22. i was at starbucks and the barrista was taking a while for the drink. they appologized, no worries. i asked for a blueberry muffin…they were out…a blue berry scone…they were out, again no worries. the girl felt so bad for the inconvience that she didnt charge me for the replacement RASBERRY scone. i told her it was ok and told her i had a million dollars for her. she laughed. i told her to read the back and she said thanks.

    thats my starbucks adventure…. : )

  23. sunday morning i ran into the gas station to pay for my mom. when i got in the woman who worked there smiled and said, ” off to church?” i told her yes and handed her a million dollars. ” be sure to read the back”, i said, and she said thank you.

  24. This comment has been moved to “What’s Your E-vangie Tale #21”.

  25. This is Marshall. David Laney, Mike Karle and myself went down to Hermosa pier again to pass out tracks and try to talk to some people. It was a good time. I handed this security guard for a bar/club a track and since he had to stand there at the door way I thought I’d tried to talk to him. I meet him, he tells me his name is James, so I go through the commandments and he says he has never told a lie, stolen, lusted, hated, disobeyed his parents, or coveted. But then later I find out the James is not his real name. He lied about his name and then lied that he had never told a lie. But over all he turned out to be a really cool guy. I just thought that was funny and I’d share it.

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