What is Happening Here?


I’m always writing down the interesting things that happen at our evangelistic encounters; now it’s your turn.

The picture below is from our evangelism table at a local college.

Here’s the partial scenario: The young man on the left, Leland, is upset. The man on the right holding the phone is an evangelism leader, Bob Johnson, talking to Leland’s mother.

What do you think has just happened? Why is the young man upset, and why is Bob talking to the Mom. Be creative. Be wacky. Whatever you come up with will not come close to what actually happened, though.

Tune in for the real story tomorrow!


  1. Well, there are some things we do know:

    Leland is upset
    Bob is talking to Lelands mother
    Leland and Bob are standing at an evangelism table on a campus

    Here goes…

    Leland, who happened to be talking to his mother while walking by the evangelism table on campus, was getting lectured about not even calling her on Mother’s day.

    Leland had about all he could handle from mom when he spotted a friendly looking man in front of some kind of table handing people things as they walked by.

    In a desperate attempt to calm mom and get back on her good side, Leland persuaded the friendly looking man to take the phone from him and tell mom that the reason he couldn’t call on Mother’s day was because the battery had died/he had too much homework/he forgot the number/his dog ate the phone.

    Bob, the friendly looking man, said that he could’nt lie to Leland’s mother but he had a better idea…….

    Mom, would you consider yourself a good person?

  2. Like the Rev. Al Sharpton, Leland was ordained at a young age and thus Momma didn’t think he needed to hear the gospel, since he’s obviously already a minister.

  3. Leland was walking along while he was on the cell phone with his mother. He noticed the cute stuffed animals on the display table. He told the evangelist dude that he wanted one. The man said he could only have one if he participated in the intelligence test. Leland’s mama told him,” You better get home now!” This explains why Leland was upset he didn’t want to get a whippin’. So he gave the phone to the evangelist dude to see if he could persuade his mom into letting him stay long enough to get one of them cute stuffies. Maybe she would participate too and then he could get two stuffed animals!

  4. You guys are all too much. I laughed quietly to myself, but with a big smile!

    You’re close… no cigar!

  5. When Bob, the friendly Evangelist, asked Leland if he had ever lied or stolen anything, Leland said, “No, never”. Bob replied, “That’s hard to believe, are you sure? Not even when you were a little kid?” Leland, repeated emphatically, “No Never! You can even ask my Mom. Here I’ll call her for you and you can ask her yourself”. Bob took him up on that. And was photographer while talking to her. By the way, his Mom confirmed Leland had never lied, proving that fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  6. I say Leland insisted that he never broke the 5th Commandment when Bob asked him if he had done so. Bod expressed doubt at Leland’s claim. So Leland called his mom to speak to Bob that she may back Leland’s claim up.

    Do I win? Do I win? 🙂

  7. Leland heard the Gospel message, was instantly convicted, and wanted his mother to hear the same saving message so that she would become a Christian, too.

  8. Leland and his mom are Christians. Leland wanted to encourage and help Bob in his endeavor to populate heaven. Leland was thinking that he could distribute tracts a lot faster using the table carrier roller thing to get him around. Bob needed to get permission from his mother. Leleand was upset because his mother said no! Pray for Leland and for the people that didn’t get a tract that day.

  9. Most of you guys forget, that Leland is upset …

  10. Convicted upset or mad upset? Or both……..

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