Big God on Campus, Part 1


We just got back from the campus of USC. What happened?

Surprisingly, not much. The educated students at this prestigious university had no better arguments against God than your run-of-the-mill atheist, or beachbum on the pier. Go figure. But, there are a few stories to tell, and we did shoot some video, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it all.

(Read part 2 here.)

Or you can check out Tony Miano’s blog; he was there too, and has already written something profound. Click here to read it.


  1. yippee,can’t wait!

    because of yours and Tony’s no nonsense evangie coverage i have enough to study the techniques of preaching to last me a lifetime.

    but really, i’m sitting at the edge of my seat for the usc release.

    thank u,

  2. Pastor Steve! It was totally a God-thing that I ran into you guys on campus today. I’m never on campus at that time on a Thursday, but I was there to work on a project that was due. Also, I rarely walk through that area of campus, but for whatever reason I decided to head that way to get some food.

    It was so encouraging to see the Gospel being preached at USC right there in front of Tommy. I am now even more inspired to get out there and share my faith!

    God bless,
    Andrea McKinley

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