Hollywood Anti-War Protest 2011, Pt. 1: Radical Evangelism Now!!!


Want to know what happened at the Hollywood anti-war protest fourteen evangelists attended last week? How many casualties, bruises, insults and one finger salutes we endured? Fortunately none. (Oh a salute and insult or two….)

Stay with this multi-part series and you will learn:

  • Why the police suggested we preach inside the parade
  • The 30 angry black men who claimed that they were descended from the original tribes of Israel and how Jesus was really a black man
  • The cool sign guys
  • And how I was able to proclaim the Word from the first floor of the gay and lesbian community center

It sure was a privilege  to explain to the demonstrators how they could achieve true peace: peace with God. Click here for part 2.


  1. Well, without actually watching any videos, I’ll take a stab at it.

    Jesus was a member of one of the Semitic peoples of the Middle Eastern area. Not actually black, as such, he should not be depicted as a blue-eyed blond, either. He should have looked a lot more like a swarthier Yasser Arafat than like Sven Orrmundson.

  2. I ran into those African Isrealites once down in Hollywood. I was with two other friends evangelizing ,I being white and my friends hispanic came across them and I was labled a white devil automatically doomed to hell!
    (no hope of repentance according them! )They had seem to been drinking while holding their bibles and signs with a black Jesus while cursing with a foul mouth.

    An interesting bunch to say the least

  3. Nameless got it right with his post on the way Jesus probably looked!

  4. Certainly Jesus was average looking, but not ugly like Yasser Arafat!

  5. Agreed Ryan!

  6. This was my third Anti-War Parade evangelism outing, and it just seemed more angry and tense over all. We certainly were the target of an increased number of angry comments and vulgar gestures, and the overall number of people directing their attention towards us escalated as well.

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