What do you think of the “Sign Guy”?


I don’t hold up signs. I understand placard proselytising works for some; I’m just not into it. We’ve all seen the “Turn or Burn” declarations, the “Repent!” presentations, and the silly men with fright wigs holding up  “John 3:16” at football games… but does it work?

At Huntington Beach last weekend I saw a very different message held up by this man. Is it biblical? Is it effective? I asked Ray Comfort about it and he gave me a surprising answer. What do you think?

I’ll let you know about the results of this man’s efforts… and Ray’s surprising statement on Friday, but I want your opinion of this “sign guy.”


  1. Yes, I think it COULD be effective. IF the sign prompts someone to ask him “why NOT?” or “what do I have to DO so that God DOES love me?” Provided the Sign Man tells them that, using the standard of the 10 Commandments, they are sinners and will be found guilty on the Day of Judgement, unless they repent and trust in the Lord.

  2. I think that the message needs a little more. But I think that I would agree with the message. You must repent and trust in Christ. If you have not done that God will not accept you.

  3. As one who walks 10 miles for about four hours wearing a sandwich board around my city, (as much as I can), I can tell you that the reactions I get are very mixed. And it is 99% driver targeted.

    I get honked at, but not sure if it was a good or bad honk, couldn’t tell. I get honked at with thumbs up. I get honked at with middle finger up; perhaps they didn’t have any thumbs. I get the trigger finger with a bang-bang shouted out the window at me. I’ve had people pull over and tell me how thankful that I’m out there. I’ve had people pull over and have one2one with them.

    I have noticed that while wearing my sandwich board very few people take tracts or want to engage in conversion, however, my main objective is to attract all those car drivers to the word of God, give them something to think about. I do one2one and hand out tracts without the board when I’m at the park or other places.

    My sandwich board reads: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Rom 6:23

    Other side reads: “REPENT, turn from sin – towards God and be saved. Trust Jesus”

    I’m not out there for me, but for Him. All praises and glory go to God. His words will not return void.

    I think this guy’s sign could confuse people. God DOES love us, however, He will NOT accept us in His Kingdom as we are without repenting and trusting our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. It’s ok -but not for me! (needs a little more info) on sign . (I like Kyle message)

  5. Our team does use signs while we preach. They have Scripture on them regarding 1) The 10 Commandments 2) God’s Judgement 3) The reality of Hell 4) The Divinity of Christ. They are effective for us in that many passers by who won’t listen to us preach will stop for a minute, read the signs, and then keep walking. Praise God! They also help to draw many people to where we are preaching. People hear and see that someting is going on where we are and it peeks their interest. There are tasteless signs just like there are tasteless tracts. I don’t want to dismiss tracts because of the bad ones. I’m not going to dismiss the effectiveness of all signs because of the ones presented in poor taste. God Bless you Steve.

    Ambassadors Alliance #1

  6. Even though the statement may be true that God does not love us as wretched sinners. However, I would have to say no because we are saying and judging them as sinner’s before God instead of presenting the 10 commandments and letting them judge themselves realizing their sinners before God. I think that it is more biblical to at least talk to a person 1-2-1 and present how they have violated God’s moral standard and how they can come into a justified relationship with Him.

  7. I think the message is true and may stimulate a “what do you mean by that”. I like the idea of something new. This sign may work for someone when something else wouldn’t.

  8. I would think this sign would get more reaction from “professing Christians” than anyone else. I can think of lot of folks who would say that they were told the exact opposite. I’d be currious if there is a follow-up message on the other side of the sign. I like the sign, I think it gets people thinking, about why Go would not love me as I am, what are His standards etc. leading to a Law & Gospel presentation to anyone who might listen. Large signs like this are usually more directed to passing cars as told by Rob in a previous comment, so this would be quite thought provoking.

  9. Is it true? Yes and no.
    Goes back to God loves the sinner, hates the sin.
    Proof? The cross. Always look through the cross for your answer.
    Romans 5:8 – but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
    So yes, God does love us (the person) while still in the sin, however, does he love the fact that we are sinning? No.
    Again – Christ was beaten, hanged on a cross, and died as a punishment for sin, therefore, God clearly has a problem with it. So, that’s where repentance, and the gospel becomes clear (any reader of this site knows where I am going I am sure…not too many atheists hang out here I bet). 😀


  10. I saw the sign guy – do we REALLY have compassion for people, and want to see the fish get in the net ? If we just want to sell out for God, and get our ticket stamped, we will wear a sign – or do nutty things.

    Aligning ourselves with Christ, being a friend of God and an enemy to the world is alienation enough – no need to turn people off for no good reason, unless they are convicted and offended by the pure, true Gospel, where the effective preaching brings the knowledge of sin and the unrepentant sinners position and condition before a holy and righteous God whose wrate will abide on them lest they repent.

    If I could see his heart, and he was sincere, God Bless him – I think the only way true converts to true salvation come from hearing the Gospel message where a sinner sees his need for a savior. Why repent ? Repent from what ? If I’m not saved, still a friend of the world, I’m seeing myself as a good person… so I look at that sign, read the verses, and no impact.

    Like Dalton, the first thing I thought of was Romans 5:8… did God START “loving” or “liking” Saul as soon as he got knocked on his butt ??

    Sorry, wasn’t lovin’ the sign guy . . .

  11. Since, I made my first comment on my thoughts on is it effective and biblical to use signs, I have thought about the use of signs. as I previously stated even though the statement may be true that God does not love us as wretched sinners. But I do think the signs can be used effectively and as Neil commented his team uses them effectively. I have also used signs effectively to get people to stop who might not otherwise stop and talk. If we use Scripture God said his word would not return void.

    So, as I have thought about the use of signs I do think they can be used effectively if they have messages on them generates opportunities to interact with people with the gospel message. If you use signs wouldn’t it be better to use sign to open the door to interact with them and let their conscience, the law, the gospel, and God’s word convict them and offend them rather than offending them right off and sounding judgmental right off.

  12. What the guy is getting at, in my opinion, is a unique approach on one of the most common used phrases in American Christian culture. He’s reaching out to those who do hear a phrase (contrary to that) like that and starting up the new thought of what American Christians don’t want to say. Of course the phrase on the sign he’s holding is really not a new one, just stated in a culture that accepts the converse of what it says. As far as the issue of using a sign at all, well I don’t know if this particular guy just doesn’t like to speak or isn’t real eloquent with words at least he uses a medium by which he can express what’s in his heart. I just hope he preaches repentance and faith along with the use of a sign like that.

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