Upcoming: Reports from the Lion’s den


Last Saturday was the last USC home game against Notre Dame and we were there with our video camera.

You, too, can experience first-hand the wackiness we encountered including: The “Hail Mary Heckler” (Notre Dame is a Catholic school), “Righteous Richard’s” Porta-Potty Preaching Debut (with a very different type of, uh, heckler), an interview with a very drunk, very profane, “God-fearing man” (his words), and a brand new technique we developed, a type of mobile church that allowed many hundreds of people to mock us on the go; it’s called “Church on Your Way.” As soon as my video helper edits the footage, it will be up.

And yesterday at The Hollywood Santa Parade, we tried out an effective method we call “Pre-Parade Preaching.” I’ll let you know the reason why the LAPD stopped us mid-sermon!

Stay tuned. And tell a friend.

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