Two Weak, Wimpy—and Wrong—Witnesses #5


This is truly a weak and wimpy witness. Really! No one needs to wear these items to start up a conversation about spiritual things. The last thing anyone will want to do is ask you a question about Jesus if they see you wearing a hat like this. Read an analysis of the design flaws as critiqued by A Little Leaven below:
Design flaw #1: This looks like the type of hat a blue-collar guy would wear BUT the Intel logo knock-off would only be appealing to computer geeks.

Design flaw #2: The orange sherbet color scheme is VERY metro-sexual.

The only people who would actually buy this hat are Biblically illiterate metro-sexual computer geeks who want to look more like cooler blue-collar guys while at the same time are trying to make some kind of a statement for Jesus. That is probably a very small segment of the market. Therefore, we don’t anticipate seeing too many of these hats in the wild.

If you buy the hat, then you may as well get the slippers, too. How else to keep those feet beautiful when spreading the Good News?
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