Trick or Treat? 25 Cent IN-N-OUT Burgers


A very excited open air preacher sent me this announcement from a popular California burger chain along with this note: “Sounds like an “Organic” situation here …. Wonder if the line will stretch to the sidewalk – ya think ?”

In-n-Out’s 60th Year Anniversary is Wednesday, October 22nd.
All hamburgers will be sold for 25 cents, Cheeseburgers 30 cents,
Fries 15 cents, and drinks are 10 cents!!!
So mark your calendars!

In California the most popular hamburger stand in the state is “IN-N-OUT” BURGER

Think of the long lines of hungry people waiting to eat a 25 cent hamburger (these aren’t ordinary hamburgers, mind you, they are fresh and delicious). The fries? Cut and peeled on the spot! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… More importantly, hundreds, if not thousands of burger loving meat eaters will be gathered around the block to purchase quantities of these delectable delights! And the open air preachers will be there, too, to help bring the focus back to the Lord, right?

Nope. It was a hoax.

In protest, I’m now joining P.E.T.A. (People Eating Tasty Animals)

(I did preach to the Pink’s hotdog line in Hollywood. See the video here!)


  1. I like burgers too!

    Changing the subject…

    And….I thought it would be easy to hand out
    the 1 mill bill tracts, because I’ve done it before;
    it was so easy!

    But now that I have decided to hand them out at
    least one a day, I’m finding out, I have to think ahead
    and have some kind of a plan!

    I was so surprized when I realized I had put it off one
    day until it was very late, and I thought my options of
    places to go are much less now.

    I noticed the popular bookstores are crowded most of
    the time these days, they have coffee shops in them,
    and people hang out. And I’ve been using my 1 mill bill
    as a book mark for months, why not hand out over there?

    The supermarket is part of my weekly thing. I bring my bills.

    I brought them to work.

    But I have to admit, even though I can do it and have, and
    that it is an attempt to help others, I have a terrible fear of
    being embarassed.

    I have not been embarassed so far! Not by anyone I’ve
    handed them to, no. I have only been embarassed by my
    own fears and putting this off till too late!

    Lord help me 🙂

    Thanks Steve!

  2. Hey steve ! I’m the “very excited open air preacher” you referred to, but had never OA’ed when you made that post. So you kind of forced my hand – guess that’s why they call you “The pusher,” huh ? So today, Nov 7, I made that statement an accurate one – thanks for the “Push” my brother !

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