Tortured for Christ: Richard Wurmbrand


Richard Wurmbrand spent a total of 14 years in prison, three of those in solitary confinement. After being freed and coming to the West, he started The Voice of the Martyrs in 1967.

I had the opportunity to meet this great man in his home a few years before he died. I’ll tell you about it after you watch the video below. Please watch it; then remember the persecuted church tomorrow. And be thankful you live in a country where we can still worship and proclaim Christ freely—at least for a few more years.

A friend of mine delivered flowers for a living. Kathy had an order to deliver a bouquet to a mansion in Palos Verdes, just above where we lived at the time. The recipients: Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Kathy knew who they were because I had given her a subscription to the newsletter, “The Voice of the Martyrs.” She had also, I believe, read the book “Tortured for Christ,” Wurmbrand’s account of his experiences in a Romanian prison.

She excitedly told me that I could meet them, knowing this couple were personal heroes of mine.

I set up a date for my wife and I to meet them.

We met at their mansion. They lived in this beautiful place because a kind friend offered it so they might live out their final years in peace. Richard’s wife, Sabina, greeted us at the door and cautioned that he might not be able to join us, because he suffered bouts of terrible pain due to the years of horrendous torture he encountered at the hands of Communist atheists.

That was okay. We would sing worship songs in the living room accompanied by Kathy and her guitar for a little while, then we would leave.

As we sang loudly, praising our God, Pastor Wurmbrand joined us. Again, we were reminded that he could only stay for a few minutes because of his failing health.

He joined us in song. He accompanied us in prayer. He shared about his love for our great God. At the end of two hours we left.

I’ll always treasure that brief time we had with a man who knew Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, becoming like him in death.

He stayed with us because of worship. The sweet song of Christ was the salve on his wounds, the balm of Gilead.

I look forward to meeting Pastor Wurmbrand and Sabina in another mansion, where we will be joined by a choir of millions singing praises to our Savior. The place where there will be no more death or mourning or sorrow or pain, for the old order of things will have passed away.

Get a free subscription to “Voice of the Martyrs” and the book “Tortured for Christ” by clicking on the links above.


  1. Gripping, and at the same time, a breath of fresh air, this was, Steve. Not sure if I can even explain it properly. Thank you.

  2. I remember meeting him back home in SW Missouri when I attended the local Christian College(Ozark Christian College) and heard him speak. The VOM home office is about an hour away from my home. I read his book a couple of times and was blessed.

  3. Incredible courage

  4. I just spent ages typing a long comment, but when I tried to submit it my browser did something really weird.
    Did you get it or do I need to retype the whole thing?

    Steve says: You’ll have to retype. I didn’t get it. Sorry.

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