Tom’s Confession

By Tom Nance-Ulrich

I am not ashamed to say I was the man handing out Giant $100 bills and Million Dollar bill Gospel tracts, and the leader who didn’t preach in the open air because “I lost my nerve,” as mentioned in Steve’s article about the Sarah Palin Rally held a week ago (read it here).

How interesting is the comment from that article, left by Michael Herrera, about my leadership:

Pastor Steve,
I’m so glad you did not heap any criticism on the group leader. I got the impression that things did not go well at all. Am I right? I have faced angry left-wing college students in the early 70’s (are there any other kind?) and believe me, it was not fun. These people grew up to be the Clintons, the Pelosis, and the Harry Reids of this world. These people are heady and high-minded thinking they have all the answers. But I guess all that I can do is to pray for them and to say, “Did you get one of these?” [when I offer a Gospel tract].

You see, I was one of those “angry left-wing college students in the early 70’s.” It was like going back in time for me to see the signs, hearing the anger and passion in their voices, and listening to the chants over the bull horns. I was one of the loudest, most passionate, angry young men there was.

Thanks to our amazingly loving Father, I am a new creation in Christ. I did not want to get in a shouting match with the “anti” people. I no longer want to be seen as “anti” anything (except perhaps my own sin). I want to be FOR Jesus Christ and His marvelous Gospel.

The internal battle of where, when, or if to preach lasted so long that soon the doors opened and the thousands of people in line streamed into the stadium… and I was nearly overrun with people wanting the Gospel tracts!

The take-away lesson for me is to remember that the “Old Man” is DEAD! I am no longer the same person; I’ve let the past go. As Pastor Steve says, quoting Charles Spurgeon, “Do something, Do something, Do something.” The time is short, people are going to hell every moment of every day.

My encouragement to you reading this is: Don’t give into fear of man; instead, FEAR GOD!

(Is God a Liberal or a Conservative? Click here to find out.)

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  1. Paul Latour


    God bless you, Tom! And thank you for your candor. I know that rotten feeling of losing nerve. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement.

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