Offending the Parents


At the Redondo Beach Fair, I stopped a group of three boys about 11-12 years-old and gave them the gospel. After a pleasant exchange, they walked away unchanged. A booth proprieter named Dave heard my presentation and was livid. “How can you prosyletize children like that? You should get their parents permission before you prosyletize their kids! If their parents knew you were doing that, they would be offended!” I calmly agreed with him, “Yes, they probably would be offended.” “You know there is no Hell,” he continued, “that is some Midieval myth. I can’t believe there are 5.8 billion people in Hell, that’s ridiculous!” I listened attentively knowing that I would not get a word in edge-wise until he said his piece. Then I asked him if he had ever lied. Had he ever stolen anything? Before parting ways with a handshake, I warned him that he would be held accountable to God on the Day of Judgment, and if found guilty, he would spend the rest of eternity in Hell whether he believed in it or not.


  1. If the parents are concerned about external influences on their children, why then would the boys walking around the fair without one or more of the parents?
    I evangelized to two of my brother’s nieces tonight. They are entering 5th and 4th grade in September. They saw the million dollar bills fall out of my car storage while driving to the store. They knew about Jesus and sinning. However, I was able to talk in detail about sin, the need for repentance and how to know if they would go to heaven and what types of behavior shows that one loves God. I decided not to be concerned about what their parents would think. The opportunity to share about the need for Jesus and to plant seeds for biblical wisdom is far more important.

  2. All i want to know is, what in the world does prosyletize mean?

  3. To Melissa: Great job! Take advantage of every opportunity to save the lost.
    To Jessica: :>)

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