The Video Top 5 of 2009


Out of the 30+ videos I made and posted at my blog this year, not one came even close to viral status. Nevertheless, here are the top 5 viewed (mostly by my family and me). These totals include tallies from both of my YouTube accounts here and here.

#5: Everyone loves a train wreck or someone getting hit. I was the recipient of this slap in the face at the 2009 NBA Finals while preaching at a stoplight. With a whopping 478  viewings, here are the NBA Hecklers.

#4: The infamous Michael Jackson interview at STAPLES Center continued to draw a few die-hard fans with 648 viewings.

#3: My little tutorial on how to preach at stop lights (while standing on a little pole drew the curiosity of 850 people.

#2: 1,041 people, probably angry evolutionists, gritted their teeth while watching my interview with that Prof at USC during our “Origin of Species” giveaway.

But the #1 video of the year should not come as any surprise to those who follow this blog. It is, with 1,610 views, my interview with…

…Ray Comfort. He gave a very warm and gracious thank-you to all the atheists and evolutionists who helped make the “Origin of Species” giveaway such a success at 100 universities!


  1. Didn’t seem all that gracious to me. Seemed more, what’s the word? Smarmy?

    To reiterate a question that, I think, BathTub asked; what was the measure of success for the Origins giveaway?


  2. I loved How to Preach at Stoplights!

  3. Hi Steve–

    I find your videos with people standing on busy intersections really strange.
    To me at least, if I were a pedestrian waiting at a busy intersection for a light to change while somebody was barking a sermon into my ear with a MEGAPHONE, I can pretty much guarantee that as I walked away with ears ringing, I wouldn’t be thinking “Gee! I need to get right with God, so I can spend eternity with THAT guy!”

    I’m an atheist. People like you generate people like me.

  4. That didn’t take long!

    What do you do when you’re street preaching & you don’t have a delete button to hide behind? (Probably just turn the volume up on your megaphone, huh?)

  5. Oops–Sorry, Steve. I falsely accused you (the second comment).

    I’m used to Ray Comfort’s blog I guess. My bad.

    Happy New Year to everybody! Stay off the streets!

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