Sign Guys of a Different Kind


This video recorded after we were done preaching at the Emmy Awards is amazing. I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like it.

In California there is a plethora of guys standing on corners waving pointy signs advertising newly built homes, inexpensive massages, or the latest whatever. Most of them are bored individuals making 10 bucks an hour, rocking their handy billboards in listless fashion, like a frustrated grandmother stuck with her daughter’s newborn in a Sears crib. But these guys were different. Very different. Watch this two minute video and try not to smile. (Please ignore the obnoxious guy who was totally unaware that he was in the middle of the video as he took his photos.)

(This is Part 5 of the Emmy Awards adventure. Read the first 4 parts by starting here.)


  1. Wow! that was cool!

    Now that is putting a whole new SPIN on SIGNS and WONDERS.

    Good video.

  2. Ya? So?

    I can do all that with BOTH signs riding a unicycle while juggling 3 running chain saws and a torch at the same time with my eyes closed. I’d send you a video but my camera is in the repair shop right now. Maybe for a very long time.

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