The Tract Gauntlet


Strange new ways to share your faith are always hatched at the Ambassadors’ Academy. Here’s something we did on the Santa Monica Pier during Academy #16 called the Tract Gauntlet. Too many people were refusing to take my tract as they walked down a narrow passageway, so I enlisted five or six others to stagger themselves along the path. Did it work? To see other wild and wacky ideas, click here and here.

Thanks to Allen Peek for this video.


  1. Whatever works! Awesome!

  2. If I don’t want it the first time, then I don’t want it the other five times. Annoying people like this is a good way to turn people off. Yes, it may result in a person getting a tract, but consider intent. If their only reason is to get you to stop bugging them, you’ll see numerous tracts in the trash.

  3. LoL…the music had me going. Anyways, praise God for your labors. *thumbs up*

  4. azou…grow up man! your whiny comment makes you sound…well, juvenile.

    i’m gonna be a bit harsh here but, it’s real simple to avoid getting annoyed in this kind of situation. just be honest. all you have to do is say, “NO thanks” and move on. what’s so hard about that?

  5. The hard part is having another six people wanting to ask me the same question.

    You know what’s also juvenile? Literally begging people to take your scrap of paper by wearing them down.

    I’m gonne be a bit harsh here but, it’s really simple to avoid annoying people in this situation. Just be honest: all you have to do is engage people and respect their ultimate decision. You always have tomorrow to try again.

  6. I totally agree with Azou’s comment about bugging people after they have turned down a tract. It will end up in the trash.

    Annoying people and pushing your way into their personal space doesn’t seem like christian behavior to me. What are about their freedom from harassment? What about “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? What about “loving kindness”? How can rudeness really win people over to Christ? What about your personal witness?

    The message about the saving grace of Jesus is right, but these rude and unseemly methods used are really just wrong. Maybe we all should search the scriptures for guidance about this behavior.

  7. Folks, this went on for about 5 minutes and was just a playful exercise. Enjoy the creativity. We smiled and laughed. Some may even read those tracts and… get saved!

  8. Hey someone finally responded to one of the tracts I left down in GA during my vacation of all places. I had my website stamped on the tract. You can get a stamp made in-house at Office max with a refill ink for like under 25 bucks!

    God be the Glory!

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