The Silent Gospel


I’m surprised that you are back here after what you were told last week,” a lady from the Senior Activities Center whispered to me as we scraped dishes together. “I overheard your conversation with the manager last Wednesday.” (I was told that I couldn’t talk about “religion” because three people complained and the Activity Center gets government money. Read about it here.

“So, you are on my side?” I asked, conspiratorially.

“Yes I am,” she assured.

Why do you think she said that to me?

She looked around and spoke in a whisper. “I can’t really talk about it, but, let’s just say that some people are nicer than others.”

I assured the manager that I would not talk about “religion” anymore. My plan was to be a silent, helpful witness/servant at the Center, figuring it’s better to be there and let the people get to know me, than to get kicked out and lose the opportunity.

The strategy is working….

A little old lady stopped me as I bussed her table after lunch. “I saw you at the supermarket,” she said, “and was going to say something to you but you were already talking to the cashier.”

Hmmmm….she recognized me.

Another lady, who I met the week before at the Senior Activities Center, showed up at Hope Chapel Hill Country last Sunday.tape

I think I may have hit on a good strategy.

But it sure is hard to keep my mouth shut.

The next week I  bought the manage flowers. Read what happened by clicking here.


  1. Keep up the great work Steve! May our Lord continue to give you wisdom. Your perspective is right on.

  2. Awesome, so encouraging Steve.

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