The “Sign Guy” Revealed!


“Sign Guys” are weird. And they always seem to sport a beard. What’s up with them?

On Tuesday I asked what you thought about the message that this “Sign Guy” proclaimed at the Huntington Pier and got a whole variety of answers. Is he effective? Is his message biblical? Answers on booth counts: Yes.

All day long people were asking him what his sign means; he would witness to them and give them his own homemade tracts. I was impressed. Is the message biblical? Click here to read why I think his message is biblical. It sure is better than those “God Loves You” and “God Hates You” signs.

I asked Ray Comfort what he thought about the sign guy. “I’ll bet he’s not in fellowship,” Ray replied. I asked the “Sign Guy” what church he attends. “I don’t go to church,” he said.

Lesson learned: Most guys holding signs and sporting beards do not go to church. And they’re a little weird.


  1. “Lesson learned: Most guys holding signs and sporting beards do not go to church. And they’re a little weird”.

    Wow! What a statement! What poll or proof do you have to make such a statement true?

    Just because this ONE guy holds a sign, doesn’t go to church, wears a beard you lable him “a little wierd”.

    Perhapes the same can be said about us who are clean shaving, stand on a step stool or box holding a micophone, wearing shorts and short sleeves.

    I think we should be carefull how we view our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

    If someone doesn’t like holding signs or sandwich boards, fine, but don’t knock those who do use them.

    I agree that those that have those “God hate you” signs ( and the like)should be rebuked, so should those who stand on boxes and shout out a false gosple.

    But for this guy, like I said, his sign seems confusing, but, if he his presenting the Gosple correctly when people approach him, well, then God Bless him.

  2. I’m a sign guy and a WOTM guy. I wear a beard and Do not go to a institutional apostate church. So why does that make me weird? The Bible says we are to Preach the Gospel to every creature, banners are Biblical, and it says not to forsake the gathering of the bretheren, not go to a denominational institutional. We have church every time we go to the streets. But what really counts is keeping His commandments and walking in holiness. Amen?

  3. And another thought, if us guys weren’t suppose to wear a beard why did God give us one? Better still why do those that are effeminate shave it off?

  4. Am I missing something with Romans 5:8?
    Does it not say that God shows His love for us while we were still sinners?

    It would be a contradiction to say “I hate them, but I am going to show them the greatest amount of love ever known to man, because of what will happen one day.”

    No, it says while we were still sinners, he demonstrated His love to us. Not pouring it out because of what we were going to do with it.


  5. And BTW Steve – you know I align with you on most points – so this isn’t to say that I am promoting a soft or “God is Love” way of evangelism.


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