The Pro-Life Evangelistic Imperative


After seeing this photo from Ground Zero I was reminded why we need to keep the pro-life issue in the forefront of our evangelistic endeavors.

I handed each of our evangelism team leaders a handful of these 180 Movie tracts and exhorted them to start up a conversation using these questions:

1. Who are these two men?

2. What countries do they represent?

3. What year did the U.S. enter the war?

4. It’s 1943. A German officer has a gun pointed at you. He wants you to get into a bulldozer and drive it forward. In front of the bulldozer is a pit in which there are 300 Jews who have just been shot. Some of them are still alive. He wants you to bury them alive! If you don’t do what he says, he is going to kill you and do it himself. Would you drive it forward? Of course not; you value human life.

5. How then do you feel about abortion? Perhaps you don’t think it’s a human being in the womb. Hitler said the Jews weren’t human–so that he could justify killing them. And besides, you don’t know when life begins, right?

After talking a bit with them about life and death, it’s a very easy transition to asking them this: If you died today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?

With every evangelistic endeavor, we have an opportunity to save lives…and souls!

Here’s an example of how this can be done. (Please ignore my erroneous Beethoven “fact”.)


  1. I really like how it pretends to be about WWII and the Jewish Holocaust, but the Holcaust is just a plot device to get to abortion and abortion is just a plot device to get to “If you died today…”

    • Well said.

      In your estimation, when is it okay to kill a baby in his mother’s womb, perdita?

      • False question; we’re not talking about a baby.

      • Steve, in your estimation, when is it okay to kill a mother?


        (and by mother, I of course mean a mother spider.)

        Do you see the problem with how I phrased my initial question?

      • Nope. We are talking about a human being. It’s always okay to squish a spider. Especially if he bites me.

      • Lol – you agree with my criticism in order to get to your next rote point?

        Do you want to stop abortions? Really? Because I don’t think anti-abortion groups are primarily concerned with reducing or stopping abortions. Why? Well, we know that comprehensive sex education and the availability of contraceptives reduce abortions and unplanned pregnancies and it’s well documented that abstinence only education is a miserable failure.

        And yet these so-called anti-abortion groups promote ‘ignorance only’ and work to restrict contraceptives. This makes no sense if your primary motivation is stopping abortions.

        …when is it okay to kill a baby in his mother’s womb…

        Will you give my answer the same thoughtful consideration that you gave my first response (i.e., ignore in order to get on to the next question in your checklist)?

      • Hi Steve,

        If we’re talking about human beings, then your question of “when is it okay to kill a baby in his mother’s womb, perdita?” doesn’t apply, in the same way that it doesn’t apply to a piece of hair.

        I’ll point out again that your use of the word “baby” rigs the game.

        Lastly, do you seriously not see the problem with how I phrased my “when is it okay to kill a mother question”? I was rigging the game.

      • Nohm. You’re right. I should have asked: “When is it ever right to murder a human being in his mother’s womb.”

        There. I fixed it.

      • “In your estimation, when is it okay to kill a baby in his mother’s womb”

        When ever the owner of the womb doesn’t want it there.

        Now you answer this: When is ok for another person to force you to act as their kidneys and food source when?

      • Hey Mark, I’ll admit I’m not to bright, but could you re-fraise your question so that a three year old could understand it?

      • I’ll rephrase it, because I understand Mark’s point:

        When is it okay for another human being to use you as their kidneys (look up what kidneys are and do if you don’t know what they’re for) and food source?

        Hopefully, if you think the question over for a few minutes, you’ll get Mark’s point. I’ll understand if you don’t agree with it, but hopefully you’ll get it.

      • It was quite clear…

        As I expected that you would dodge the question. Most anti-choicers won’t.

    • Fetus is the latin word for baby.

      Just dropped some knowledge on the atheists.

      • Knowledge is only important if it’s relevant. Your comment wasn’t, because that’s not the current definition of the word “fetus”.

  2. This is a powerful message. I need to bone up on this so I’ll be ready for ElCo next semester!!

  3. Pastor Steve, when you go out to hand tracts, do you choose to hand out one type of tract at a time. The instance in the film was it strictly 180 centered and no “bills”, is this a always a rule of thumb? Thanks.

  4. What a fallacious argument these questions present. The questions are engineered to only have one answer without making the answerer sound completely psychotic.

    • What… are you crazy?

      • Hi Steve L,

        What was crazy about what “Really?” wrote? The game is rigged; i.e., the questions are engineered to only have one answer without making the person answering the question sound completely psychotic.

      • Nhom wrote:
        “What was crazy about what “Really?” wrote?”

        Hey buddy, you missed my sarcasm (humor! :<)

  5. your faithfulness and compassion in talking with people inspires me. it’s good to challenge people in what they think, because many have not taken the time to think about both sides.

  6. In answer to question #2. The US entered the war pretty late. No one wanted to go into war. Personally I think the United States went into war so late into it not because Germany was winning (because they weren’t) but because Russia was starting to make its way across Europe. Hence the cold war after the second world war.

    You know it wasn’t only the Jews that were being killed, right?

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