The Other Million Dollar Question


Hey! Wait a stinkin’ minute! The marketers hijacked half of the Million dollar question!!!


The correct way to ask this question is: “If you died today, would you go to Heaven or Hell?”


  1. HA! Now ain’t that funny! I think they picked up your idea, Steve! Yep I think that the question of Heaven or Hell is so much more valuable than “who would fund your family’s future?”

    Just goes to show you that the marketers have picked up on the reality of death.

  2. Carol’s comments have been moved to “What’s Your E-vangie Tale #19”.

  3. Sorry Steve, but the ad technique has been around for some time to sell life insurance. I remember being asked this question by a life insurance agent years ago. It makes sense in context, but you are right the more important issue deals with Heaven/Hell.

  4. At the pier I gave million dollar tracts to 3 Asian young men. They claimed to be christians, but were not living the christian life. One was sobbing, and very disturbed about issues in his life. He felt guilty for being so upset because they were supposed to be going out to celebrate one of their birthday. I gave them a little of my testimony, and how upset and distressed I was when I got saved. I too was crying, and seeing I could not reach anyone to help me, I reached down to the floor, on my knees, sobbingly asking for help, relief of pain-I WAS RECOVERING FROM SURGERY- and forgiveness of all my sins. Not only did He remove the pain completely, as if anaesthetised, but He also put in me a new Spirit, to get to know and follow Him. He has since completely changed my life. I told them the Holy Spirit was powerful enough to raise Jesus, and also Lazarus after being dead for three days, it is definitely powerful enough to cause them to repent, and change their heart and way of thinking, if they earnestly want to. I reminded them the brevity of this life, and we can die any minute, then it is too late to make a decision to follow Christ. They were very thankful-especially the one who was crying. He gave me a hug, and thanked me for the work I am doing. My heart really went out to them. I told them I pray to see them again in heaven. I also prayed for them there. Solomon said he would repent. He was so broken I tend to believe he will. I felt very encouraged, kinda like it was a divine appointment.

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