The OTHER Blasphemy Challenge


I”ve been disturbed by a video…

Over 500,000 people have watched the YouTube ad encouraging people to blaspheme the Holy Spirit by denying Him. Ne’er-do-wells, hardened profligates, and the rest of their atheist ilk (wannabe’s, too) have uploaded thousands of videos firmly placing their faith in nothing by denying the one who was, and is, and is to come, thereby putting their eternal destinies in serious jeoperdy.

While alarming, unfortunate—and quite sad—that is not what is causing my disturbance; after all, atheist is what atheist does, to misquote that great sage Forrest Gump.

What I’m concerned with is the other “Blasphemy Challenge” put forth by Ray Comfort: He’s encouraging Christians to watch what they watch. He wants us to consider that we might be partaking in the devaluation—the desecration—of God’s holy name by supporting Hollywood films that are loaded with blasphemous statements.

“God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

I’m guilty, too. Though I don’t see R-rated films anymore, the PG-13, PG, and even some G-rated films misuse God’s name—constantly! (The Bourne Ultimatum: “5 obscenities and 8 profanities”; Underdog: “one light exclamatory profanity” according to Movieguide.)

“And all day long my name is constantly blasphemed.”

Why don’t they misuse Buddha’s name? Or Mohammad’s? Or Krishna’s? Or… or… or…?

So I’m stuggling…

“Take the blasphemer outside the camp. All those who heard him are to lay their hands on his head, and the entire assembly is to stone him.”

Here’s the 13 minute video that has disturbed me.

I value your feedback after you watch it.


  1. Ray’s video and book are powerful!! It really convicts. And it should. We as Christians have to get honest about what we let our eyes see and what our ears hear and our obediance to the Lord. Our family doesn’t watch R rated movies, and it’s going to look that way for PG-13 as well, which can carry as much blasphemy as R stuff. It’s horrible. A great website to see how much blasphemy is in a movie, literally, is Kid’s in Mind. Just google it. I regret seeing “Transformers” and I should have looked at Kids in Mind first.

  2. One/two of a long list of reasons that I haven’t been in a movie theater for close to a decade.

  3. Robert, I agree, it’s hardly worth it. Another friend of mine also agree, there just isn’t any good movies anymore. Pretty pathetic about what Hollywood produces.

  4. There is hope. A group called MasterMedia is working with Hollywood executives to share Christ and hopefully change the direction. I meet weekly with one of their staff members and the reports he gives are encouraging.

    BTW, I do not watch that many movies anymore because of their content.

  5. The flesh dies hard for some. It took years of weaning myself off of watching movies(and television). I do think that it is the natural direction for someone who is growing in holiness. The amount of flesh that pops up without warning, the blasphemy, the lies, the stealing, the covetousness…it is all there. God hates it, and I must too.

  6. While seated at the DMV I gave the lady next to me a billion dollar tract. She asked what it was and I told her it is a gospel tract. She started reading it, and I was able to speak at length with her about salvation, and how to avoid hell. I encouraged her to find a good christian church and explained why it is so important to repent, and read the bible and to obey what it says. She thanked me.

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