The Million Dollar Bill Tract: 2 Views

Without question, the Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract is the best way to hand out the Gospel and open up a spiritual discussion. Our church ordered 2 1/2 million of them and we have handed out nearly half of the supply in the last few years. I think it’s the best tract out there, others do, too.

“Did you get one of these?” I asked the man standing alone, offering him a million dollar bill. “Yes,” the man excitedly replied. “I have one here in my wallet. Look!”

He pulled out this raggedy old thing that was apparently very precious to him. I exchanged it for a brand new one.

I now keep the raggedy tract on a bulletin board in front of my desk as a reminder of how effective these tracts can be. Of course, it’s not the novelty of the bill that’s the big deal, that just gets the information into a person’s hands; they must also read the message written on the back, the message that informs a sinner on where he is headed: Heaven or Hell. And more importantly, how God provided a way out of Hell by sending His Son to die.

That was the message that got the bill below returned to me, torn in half, when I was at Home Depot.

“I don’t mind the message, it’s the delivery,” the man said. “I’m a UCLA graduate, and I took Comparative Religions… Have you taken Comparative Religions?”

“Uh, no,” I stammered. “I just know that this is the truth.”

He made a “time-out” sign with his fingers; he was done talking. “King’s cross!” he announced flashing his fingers at me. “Conversation’s over.” He walked away.

Now the torn bill from the UCLA grad is pinned next to the tattered one on my bulletin board, vivid reminders that people do make eternal choices for life and death everyday.

It all starts with a simple tract.

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  1. Mark


    So, was it Hell the grad had a problem with or was it the use of tracts?

  2. Tom Nance-Ulrich


    Wow! Over 1 million $million Bills, that’s amazing. Keep up the good work. Thanks for letting me be a part of the 1st million, looking forward the the next order, maybe it’ll be for twice as many!

  3. jennie reighard


    my son is seven years old. he recived one of these bills about a year ago. he keeps it pinned on his wall. he ask me if it is real. i told him it was made for a good reason, to let people know about heaven. (trying to keep things simple) he said but mom i don’t need this to get to heaven, i just need to have god in my heart and he will come and get me. i just smiled. thanks. he says all time how rich he his. how right he is

  4. andy


    hi just wondering should I get the living waters 1mil tracts to use in canada or get the canadian version of the 1mil tract which are made by other companies? Do you think people in canada will still take the tract even if it’s an american bill?

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