The Million-Dollar Bill Rap


Our church ordered 2,500,000 Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tracts last year with the intention of handing out one million in one year. So far, we have handed out nearly 300,000 in the L.A. area. They are the best tract ever!
(Order your bills here from Living Waters!!!)

Why are they so popular? Everybody want a million dollar bill! Why do Christians love them? The full-on Gospel is written on the back—The 10 Commandments, Judgment Day, Hell, Jesus—the works! It has never been easier to share your faith.

A 12-year-old girl from our concregation, Erin McClain, created a very simple animated ode to this hallowed Gospel tract on her computer; it was entered into a talent show and won special mention. See this 2 minute video for yourself:


  1. That is so cute. She is really talented for her age. I hope you post it on the church over head. Lori

  2. WOW! This video is really great! Thank you Erin for using your talent for the Lord’s work!! Gotta go load my purse up again 🙂

    Ambassador’s Alliance #2 group activity: I want to hear this at the stoplights, Steve! (You are going to need some new threads.)

  3. ..and you’ll need a new hair do too.
    No really, I like how she captures the essence in a Mr. Funky way

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