The Meat Guy

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A MEAT GUY dropped into Hope Chapel Hill Country  while I was in my office and wanted to sell me some “extra cuts” he had on hand. I declined because my wife and youngest daughter are vegetarians, and, besides, I had no freezer to store the “extra cuts.” (I was severely tempted at $3.00 a cut for Filet Mignon, though).

MEAAAT In return, I gave him the “meat” of the Gospel and explained that I used to sell “extra stereos” out of the back of my car before I gave my life to Jesus. Of course, he said he was a Christian, and, of course, he wasn’t involved in any church, and so, of course, I invited him to ours.

Perhaps someday he’ll stop by and we can chew the fat.

My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.
(John 4:34 KJV)

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