The Mayor’s Right On the Money


I went to a meeting with the Mayor of Torrance (the city that I’m responsible for as part of my pastoral responsibilities), along with 20 other pastors because Mayor Frank Scotto wanted help from churches in building up the community of this city.

A Mayor enlisting the help of pastors? I was so grateful, I gave him a $100 Gospel tract. He also wanted pastors to give invocations at City Council meetings. I asked a very important question: “Mayor, will I be able to pray in the name of Jesus?” His answer: A resounding “Yes!”

Click here to read the time that I was forbidden to pray in the name of Jesus by an over-zealous clerk at an earlier Torrance City Council meeting.


  1. There is a separation of church and state in our country that must be adhered to in order to protect freedom. Please take time to think about the ramifications of your actions and develop a worldly perspective.

  2. Separation of church and state is a 20th century invention–and the separation that Jefferson talked about (and is in the Constitution) is to protect the church from the state, not vice versa. Steve is right.

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