The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon, the People’s Preacher (and Rap Song!)


***BONUS MATERIAL: “The Spurgeon Rap.” A friend just sent me a cool rap song about Charles Spurgeon. Listen to it here. ***

I am currently attending the Shepherds’ Conference, a three day intensive that is driven by accurate expository preaching. (Read my article on it from last year here.)

One of the books a friend bought for me is called “The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon.” Guess what he talks about primarily? (See below the video for a sample of his emphasis.) I’m excited to start reading it.

In the mean time, here’s a great one hour documentary on Spurgeon called, “Charles Spurgeon: The People’s Preacher” that hits all the high points of his life. Save this link and watch it another day if you don’t have the time, but do watch it!

Here’s a sample taken from the book of what he said to sinners:

There are some in this place, who if they were labeled this morning as to where they are going, would have to be directed “to hell.” You know that this is the case. And when will you get to your journey’s end? Some here may live another fifty years. I pray God that that question of mine may haunt you, and if it be never blessed to you before, may it be then, “When will you yet to your journey’s end? When will you arrive in hell.” This morning may some of you in your hearts say, “I am journeying thither, but, by the grace of God, i have come to a dead halt, and not another inch will I go. Lord make me ready to go to heaven, give me now to trust the Savior that I may live.”


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  2. Enjoyed the documentary! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Still reading Spurgeon’s “The Soul Winner” it is really good, really power! I will have to take the time to watch this documentary soon!

  4. Charles Spurgeon; the best of men!!
    If only there were more like him, but alas – the “church” is inundated with wimpy milquetoast prosperity preachers and too few true men of God that teach on repentance, sin and hell (and how to keep from going there!!!)

    • Sad but true Steve. I just recently went to a funeral where this problem you are speaking out was sadly clearly seen (the pastor pretty much said that church membership and baptism is what saves you. My wife went further saying that his message was that even if you have had a thought about Jesus cross your mind you are saved. This is the sad situation that we see in the church today and many will pay dearly for not proclaiming the truth when they had the opportunity along with so many who think they are going to heaven when they are actually going to hell).

      “Lord God help me to be a man of God by the power of your Holy Spirit to preach sin, righteousness and judgment. To preach the biblical gospel. To overcome my fear of man and have a fear of You Lord God a fear that will drive me to continue and to get louder for the gospel. In Jesus name, Amen!”

  5. I’m going to have to get that book.

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