The Everyday Club Report for September: The shocking thing that happened to me


Believe it or not, something happened in Southeast Asia that hasn’t happened to me before and I hope never happens again….

As you probably know by now, I was away with several other members of my church on a short-term mission trip to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, that is why this Everyday Report is late. We did a lot of interesting things, most of which I cannot share on a public forum. What I can share is that we did repeat a lot of what we did last year when we proved God’s existence by tangible  expressions of his love. (You can read about that here.)

Below is one of the many water wells donated to poor villages by Hope Chapel members.

The thing that was very disconcerting was what I didn’t do for at least two weeks, but am able to do now. Here it is:


Because we spent the majority of our time in a Communist country where Christianity is barely tolerated, I could not, would not, share my faith; it would have endangered the mission. Nope. I handed out no tracts, I never preached in the open air and I didn’t share my faith personally.

It’s so good to be back in USA!

How did you do with your evangelistic commitment in September?


  1. Were you discouraged by the locals from sharing the truth?

  2. Shared the Gospel with at least one person every day! Thanks for the monthly reminders.

  3. How will they know it was Jesus who motivated you to love them? How did you get around that?

    • Oh, we were still able to let them know who inspired all this. That, and the fact that they know about Hope Chapel, who stands for him. I can’t explain everything on a public forum but can tell you privately at church, Brianna. Thanks!

  4. My goal was to do some do something evangelistic every day.

    I missed two days. I handed out a lot of tracts and several 1-2-1 talks. No open air though.

  5. I missed about 7 days in September. 🙁

  6. Missed a few days as well; always happens when I don’t leave the house!

  7. I did horribly during the last weeks of September. Have been busy with too many things!

    Hope to get back to it soon.

  8. Missed my goal 6 days last month (I am determined not to let that happen again)

    Glad to know that your church was able to help those countries in Southeast Asia.

  9. I hit my goals. Our evangelism outreach every Sat. night in State College- (Penn State) is a real encouragement with the fruit we see.

  10. For me September seemed to be a slower month in keeping up everyday of getting a tract out in some way. October I think will turn out a lot better (so far so good, thank you God)! And as we get closer to the CHRISTmas season that’s when things really get good!! PTL!!!

  11. I almost met my goal.

  12. I met my goal of doing 1-2-1 ‘s, but not on tracts.

  13. I managed to share the truth every day. It went well.

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